Looking Back WWE WWW Review Archive (December 2015-July 2017)

Women at WrestleMania: Nothing is Right

WrestleMania! The biggest PPV in WWE history, but how does the history of women’s matches stand up in today’s world? Let’s find out shall we, starting off with the very first incarnation of this PPV from all the way back in 1985.

WWE Women’s Championship: Leilani Kai (c) (w/ The Fabulous Moolah) vs. Wendi Richter (w/ Cyndi Lauper)WrestleMania 1

The Rock n’ Wrestling connection and its love child of a match. On one side you have Leilani Kai, a member of the Glamour Girls alongside Fabulous Moolah playing the bad guys, something I’m sure the latter was used to both in and out of the ring. On the other side, you have Wendi Richter and singer Cyndi Lauper; they’re the good guys. It sounds bizarre or cartoonish if you have zero knowledge on things from the eighties, but it worked. People nowadays would view the match before the final one as the death slot, but this was a vital match and a big part of the history of women’s wrestling in WWE. Before the match, we get an interview with Gene Okerlund from both sides. First, Lauper tells us that she learned how to manage from Captain Lou Albano, who famously appeared in some her music videos, including the iconic Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Richter is slightly irate and states that she’s going to get the title back where it belongs and blames her losing it on Moolah, which could be viewed as telepathic when you consider the future of this storyline. Moolah has new glasses for tonight that her jeweler apparently made special for her. They look ridiculous. Leilani is determined to win this match and doesn’t care what it takes to do so. Now, let’s get into the match, as I’ve never seen it previously. The crowd gets really excited during Richter’s walk out; it surprised me a little. Both women take way too long to take off their jackets and sunglasses, or perhaps I’m just very impatient. Once the bell rings, the action is very over the top and quite outrageous, the bumps, if done today, would be considered over-selling, but here it’s accepted. There’s also a Cyndi and Moolah-cam that focuses on just them and their expressions as the match is going on, which is rather different but I quite like the fact that the manager’s aspect has a lot of purpose, whereas nowadays they do not. A lot of holds and basic wrestling maneuvers are on display with some cheating and hair-pulling from Leilani Kai, who I have to say, I prefer and enjoy a lot more in tag matches. Richter does eventually find herself using some offense in the match, and the crowd popped for it, they must have either loved her or hated either Moolah or Leilani. She ends up using Leilani’s momentum off a crossbody to pin her for the win and to become Women’s, or Ladies, Champion, as they were referring to it as that back then. The eighties were strange; everything was a lot more basic yet over the top, so moves feel bigger than they are. I can’t say that I enjoyed this match, but I understand its significance. A six-minute match after a ton of exposure due to the movement they created with incorporating celebrities into their product seems like a waste, but it somehow wasn’t. Also, Moolah flopped around the ring like a wet fish after the match, and I laughed for a solid three or four minutes.

WWE Women’s Championship: The Fabulous Moolah (c) vs. Velvet McIntyreWrestleMania 2

This has nothing to do with this match at all, but I completely forgot that they used three different women on commentary for WrestleMania 2. Rather interesting to see. My knowledge on Velvet McIntyre is rather minimal, unfortunately, but I do recall her having a somewhat surprising elimination at the inaugural Survivor Series. My knowledge of her will not be furthered by this match I assume since it only lasts just over a minute. The announcer for some reason states “one fall, sixty minutes,” despite the fact that during this time the women’s matches were lucky if they went over five minutes. The crowd boos Moolah. Velvet, unfortunately, didn’t get a reaction. The match itself moves incredibly fast, Velvet gets in some pleasing one-legged dropkicks, while Moolah takes advantage of her missing a splash and gets the pin for the win to retain the championship, however, Velvet’s foot was on the ropes. It’s not acknowledged at all by commentary; they do discuss how this could be a record time for a win, which may or may not has been the only purpose of this match. I have no idea if this came into play in the future, but I would hope so. The only positive I took from this is that it ended, which meant I no longer had to watch a Moolah match as they always make me feel uncomfortable anyway but also because she was terrible. This was poorly booked and not worth anyone’s time.

WrestleMania 3 to 5 did not feature a women’s match.

Mixed Tag Team Match: Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (w/ Miss Elizabeth) vs. Randy Savage & Sensational SherriWrestleMania 6

My love for Sensational Sherri means that I have to include this match, despite me being sure that most of it will be wrestled between the male competitors. Honestly, I had no idea that Sapphire ever got into the ring, I for some reason always thought she was just a manager for Dusty. Apparently, I’ve watched less of this era than I first thought. There’s a brief video package before the match showing Sapphire attack Macho Man at the Royal Rumble, and then Sherri attacking Dusty in the same manner in which Sapphire did to Macho Man, at the Ultimate Challenge special from earlier in the week. We then go to Sean Mooney interviewing Dusty and Sapphire, where the two state that Savage and Sherri can act like a king and a queen if they wish, but they’re missing the crown jewel, something Dusty claims to have in his possession, all will become clear very soon. Howard Finkel claims this is the first mixed tag-team match in WWE during the introductions; I attempted to find out if this is true and found nothing to contradict it. In a real stroke of genius, that crown jewel that was mentioned earlier turned out to be, as Dusty put it “the first lady of the WWF, Miss Elizabeth” who of course formerly managed the Macho Man. I should probably mention that this split of the Macho Man and Elizabeth would all come to an end by the next WrestleMania where the two were reunited in a real soap-opera way, but the event doesn’t have a women’s match, so it’s not getting a full review or a tears count. Due to Sapphire’s lack of skills in the ring, the action between the two women is rather, awful, Sapphire hits a pretty terrible airplane spin and an odd looking suplex, but the match itself is quite fun. Dusty and Macho Man manage to work pretty well together. Miss Elizabeth gets herself involved of course, throwing Sherri back into the ring towards the end of the match, which helps Sapphire pick up the roll-up win. Okay, so I know this is about the women’s matches at WrestleMania, but perhaps this one would have been better if it were just settled between the men. Sensational Sherri is a real delight to watch, just not here, unfortunately. Give it a miss.

