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Women’s Wrestling Revolution “Project XX” Review (4/10/16)

This is a debut show of an all new Women’s promotion, that has a relationship with Beyond Wrestling. This show can be found on Beyondemand (well worth the price) and the card looked like it could be a bit of fun. Let’s get into it!

Dominique Fabiano vs. MJ Jenkins **

Jenkins had a lot of attitude and it was very fun to watch, she was pretty funny and rude in the entertaining way. She was the star here, while the match was not the best and an OK opener, she really shined here. She had Fabiano in a Gory Special and it was pretty damn cool. There was a botched monkey flip from Fabiano that was pretty bad and she also hit this weird snap mare take down that did not look that good. Fabiano hits a kick to the side of Jenkins and gets the win. I had hoped Jenkins had won, but it was a sold showing from her, but the match in general was not that good.

Taeler Hendrix vs. Barbi Hayden***

I have barely seen any of Taeler’s in ring work, mainly familiar of her stuff in ROH with Lethal and Martini, so I was pretty interested in this match. Barbi starts off by attacking Taeler early, just after the ring announcements, and hit a cool spear on the apron. Barbi was in control in the beginning part, including a corner choke, but Taeler finally stopped it by kicking her in the head, she tried for a head scissors of sort, but Barbi stopped that, and was back in control. Taeler finally got in more offense, including a bite, a Ginger Snap, and a Tombstone for the win, a pretty fun match, wish it went a bit longer!

Davienne vs. Miranda Vionette vs. Sonya Strong vs. Willow Nightingale***

Fun Fact: Vionette is from the Monster Factory, which is pretty cool, and Strong trains at the House of Truth with Amazing Red, according to commentary. Strong and Vionette also had some breezy sequences including some flips. Then Davienne and Nightingale had a sequence too, not as entertaining but still fun until Willow tried to hit the three straight German Suplexes, got to the second one, but Vionette came in and Willow started to get double teamed. They hit a double suplex onto her. Sonya and Willow then hit double missile dropkicks. Sonya hits a Dragon Suplex to get the win, a pretty fun match. Sonya and Willow were very impressive.

Solo Darling vs. Belmont*1/2

Solo Darling has one of the weirder gimmicks, she is a cat person, a “Sugar Creature”, which is pretty odd, but oh well, if it floats your boat. She is pretty much a furry in wrestling attire. Belmont has a weird gimmick as well, can not quite describe it besides that she is a mistress and she has a mysterious box. Darling gets a sip of a Slurpee and she gets hyper. Darling just starts rolling around for no reason. This a pretty mediocre match, sloppy and all the attempts of comedy to me were just unfunny. Darling kept doing animal-esque things, like biting but she also had her tail pulled. Belmont hits this knee in the corner, Solo kicks out so she pulls on her tail. So many tail spots, it got very annoying. This felt like a very long match, kept dragging, but it was just boring. Solo takes a drink of the Slurpee gets a rush, and hits some bad Thesz Presses and a bad second rope bull dog, but Lane pulls out Solo as she is pinning her and does it again later. Belmont hit a German Suplex, she was pretty solid in this match, she was not that bad. She gets the win by rolling up Solo Darling and then pulling the tail.

Raquel vs. Alexxis**

Raquel is from TNA and a former contestant on Tough Enough, and Chelsea Green, another former Tough Enough contestant, accompanied Alexxis. Deona Purrazzo was on the call. The first two minutes were high paced but the Raquel tried to grapplefrick and it was alright. But Alexxis attacks her in the corner and does a stink face. The ref wanted a stink face, but Raquel came in and stopped that by attacking Alexxis. That was odd. Alexxis hits a Sister Abagail-esque move and gets the win. Very short match, and completely skippable.

LuFisto vs. Kimber Lee****1/4

I was the most excited for this match on this card, Havok was on the call for this match. The pacing was great, it felt like the match was going to be epic. Some very solid mat wrestling helped add to the great build of the beginning. They then had some cool corner spots, I loved it. The strikes were great, I just really enjoyed this match in general, LuFisto hit a quick chop, then Lee returned the favor. LuFisto also returned the favor of the favor she just had returned by hitting even more chops and it was amazing. They brawled on the outside and it was sick. Lee German Suplexed LuFisto, I popped, it looked sick but LuFisto returned with a Tiger Bomb and a saito Suplex. I just really enjoyed this match, easily the best Kimber Lee match I have seen, awesome. Lee ends up winning with an Alligator Clutch, and these two competitors got a standing ovation and it deserved it.

Jessicka Havok vs. Jenny Rose**1/4

Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of Havok and only seen Rose in her few ROH matches, need to see more, and this is that opportunity.  Alexxis was on the call, and she was pretty annoying to me, but some may like her on the call. Rose kept trying to wear down Havok, going after the arm, but Havok uses her power to get out. Havok moves so slow sometimes it gets boring, she could be a good hoss if she tries though, but not in this match. She tries to hit the Callihan kicks but it was so slow it was just not good. Rose hits a spear and a diving clothesline, trying to keep Havok down. A pretty bad Air Raid Crash gets the win for Havok in a pretty average match.

(Two out of Three Falls) Veda Scott vs. Jordynne Grace***

A heated feud between these two that started in Beyond culminates in this classic stipulation. I have been very critical of Veda, but her match at Shimmer 80 was very impressive. They just go after each other, with German’s, apron drops and outside brawling. Grace hits a nasty chop on Veda Scott but she moves out the way for the second one, crashes into chairs and nearly gets counted out. Veda hits a shining wizard that looks like it did not really connect, but this is raw footage, for the first fall. Veda Scott kept tying up Grace into submissions, and it was not bad. Grace gets the second fall by hitting a sunset flip powerbomb, it looked nasty. Veda hits a rolling Capo Kick. This was one of the better Veda performances, I give her all the credit she deserves, it was impressive. There was a ref bump, Veda drinks some protein shake and spits it back in Grace’s face for the third fall. A pretty solid fight.

Santana Garrett vs. Deonna Purrazzo***1/2

For more casual fans, you have known these two for their sporadic appearances on NXT. They mat wrestled a bit and it was pretty good. They had a Greco Roman knuckle lock that was cool to watch, but Santana switched it up and hit some arm drags. Santana hits a sick transition into a submission, nearly snapping Deonna in half. The pacing was great, slowly wearing each other down, hitting big moves sporadically. Deonna hit three straight suplexes, and it was a nice touch. Santana hits a flipping hip attack into the corner into a big kick, sick moves and it was cool. Deonna hits an awesome counter to get the pin, and I really loved that, a very good match!

Overall, the show was a bit of a mixed bag, but when it was good, it was VERY good. Kimber Lee vs. LuFisto is my favorite women’s match of the year so far, so good. For all your WWR reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words.


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