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WrestleCon 2016 Supershow Review

Talk about a weekend with a lot of standout performances and superstars, WrestleMania 32 weekend will be more remembered for the wrestling outside AT&T stadium a few days before WWE’s spectacle. When I saw this card, this looked like the best WrestleCon Supershow in the past 3 years they have put on. It had a feeling of a PWG, Lucha, and a nostalgia show all wrapped up into one nice package.

Sami Callihan vs Pentagon Jr.***3/4

This match was set up by Sami Callihan challenging Pentagon on the microphone and it got off to a quick start with Callihan doing a suicide dive to Pentagon on the floor and Pentagon responds with a tope con hellio to Sami. This match as you would expect with these two was physical. A whole lot of chops, kicks, and forearms were thrown in this match. I wasn’t big on Sami Callihan going into WWE like most were. I thought he’d still had something to prove on the independent circuit. I felt like Callihan worked his ass off since he has left WWE. This match was no different and Pentagon was great here too. The finish came with a arm breaker into a package piledriver combo by Pentagon for the win. A good physical battle between two smaller physical type wrestlers but was a minute or two short of becoming great.

(PROGRESS World Championship) Marty Scull (c) vs. Will Ospreay****1/2

If you haven’t watched at least one match of Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll, what kind of rock have you been living under? These two are the standouts along with Zack Sabre Jr., of the ever healthy European scene and have faced each other multiple times. This in essence was a greatest hits match but, one great greatest hits match. These two have chemistry for days and it shows here. They do small subtle things that will enthrall you further into their matches. Matching each other move for move for 20 minutes in a drive that you want to be a part of. These two will be superstars on a grander stage one day but I’m glad that they’re making a name for themselves now. As for the match, it was really good, not as good as their European bouts but still very entertaining and fun. Scurll would retain after reversing Ospreay’s cutter into the chicken wing.

Chuck Taylor & Colt Cabana vs. Jake Manning & Zane Riley**3/4

Jake Manning’s gimmick is one of the best independent wrestling gimmicks I’ve seen in a long time. Some of the great things he does is whenever there’s a break, he sits in the corner and reads the scout manual. Like that would do anything to help his wrestling skill. As for Colt Cabana and Chuck Taylor, these are the two premiere comedy wrestlers on the independent circuit today. Zane Riley, you might remember, dressed as Candace last year at WrestleCon. As you’d expect, this was a standard cool down comedy match. They did some fun comedy spots such as Zane running the ropes until he’s tired and shoulder tackling Manning. But certainly this wasn’t Pro Wrestling NOAH Colt Cabana but a good match from everybody nonetheless. The match ended with the Doomsday Device onto Manning.

Tessa Blanchard (w/Tully Blanchard) vs. Crazy Mary Dobson**1/2

Cool to see Tully Blanchard out there, he looks good. This is my first dose of both these women but if Tessa can look half as good as Tully, we have good potential for a superstar. She’s better looking than Charlotte and her pedigree is as good. As for Crazy Mary, if she is half as tough as Mad Man Pondo, she’ll be a good prospect as well. As for the match itself, pretty inoffensive. The kept it simple and it was OK for what it was. I think both these girls have a ways to go especially Tessa but both are OK fundamentally. Tessa won with a slingshot back suplex.

Aerostar, Drago & Octagon Jr. vs. Jack Evans, Bestia 666 & Tigre Uno****1/4

Now it’s time ladies and gentlemen to shut the book all the rules for psychological wrestling for about 15 minutes and let the spots rain down on us. We have lucha royalty in the house and even Melissa Santos looking sexy as hell. This is basically Aerostar, Drago, and Flamita, three of the best high flyers in the world, wrestling against Jack Evans, who’s bat-shit crazy, Bestia 666, who I haven’t been familiar with but heard nothing but good things, and Tigre Uno, who is awesome as well. Jack Evans was basically being Jack Evans and taunting the crowd. The dive section was so insane in this match, AEROSTAR WENT INTO THE THIRD ROW!!!!! After tons of spots and fun wrestling the match was won by Octagon via a reverse Spanish Fly onto Evans. Money was thrown into the ring!!!

Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, Brian Myers, Jessicka Havok, Luke Hawx & Sonjay Dutt) vs. Team Ryan (Joey Ryan, Candice LeRae, Matt Striker, Shane Strickland & Tommy Dreamer)***3/4

This is the wacky match of the night as Jeff Jarrett and Joey Ryan both chose a team of four wrestlers plus themselves to compete in a ten man tag team match. Jarrett’s team was pretty standard and not that fun with Brian Meyers, Jessicka Havok, Luke Hawx and Sonjay Dutt whilst Ryan brought all the fun into this match with Candice, Striker, Strickland, and Dreamer. There was some controversy as some girls slapped Jarrett after Karen Jarrett was spitting on people. I know you’re a heel Karen but spitting loogies on fans is not cool. There were some fun chants by the crowd here as one of them was half the crowd chanting “We Want Angle” and the other half chanting “So does she” referring to Mrs. Jarrett’s ex-husband Kurt Angle. The stars of this match were Shane Strickland and Luke Hawx who both impressed whenever they were in the ring. Havok was the strong suit of a tower of doom spot. The finish came when Candice did the Balls Plex on to Jarrett but shortly got a double superkick by Meyers and Dutt and Jarrett dogpiled LeRae for the win. A very fun and wacky ten man.

(OMEGA Championship) Matt Hardy (c) (w/Reby Sky) vs. Lance Storm (w/Missy Hyatt)***1/4

Talk about flashing back to 2002 WWE here with Lance Storm vs. Matt Hardy. Lance Storm came out with Missy Hyatt and Hardy came out with his wife Reby Sky. This was a very simple but good match. Storm looked excellent here as he proves why he’s a great wrestler and Hardy’s heel act is very underrated. These two had very good chemistry with each other and it surprised me that these two clicked so well. A distraction finish as Hardy hits Storm with his boot for the win. Post-match Storm accidentally hit Hyatt with a superkick and she did a good sell job. A simple but effective match.

Rey Mysterio, Ricochet & Matt Sydal vs. Brian Cage, Chris Hero & Zack Sabre Jr.****

This was just simply amazing. Six of the best wrestlers in the world competing hard and trying to outdo one another. This was so much fun. Ricochet truly came out like a star and seeing the the generations of flyers with Ricochet, Sydal, and Mysterio and the simple fun team of Sabre, Hero, and Cage. Rey won with the frog splash on Hero after a double Benadryller and a 619 before the frog splash. It was an amazing spectacle. What more could I say about this?

(Monster's Ball) AR Fox vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Abyss***1/4

On paper this match even missing a couple of its original participants looked great. A six man Monster’s Ball featuring the likes of AR Fox, Abyss, Jeff Hardy, Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, and Pentagon Jr. seemed like a hell of a wacky and fun plunder match. What it turned out being one of the big disappointments of the weekend. All the men worked hard and still put on a good match but there very little keynote spots and the action was slow. The match started with the two young North Carolina standouts Lee and Everett clearing the ring and seemed to come down to them. There was an appearance by the Hurricane, chokeslamming Everett and Fox before receiving a Twist of Fate from Hardy. AR Fox took a couple of cool bumps including one from the top rope to a ladder on the outside. Abyss did his thing, brought out the thumb tacks to slam Pentagon through them. A few more minutes of brawling before it came down to Hardy and Pentagon. They had a couple of fun spots between them, reversing each other’s finishers before Hardy set up a Ladder and hopped over it from the top and sentoned Pentagon for the win. This was a good showing for everyone but to say that I expected more was an understatement.

This show overall was very good as the must watch stuff are the two six man tags and Scurll vs. Ospreay.

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