WrestleMania 7 to 9 did not feature a women’s match.

Mixed Tag Team Match: Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon vs. Doink the Clown & Dink the ClownWrestleMania 10

Okay, so solely based on names, this could be the weirdest match I’m ever going to review. I can’t say that I’ve ever wanted to watch a match where Bam Bam and Luna fight clowns for reasons unknown, but I’m going to have to now. This followed the Bret and Owen Hart match that opened the show, transitioning from technical wrestling to “let’s just do something stupid” is, of course, the natural progression for WWE. For some reason, Luna, who is scary was limited to only fighting Dink, who comes into the ring all fired up. There’s a little “you can’t catch me because I’m small” sequence, which I think the best part about it is Vince laughing on commentary, his version of comedy is rather odd. Dink takes quite the beating from Luna and misses a dive from the top turnbuckle, but he does also dodge one from Luna, so it all works out for him in the end. Bam Bam and Doink make it back into the ring, although not for long as Doink rolls to the outside, and Dink tries to distract the big man giving Doink time to recover. Their plan is ruined when Doink thinks he can hit a sunset flip on Bam Bam who easily outmaneuvers the clown and lands on his chest. The two remain in the ring for the final stretch of the match with Bam Bam Bigelow picking up the win after a flying headbutt. Alright, so I had my doubts when I first wrote this match down, fun fact, I plan all of these weeks ahead, I know I’m weird you don’t need to tell me. After watching the match, it’s relatively fun for a WWE comedy match, but it will never go down as being one to watch from the PPV.

WWE Women’s Championship: Alundra Blayze (c) vs. Leilani KaiWrestleMania 10

Leilani Kai, you were at this PPV years ago, you look different here…but welcome back! Thanks for getting rid of Moolah for this one. I appreciate it.  Although you’re going up against the golden girl of this era Alundra Blayze, so I already know how this one is going to go. Someone in production seriously messed up as Alundra’s graphic correctly shows her name for a brief second, but then it changes to Owen Hart. I wonder if they got fired. Once the match starts, Alundra uses her speed to try and outsmart Leilani, but it doesn’t work as she’s mowed down quickly. Leilani is easily the stronger competitor of the two, but she can’t keep up with Blayze. Leilani throws Alundra out of the ring, back into it and all around it which is somewhat pleasing to watch for some reason, I’m not quite sure why. It’s rather funny watching this era back when you consider the fact that Blayze herself believes she set the tone for what women’s wrestling is all about. I’ve only ever found a few of her matches enjoyable, all of which include her facing off with Bull Nakano, she’s boring elsewhere or at least to me she is. She does get the win in this match after a bridging suplex, but this isn’t something I would seek out or watch again. It kind of fell flat. It also doesn’t help that they only got three minutes, but hey, I’ve seen some matches get the same amount of time and somehow work.

WrestleMania 11 to 13 did not feature a women’s match. 

Mixed Tag Team Match: Marc Mero & Sable vs. Goldust & Luna VachonWrestleMania 14

I may be wrong, but I’m relatively sure people remember this WrestleMania for being the one that Mike Tyson was involved in, not for this mixed tag-team match, or at least I do because I don’t even recall this match happening. This match is part of the storyline that eventually split Mero and Sable due to his jealousy over her rising popularity. Goldust was hired to dress as Sable to try and put some of the spotlights on Mero, and Luna was apparently just very jealous of Sable too, with Michael Cole referring to her as a possessed demon on a mission to destroy Sable, in the video package before the match. Goldust eventually got tired of Mero, and thus this match was made. The nineties were kind of crazy. Sable wants to start out the match with a rather hesitant Luna who backs out of being in the ring first, which completely contradicts their point about her being some nut job out to harm Sable. Mero and Goldust go at it instead, but even when the two women are tagged into the match, Luna runs out of the ring as if Sable has the intimidation level of someone like the Undertaker. It makes no sense; she also tags back out of the match without making any form of contact with Sable. Sigh. Continuity just doesn’t exist here. Mero and Goldust have some nice back and forth between each other but the hot tag is made, and FINALLY, we get to see the two women wrestle, I’m using that word very loosely by the way. It’s more so just Luna being thrown around the ring. The crowd, however, went bonkers for Sable tagging into the match. The two men come back into the ring, and the closing stretch of the match gets rather messy. Luna attacks Mero from behind to break up a pin attempt, Sable tags in and tries to get the pin on Goldust who is still down, but the referee is distracted by Mero. Luna heads to the top rope and tries to dive on Sable who is still pinning Goldust and got a slow two count from the referee who finally turned around and realized what was happening, but instead of hitting Sable, Luna dives onto Goldust. Not entirely sure what she expected to happen here, not only was the spot completely obvious but the positioning of Sable made it impossible to land. A Sable-bomb also gets a two count on Luna, who is now really mad, which is what should have happened right from the start. It’s too late though as Sable ultimately takes control, using Mero’s TKO on Luna for the win. This is such an odd match, the storyline is weird, and there’s zero continuity with the people involved. Now I understand why I don’t recall this match ever happening.

