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Wrestling With Paul: The Ultimate Debut

One minute and thirty nine seconds.
 That’s all the time it took for one man to begin the journey to becoming the greatest WrestleMania performer the business has ever known.

You can have your streaks. You can have your marketable little nicknames and your retirement ceremonies. You can have your overrated Iron Man matches and your Money in the Bank cash-ins.

But only one man has truly risen above the rest as the most giving, most unselfish, most prolific performer in the history of the show of shows.

And his name is Triple H.

Or Paul.

I often prefer Paul.

It makes him seem a little more human, someone down to earth. It makes him seem like one of us even though he isn’t one of us at all.

He’s The Connecticut Blue Blood. The Degenerate. The Game. The Cerebral Assassin. The King of Kings. The Monarch of the Mat. The Authority. He’s everything we need him to be and so much more. And on one night, in the spring of 1996, he was chosen to do his part to help bring back another legend into the fold of the World Wrestling Federation – The Ultimate Warrior.

Twas the night of WrestleMania 12. March 31, 1996. The Ringmaster would debut. The Hot Rod would fight. The Heartbreak Kid would have a boyhood dream come true. But one man, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, would have The Ultimate Debut.

And although his WrestleMania debut match simply went ninety nine seconds, you could tell that this man, Triple H, was destined for WrestleMania greatness.

He walks to the ring with the young lady we would soon known as “Sable”. Before The Wildman and before Mr. McMahon, she was first seen on TV with him. Even in the mid-90s, Paul had an eye on all things that would truly be best for business.

Some may see this match as a squash or a burial. Not myself. No other single performer on the roster could’ve made The Ultimate Warrior look that good on that night. Paul understood early on that the quickest way to the top was to give and give and give. And yeah, Warrior may have no sold The Pedigree, but you know what? The cream always rises to the top.

And no one else has risen higher than The Mighty Paul.

I hope you will all go on this journey with me as we lead up to the biggest WrestleMania of all time. A show where Paul will defend his World Wrestling Federation Championship against an athlete also of the same caliber as The Ultimate Warrior.

We’re going to follow the WrestleMania journey of Paul Levesque. We’ll look at his highs and his lows. His peaks and his valleys. His ups and and his downs. We’ll see the great moments and we’ll probably see some bad because sometimes not even a wrestling god can do it all by himself.

“Wrestling With Paul”, if you will.

All hail the King of Kings.

All hail indeed.


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