WWE Women’s Championship: Sable vs. ToriWrestleMania 15

If there’s one women’s match that I never wish to see ever again, it’s this one. This is my Kryptonite. I’ve previously reviewed it for the first edition of Making our Eyes Peel, a series solely about terrible women’s matches, but I guess I have to do it again. If I were a crying person, there would be tears streaming down my face currently. To be honest with you, I find Sable as Women’s Champion a bit of a joke in itself. She was never known for her wrestling ability, and it should have stayed that way, but then again, people view this women’s championship as a prestigious title, and it wasn’t, so, you know. Nevertheless, it’s around the waist of Sable, and her challenger is Tori, not Wilson unfortunately, although she and Sable would eventually meet and square off, but no, it’s the lesser known one. Sable is incredibly confident in herself and her chances in this match. Tori, however, looks like she’s seen a ghost as she heads down the ramp, she’s also wearing a weird full bodysuit that makes her look like the female version of Giant Gonzalez who was also terrible and part of an appalling WrestleMania match too. Tori doesn’t even make it into the ring as Sable stops her with possibly the weakest looking kick ever. There’s a lot of walking around the ring, a lot of flailing around inside of it; a dive gets messed up as Sable jumps completely over Tori’s head, it’s bad. Like, atrocious. The pointless shenanigans continue for a while, if I wasn’t on my fourth cup of coffee of today, I might have fallen asleep, but instead, I’m just staring at my laptop screen and wondering why this happened. They attempt a back and forth of various pinning predicaments that make both of them look like they’ve never tried to pin someone before in their lives. Again, dreadful. Tori managed to fall out of the Sable-bomb, no I’m not kidding, she fell out of it. Nicole Bass ends up coming out to the ring because apparently, things that are bad can indeed get worse. She picks up and drops Tori, Sable is fake shocked, she hits the Sable-bomb correctly this time, and it’s finally over. Please end my life now, I have seen hell, and it is this match. I don’t wish to go on living anymore. If you want to live a happy life with no negativity, DO NOT WATCH THIS. It’s the wrestling version of the movie The Ring; you might die seven days after viewing it once all the terrible moments from it soak into your brain.

Terri Runnels (w/ The Fabulous Moolah) vs. The Kat (w/ Mae Young)WrestleMania 16

Nothing speaks to my soul more than a good old’ cat fight. However, just looking at the names involved in this one makes me want to hurl. If you don’t include Harvina (Harvey Wippleman dressed as a woman), then the Kat is easily the worst Women’s Champion of all time, while I don’t recall a single Terri match, so that can’t be good. Then you have Moolah and Mae to add to the weirdness of it all. Val Venis is the special guest referee; I have no idea why. For those of you who are unaware of the rules of a cat fight, also known as me before Howard Finkel explaining them, if you’re thrown out of the ring, you lose. Simple. Speaking of simple, there’s no technical prowess on display here I’m afraid to say, it’s more just pushing and shoving, with a few rolls and hair pulls. Mae Young attempts to “reveal the puppies” as commentary put it, which distracts Val who tries to cover her up. The Kat tosses Terri out of the ring; the match should be over based on those rules explained earlier, but, of course, Terri is shoved back into the ring by Moolah before Val can realize what happened. Mae senses that some shenanigans is going down and chases Moolah into the ring, but instead, she ends up locking lips with the Big Valbowski. Terri gets thrown out of the ring yet again, but Moolah grabs Kat’s legs and pulls her out too, and puts Terri back in the ring. It’s all a bit chaotic. I thought this would be easy viewing; it’s not. Val finally stops putting his tongue down Mae’s throat, not consensually I imagine, and sees that Terri is the only one in the ring and calls for the end of the cat fight. Mae Young manage to screw the Kat out of a win because she wanted to get freaky. Possibly the most hilarious wrestling result that will ever be written. Mae does redeem herself by hitting a bronco buster on Moolah which made me laugh, and The Kat tries to rip Terri’s clothes off that only reminded me that this was meant to be pleasurable viewing for someone, and now I’m sad. The women were treated so poorly in the Attitude Era.

Intergender Tag Team Match: Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty) & Chyna vs. The Radicalz (Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn)WrestleMania 16

Another match that I don’t remember happening, but the pairing of Too Cool and Chyna is everything six-year-old me could have ever wanted from a match, even if it is completely random. Before the match, the Radicalz are backstage, and Eddie says he’s going to put all of his Latino Heat on Chyna tonight. We then cut to Chyna calling Eddie disgusting, Too Cool are confident they have the problem covered, though. The whole story for this match is solely between Eddie and Chyna and their pairing the very next night, which makes me wonder what the purpose of all of this was, and why were Too Cool, Malenko and Saturn used if they have no part in any of this? It makes no sense. Editor’s note: Gotta get everyone on the ‘Mania card. Scotty and Eddie start out the match, but Eddie is way too focused on his “Mamacita.” Scotty eventually tags in Chyna and Eddie runs away to tag in Malenko, apparently that Latino heat thing was super cold. Grand Master Sexay tags in and they double suplex Malenko and proceed to dance together, I use the word dance loosely. Listening to Lawler use slang on commentary may or may not have made me gag. The male performers in this match spend most of the time in the ring, but I fully expected that it was almost like a tradition in WWE at the time that whenever an intergender or mixed match happens, the female performers will spend very little time in the ring. After some back and forth between Eddie and Scotty, Chyna’s head is bounced off the ring post by Eddie, and she’s sent to the floor. Things get kind of crazy after this as the action goes to the outside and poor Scotty gets beat up by Saturn and Malenko. Chyna eventually gets the hot tag from Scotty; she takes out Saturn and Malenko who tried to protect Eddie, the crowd pop as she hits a handspring back elbow and a low blow to both men. Eddie takes advantage of her back being turned and hits Chyna from behind, but it’s not enough to get rid of her as she hits a powerbomb followed by grabbing onto his Latino heat, if you know what I mean, lifting him with it and slamming him down. She then locks in a sleeper while Malenko hilariously tries to swim back into the ring, but Chyna slams him down and gets the pin. This was so fun to watch and had a real nostalgic feel to it, I felt like a child again. I was considering leaving this match out of the article as I had done that with the intergender match from Survivor Series, but I’m glad I didn’t.

WWE Women’s Championship: Ivory (c) vs. ChynaWrestleMania 17

So, the previous WrestleMania Chyna was fighting men; here she’s chasing the women’s championship for only the second time in her career. For anyone unaware or curious when the first time was, these two squared off at Royal Rumble for the title, but the match had a rather strange ending, you can read about it in the Women at Royal Rumble piece. I’m a big fan of both of these women, but I have seen this match previously, and I will say their interactions together are not the best. Ivory was a part of Right to Censor during this time meaning that I have to listen to that awful siren theme song, and she won the Women’s Championship by winning a fatal four-way between former champion Lita, Trish Stratus and Jacqueline. However, her RTC buddies aren’t with her for this one as she heads to the ring alone looking rather scared. Chyna seems very confident; the pyro gun entrance is still one of my favorite things ever, she receives a pretty good crowd reaction too once she eventually makes it to the ring. Ivory’s response to having to hand the title over to the referee at the start of the match is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life; it ends up working out for her though as her little tantrum distracts Chyna enough that she can attack her before the bell rings. She takes advantage of the “injured” neck Chyna received at Royal Rumble (she wasn’t injured), but it’s not enough to take Chyna out of the match as she throws Ivory like a ragdoll across the ring. She destroys her pretty quickly and effortlessly, to be honest. After a powerbomb, Chyna goes for a pin attempt but she lifts Ivory’s shoulders up before the three, apparently not finished putting the hurt on her, a press slam and three count later and Chyna is the new women’s champion. So, I mentioned earlier that these two don’t have the best interactions together, but this match made sense. Chyna was out for revenge and wanted to hurt Ivory, she punished Ivory over the course of the rather short match except for the opening few seconds and proved why she’s one of the most dominant women ever to enter WWE.  

WWE Women’s Championship: Jazz (c) vs. Lita vs. Trish StratusWrestleMania 18

I, unfortunately, don’t remember a great deal about the Jazz title reign, nor do I recall why this match was booked. Since there’s no explanation given before the match, I’m going to go ahead and assume that this was one of their “just throw it together and see what happens” decisions, which makes me somewhat nervous because those never usually work out. Every time I see Jazz I always just envision her throwing cars at a wall for no reason, so maybe she’ll do it here with Lita and Trish playing the role of a car. Lita, however, has a fit down the stage and looks like she’s been on a weekend bender with Scarface. Trish is in her home country so she comes out bearing the Canadian flag because it wouldn’t be right any other way. She quickly has to run to the ring as Jazz has no intention of waiting for her and immediately starts beating the hell out of Lita. Trish and Lita decide that going after Jazz by themselves would be a huge mistake, so they pair up to take her down. The crowd does not care whatsoever as the previous match took all of the excitement out of them. It’s a shame that these women had to follow Rock vs. Hogan, as it’s almost like they were set up for failure when really, they could have done something great. I also had a rather rough time watching it myself as a few moments were rather sloppy. Lita attempted a back body drop on Trish, and it didn’t look great. Jazz pulled off a top rope Fisherman’s Suplex on Lita for the win to retain her title. Honestly, if you blindfolded someone and played this match, I wouldn’t be surprised if they thought it wasn’t done in front of a crowd, that’s how silent they are. They’re so tired from the previous match that not even the finish got a cheer or a boo.

WWE Women’s Championship: Victoria(c) vs. Trish Stratus vs. JazzWrestleMania 19

I’ve previously reviewed this match as part of one of the T&R reviews that Trask and I do together. I am somewhat biased when it comes to the Trish and Victoria feud because it’s part of the reason why I became a women’s wrestling fan. Add Jazz into that mix and you’re damn right I’m going to enjoy this. The whole stage set-up for this WrestleMania is so aesthetically pleasing, but Trish’s entrance was so extra; I loved it, she had an unbelievable amount of confetti just spreading across the whole stage, it looks amazing. Jazz gets compared to Mike Tyson on commentary for some reason, probably because she looks like she can deadlift a truck. Victoria is here with her man Steven Richards, because, yes that was indeed a “thing.” The match itself has a lot of different elements to it. There’s some great character work from Victoria who at the time was still a psycho. Jazz has the powerhouse role down to a tee. While Trish is now this majorly over babyface that everyone wants to see win, but she has obstacles ahead of her to do so. Stevie gets involved in the match a few times to try and fight the women on behalf of Victoria; it doesn’t go to plan for him, but he tries. Multi-people matches usually annoy the life out of me, as they’re often very sloppy. Although there are a few moments where the offense isn’t done to perfection, the story that unfolds is worth it. Trish is already the underdog, but if you need confirmation, the way in which Jazz and Victoria just hurl most of the action her way is wonderful. The finishing stretch may turn some people off this match due to it ending via the chick kick, which looked incredibly weak in comparison to the rest of the match. But for something from 2003 where the women were not as respected as they are today, it’s nice they got time to work a great match. I watch this back from time to time, and it hasn’t lost its appeal, probably one of my favorites from this era. Something you should consider watching if you weren’t a fan during this period or have just never seen it previously.

Playboy Evening Gown Match: Torrie Wilson & Sable vs. Stacy Keibler & Jackie GaydaWrestleMania 20

Ah, the start of the weird and wonderful Playboy-related WrestleMania women’s matches that they ran for five years in a row, ending in 2008. So basically, Sable came back to WWE in 2003. She ended up feuding with Torrie Wilson, who was the new Playboy cover-girl. For some reason, by the time 2004 rolled around, both she and Torrie were seemingly fine and had forgotten about their prior run-ins with each other, as they teamed up to take on Jackie Gayda and Stacy Keibler. All four of the women were faces, which just screams typical WWE. Once all four are in the ring, Sable decides that they should instead start this evening gown match, with their gowns off. Defeats the purpose of the entire thing, but okay. Jackie refuses to remove her dress, the crowd, of course, boo her, so Torrie and Sable take it off for her, while Stacy just watches this all unfold. Great team. I can’t believe there is actual wrestling involved in this, but there is! We even get a crossbody off the top rope from Torrie and a rather well-done pinning sequence from her and Stacy. I’m both surprised and uncomfortable. Torrie and Sable pick up the win after Torrie reversed a roll-up from Jackie. I don’t have any words other than I cry-laughed over this. I have watched it before, but my memory can never recall whether things are good or bad, so I instantly assumed it was terrible. These kind of matches are awful, due to the sexist undertone of all of them, but it somehow worked and managed to make me laugh. It’s also a lot easier to watch them if you go into it knowing you aren’t about to witness a five-star match.

Hair vs. Title Match for the WWE Women’s Championship: Victoria (c) vs. Molly HollyWrestleMania 20

If ever there is an indicator as to how bad things got for the women, it could be the story behind this. Victoria was the Women’s Champion, but to even get a match on the WrestleMania card, Molly offered to shave her head, because she felt there was no way they would turn down something like that. That’s just sad that they needed to do something wild to get noticed or picked to have a match. But anyway, let’s not dwell on that now. The stipulation alone gives away the finish of the match because if Victoria loses the championship, she doesn’t get her head shaved, and WWE isn’t about that “set things up for no reason” kind of life. Jim Ross on commentary claims this is only the seventh time the women’s championship has been defended at WrestleMania, it was, in fact, the eighth time, but that number is still minuscule regardless. It’s a shame that these two didn’t get time to work a good match or tell a story, as both were more than capable of great things within the ring, but it serves its purpose. Molly is very confident, nearing on cocky, that she is going to become women’s champion. Victoria as a face was always so weird to me; she did so much better as a heel. The crowd isn’t into this at all. Molly starts to slowly build momentum as she keeps Victoria grounded, getting very close to a three count after a powerbomb. However, going for the Widow’s Peak on the person who regularly uses that move was probably not smart, as Victoria gets out of it to roll up Molly for the win. HEAD SHAVING TIME! The crowd suddenly comes to life with the realization that Molly is about to be bald. She tries to escape Victoria and the shears, but it’s no good. She’s eventually strapped into the chair so she can’t escape. Not sure I’d trust Victoria of all people to give me a haircut, or anyone in fact. I wish this match was longer, and that it didn’t have such a weird backstory to it, but it’s hilarious to see Molly squirming around while Victoria shaves off chunks of her hair.

WWE Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme (w/ Lita)WrestleMania 21

You’re probably curious as to how Playboy ties into this match if you have never watched it before, or seen any of the women’s content from 2005. Well, Christy Hemme was the winner of the 2004 Diva Search, and was placed into a feud with women’s champion Trish Stratus, because Trish felt like the women in the division were stealing her spotlight, but especially Christy who was announced as the new Playboy cover girl. Christy ended up receiving training from none other than Lita who had injured her leg at the beginning of 2005. I’m not going to lie; Christy is pretty awful here, but then again, it is WWE’s fault for rushing her into this in the first place. If you watch the 2005 division back now, it’s almost like once Lita got injured, and then later Trish did too, they just gave up caring what happened. Scumbag Trish is amazing to watch, though; she was legitimately funny as a heel during this time. The wrestling is pretty rough to watch, as is listening to Trish and Lita talk Christy through the motions. Yes, you did read that right, Lita who was on the outside of the ring had to tell Christy to go down on the outside of the ring after a kick from Trish because she couldn’t figure it out for herself apparently. Trish picks up the win after a Chick Kick. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, so please don’t bother putting yourself through it.

WWE Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus (c) vs. Mickie JamesWrestleMania 22

I must have watched this match at least 900 times in my life, along with their entire feud, and I am yet to get bored with it. As someone who has watched the WWE women’s division for some years now, this match felt like the beginning of something different. Almost like what we have now with this whole women’s evolution ordeal. Unfortunately, WWE didn’t capitalize on the female talent they had during this time. But, one could argue this was the first shot at trying to prove they are worthy of the same amount of creative and time that the male competitors received. I’m biased when it comes to this match, as I view this feud as the greatest from the WWE women’s division, ever. But, I’ll try to keep my fangirling to a myself. It’s so disappointing that a great match such as this one had to be called by the most sexist duo on commentary. JR and Lawler make remarks about dating Mickie only if she can cook. Sigh. The division was evolving into something different during this era, and the proof comes right in the middle of the match when the crowd start to boo Trish. People weren’t tired of seeing her but they were ready for a change. Mickie sells every bit of offense from Trish as if she’s being killed by every move. This match has become somewhat forgotten due to WWE ignoring it for the moment of controversy we will say. Which is silly because it’s one of the best WrestleMania women’s matches. That bar isn’t high thus far, but nevermind. Mickie picked up the win after a Chick Kick of her own. If you haven’t watched this before, first of all, I’m so sorry. Second, go and watch it. Not so you can see the greatness it is, so you can see why people are so defensive when it comes to the women in WWE. They’ve always been capable of amazing things but never had the chance to show it until now.

Playboy Pillow Fight: Torrie Wilson vs. Candice MichelleWrestleMania 22

I know you’re thinking this is a typical pillow fight, pointless and stupid. But, pillows are hardly used. Candice and Torrie were both members of Vince’s Devils. When Candice was on the cover of Playboy, she and Victoria turned on Torrie who they felt was letting them down. That’s all it took to lead to this match. Unreal that we went from that great women’s match between Trish and Mickie to this. The pair come out in gowns with Torrie’s being particularly impressive, due to the fact that her dog Chloe has matching attire. Every time I watch this back I always forget that Torrie used Michelle McCool’s theme song first. There’s more sexist chatter from Jerry Lawler on commentary, but no one is surprised by this. You’d think that the first move in this would be someone getting their face smacked off by a pillow, it’s a suplex instead. It wouldn’t be a WWE match during the mid-00s if someone didn’t get their clothing removed. Torrie rips off Candice’s dress and Candice cuts off Torrie’s with a pair of scissors from under the Playboy bed. The match finish comes completely out of nowhere. Torrie jumps over Candice’s head as she’s charging into the corner and rolls her up for the win. ZERO PILLOWS USED. I once joked that if people wanted to watch real women’s wrestling they should watch this match. Truth is it’s not as bad as I was expecting it to be. It’s completely stupid and has sexist undertones, but not bad. 

WWE Women’s Championship Lumberjill Match: Melina (c) vs. AshleyWrestleMania 23

I’ve reviewed this previously on two separate occasions. Once during my run down of the women’s division in 2007. The other in an edition of Making our Eyes Peel and both times I said I hated it. It’s a repeat of Trish vs. Christy as far as storyline goes. The wrestling is even worse, which seems impossible but it is. I don’t even feel bad for saying it since it’s completely WWE’s fault. They allowed Ashley, someone with little to no training, to get into the ring where she could hurt someone or herself. The lumberjills are Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, Victoria, Michelle McCool, Jillian Hall, Maria, Brooke, Kristal, Kelly Kelly, and Trinity. I still find Tony Chimel’s lifeless announcing to be the most hilarious thing. He knew how bad this was going to be before it even started. I’m a huge fan of Melina, but even she looks terrible here. I’m sure WWE thought she’d be capable of making Ashley at least look okay, instead they looked like they’d never wrestled before. Thank god Melina gets the win because I can imagine someone suggested that she lose. It is WWE after all. I don’t recommend you watch this unless you enjoy pain.

Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjill Match: Beth Phoenix & Melina vs. Maria & AshleyWrestleMania 24

All I want to know is, who decided to not only give Ashley another WrestleMania match, but why did they think adding the equally as bad Maria to the mix would make this any better? Crazy that this time next year, this match will be ten years old and yet it feels like this WrestleMania as a whole just happened yesterday. This is not the best match from any of these women but particularly not Melina and Beth. They’ve both had way better moments within WWE, this is forgettable. In fact, the only thing I remember from it off the top of my head is Snoop Dogg’s involvement in it, so that says a lot. In the opening minute of the match I realised not enough praise goes to Beth Phoenix. It doesn’t matter who she was in the ring with, she made them look better than they were. It sounds like such an easy thing to do, but she does it in EVERY match I’ve watched her in. Maria is pretty poor throughout, but then again, I feel as if she was during her whole time in WWE, she has since somewhat improved. There’s weird camera cuts to Snoop Dogg’s smiling face as if he’s enjoying this, can’t really say I feel the same way. Ashley and Melina in the same ring again, I’m having flashbacks to the previous WrestleMania match. There is an absolutely bonkers double team move from Melina and Beth that made the lumberjills wince at the way Melina looked like she was going to land. It almost looked like she did Twisted Bliss off Beth’s shoulders, crazy. After Maria messes up a kick to Beth, the lights in the arena went out. Now I’m very interested in conspiracy theories, so I may be reading into this a little bit too much, but I genuinely think someone turned off the lights on purpose because this wasn’t good. Maria also managed to pull off the slowest counter to the Glam Slam I’ve ever seen. Things just go even more downhill after the whole lighting situation, Santino stopped a pin so Jerry Lawler gets up from announcing to go and fight him. I can feel my eyes desperately trying not to roll out the back of my head. After a fisherman suplex, Beth picks up the win and puts me out of my misery. WHY IS EVERYTHING BAD? WrestleMania may be the death of me, I can’t believe this.

Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal: Layla, Joy Giovanni, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, Sunny, Torrie Wilson, Jackie Gayda, Maria, Gail Kim, Jillian Hall, Eve Torres, Tiffany, Kelly Kelly, Molly Holly, Maryse, Katie Lea Burchill, Natalya, Victoria, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Melina, Beth Phoenix, SantinaWrestleMania 25

Easily and by far the worst women’s match to come from WrestleMania, or possibly just in WWE as a whole. The idea of the women being forced to compete in something like this alone is bad enough. But to then allow Santino Marella to be included in the match and win it just shows how stupid WWE can be at times. It should come as no surprise that this match also managed to find it’s way onto a Making Our Eyes Peel, but it deserves a piece all on its own it’s so disgraceful. Candice Michelle and Mae Young got off lightly just having to sit at ringside for this one because good lord, it’s brutal to watch never mind being involved in it. Every time I watch this I always spot someone different in the match, with so much is going on all at once you can’t make out who everyone is. I didn’t know Torrie Wilson was even in this the first time I ever watched it. I don’t really want to have to go over the specifics of this since I think it’s pretty well documented how bad it is. What I will say is that sometimes certain things will happen in wrestling that makes you really wonder what the intentions of the people creating garbage like this were. I’m so glad the division now has moved past ridiculous things like this, even if it does still have areas to improve on, I don’t think people realise we could still be seeing stuff like this instead of the women main eventing.

10 Diva Tag Team Match: Michelle McCool, Layla, Alicia Fox, Maryse & Vickie Guerrero vs. Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, Gail Kim & Kelly KellyWrestleMania 26

This is a first time viewing for me and I’m really hoping it’s not going to be awful, but due to what I just watched from the previous WrestleMania, my brain is telling me to be smarter and lose that hope. It’s unreal how hated Vickie was simply for speaking, she was constantly booed. She also starts out this match and just gets destroyed by every member of the opposing team. Cue sexist jokes from Jerry Lawler about Vickie here. Unreal how much WWE didn’t and perhaps still don’t care about some of the things that he says towards the women. I wish I could say that there was some great wrestling on display here, but instead, every woman just hit their finishing move, and was out of it, while Vickie prayed in the corner of the ring. What happens next may be the most hilarious thing I have ever seen happen in a women’s match. After saving Vickie from Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool and Layla help her to the top rope for what was supposed to be a splash, reminiscent to that of Eddie Guerrero. What actually happened was she kind of just fell onto Kelly Kelly. If you think it can’t get any worse, boy are you wrong. As she’s rolling Kelly up for the win, she rolls too far meaning her shoulders aren’t down, and proceeds to flop onto Kelly’s body. All while Alicia Fox is sitting on the outside of the ring waiting for Vickie to get the pin, laughing. I would do the same thing. She does eventually roll her up correctly for the win but, BY GAWD, that was a struggle. I understand the moment was supposed to be symbolic but it was very bad.

Mixed Tag Team Match: John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler & LayCool (Michelle McCool and Layla)WrestleMania 27

Speaking of things that are bad, this exists. I have avoided this match for so long, but I finally have to watch it for the first time. I’ve always been curious about what the people in attendance thought about this match, because I can imagine people wanting to leave. The nostalgia of seeing Trish Stratus compete MAY have carried me through it if I were there, but the second Snooki walked out I probably would have let out a very long sigh and left. Seeing Michelle and Trish facing off against each other is such a cool moment if you’re someone who has followed the division for years. Michelle was such a huge part of the division during her main years there and could have filled the spot of someone like Trish if she were given the same opportunities. She also could very easily slot back into the division today I assume. Pretty sure Trish and Michelle both died after falling off the top turnbuckle yet somehow Trish got up and is doing diving clotheslines? I’m so confused, I expected this to be terrible and so far it’s not. Morrison takes out Ziggler after he breaks up a pin attempt. Now the bad things are starting, Snooki has officially tagged into the match. Kill me. Now, I thought Vickie Guerrero’s version of a splash was bad, good lord Snooki managed to make it even worse and she got the win with it. Snooki, of Jersey Shore, pinned Michelle McCool. Let that sink in for a second. I need a drink or something to make sure I forget about this match.

Tag Team Match: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve TorresWrestleMania 28

It’s quite sad to think that Beth Phoenix appeared at four WrestleMania events and not one of them ended up being a good match. I’m pretty certain that nothing can be as bad “SnookiMania” but anything is possible when it comes to the women’s matches at WrestleMania, as I have clearly learned throughout writing this. Eve is criminally underrated by most people. She put on some incredible matches during her time in WWE, in fact, she and Beth put on one of my favorite women’s matches of all time at Vengeance in 2011. However, when you’re facing someone who can’t wrestle and Maria Menounos, it’s difficult to come up with anything remotely decent. Before the match begins, commentary discuss Maria having numerous injuries including her ribs being hurt. So, to make sure they get the point across that she’s hurt, Beth kicks her in said ribs. Not sure if she genuinely was in pain but if this was solely done as an excuse to how bad she was, well played. Eve then very slowly put Maria in some form of body-scissors to further the damage the Glamazon had already started. I’m all for celebrities being at WrestleMania, hell, I don’t even mind if they do want to step into the ring, but can someone please tell them not to smile when they’re getting hit, good lord this is bad. The wrestling moves against Maria are incredibly basic, most being holds, but her smiling as if she’s just out for a Sunday stroll is very off putting. Credit to Eve, she sold the hell out of a kick from Maria landing on the outside of the ring, which I imagine felt rather embarrassing. Kelly tags into the match and I’m not sure if it’s about to get better or worse. She did manage to counter the Glam Slam into a nasty looking bulldog so I’ll give her that. Maria gets tagged back into the match and after being took down off the top rope, Kelly saves her from whatever punishment Beth had in mind, Maria rolls her up and there you have it. So, the selling from Maria was bad, she didn’t actually “wrestle” but it was an improvement from SnookiMania. Although, I’m not sure I’d consider that a compliment.

WrestleMania 29 did not feature a women’s match.

WWE Divas Championship: AJ Lee (c) vs. Aksana, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Cameron, Emma, Eva Marie, Layla, Naomi, Natalya, Nikki Bella, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, & Tamina SnukaWrestleMania 30

Not quite on the same level as the awful battle royal from WrestleMania 25, but pretty bad in its own right. I’m not going to lie, I hated this AJ Lee title reign so perhaps I’m slightly biased, but it has to be said that this kind of match where all of the women are just thrown into the ring together, NEVER WORKS. WWE also didn’t do them any favors by making them follow the streak coming to an end, the crowd started booing before anything even happened. It’s insane that this was the first time the Divas Championship was defended at WrestleMania, the title had been around for six years prior to this. Terrible. AJ and Tamina get thrown into the center of the ring, while the rest of the women circle around them like a pack of hungry wolves waiting to pounce. There are a few moments in this match that make me cringe like crazy, and the first one comes pretty early on as Alicia Fox has to walk Cameron through some elbow strikes verbally. The next quickly follows as the Bellas are unable to hold Layla up so they just awkwardly drop her onto just Brie’s knees (unintentional rhyme) instead of Nikki’s also. You can hear a lot of spots being called throughout this but none more so than the suplex in stereo spot. After a kick to AJ Lee, Cameron’s gear realized the match was going to be pretty bad, so her top decides to come undone. Cameron realizes the malfunction, pauses to hold her top and then throws Emma into the corner of the ring. She pauses again to hold her top and then goes into the Dil-Emma, a move where she can’t use her arms to cover up where her top has malfunctioned. Welcome to hell ladies and gentlemen. All of the women start to hit their finishers on each other until we get to Eva Marie, who at this point in time probably didn’t even understand what a finisher was, so she just pushes Tamina over instead. A suicide dive from both of the Bellas got the women the only positive reaction of the entire match. AJ Lee ultimately retained the title after forcing Naomi’s hand to tap while Naomi’s other hand taps by itself. I couldn’t get my head around this finish at the time and still can’t now. I’m not sure if the plan was for AJ and Naomi to face off again with Naomi winning but it certainly looked that way had she not tapped out by herself anyway. It’s just really messy, the whole match is weird. 

Tag Team Match: AJ Lee & Paige vs. Brie Bella & Nikki BellaWrestleMania 31

The infamous “She’s always asleep at WrestleMania” match. In retrospect watching this match back, you can tell how much of a big deal this was for Paige, you could see her taking it all in while she was at the top of the stage. Moments like that make things like this easier to watch. I honestly felt like the Divas title deserved to be defended here, but now looking back, it was probably for the best due to Nikki’s lingering neck injury. I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole Freaks and Geeks thing that AJ Lee and Paige had going on either so I felt this was a skippable match at the time, something that’s difficult for me to say due to me being a huge fan of women’s wrestling. For anyone unaware of why this is known as the “She’s always asleep at WrestleMania” it’s because pretty early on AJ Lee just disappears to the outside for a nap on the floor for most of the match. It’s almost like a running gag, she tried to get back into the match a number of times but kept getting stopped somehow. The cameramen intentionally go to shots of AJ just lying on the ground too, it’s hilarious. There’s something so aesthetically pleasing about Brie’s missile dropkick, it’s something that looked good in every single one of her matches, but by god does she get some height on the one in this match. The Bellas pretty much dominate the entire match, gradually wearing Paige down while she has no one to tag. Smart strategy. Paige did start a small rally taking out both Bellas on the outside of the ring, while AJ Lee FINALLY crawls up off the floor to tag into the match. You’d think the hot tag would receive some form of reaction but NOPE, silent crowd. There’s a lot of mess towards the finish of this match as both Brie and Paige attempt to get involved, however, AJ managed to get Nikki to tap out to the Black Widow for the win. Looking back on this now, the decision to have AJ pick up the win looks even worse. She retired a few days after this, but not only that, she spent most of the match outside of the ring. It would have been a much bigger moment had Paige got the win due to it being her first WrestleMania and all, but nevertheless, an improvement on prior matches just a bad finish.

10 Diva Tag Team Match: Team Total Divas (Brie Bella, Paige, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie & Natalya) vs. Team BAD and Blonde (Lana, Emma, Summer Rae, Naomi & Tamina)WrestleMania 32 Kick-Off Show

It’s unbelievable that it took 32 WrestleMania events for WWE to FINALLY get women’s matches right. There’s an added hint of emotion in this one due to the retirement of Brie Bella, someone who I believe was incredibly underrated throughout her entire career. It’s a shame this got pushed to the pre-show and right before the announcement of the new title because you almost forget that someone just retired in front of you, and Brie deserved her moment to shine without it being ruined. Having said that, I have enjoyed this match every time I’ve watched it, which is a fair few amount of times. I remember being extremely happy for Alicia Fox, Summer Rae and Emma getting to appear at WrestleMania, something I really didn’t think we’d see again for a long time after the battle royal from WrestleMania 30. A lot of people probably missed out on how good this is due to it being on the kickoff show and people don’t really care for those, so if you did, go and watch it. I promise you will not regret it. Every single woman played their part perfectly, something that doesn’t often happen in multi-women matches, but they pulled it off, even with the inexperienced Lana involved. This also holds a special place in my heart due to the Paige and Emma interactions in the match, those two had previously expressed that their dream match would be to face each other at WrestleMania, and although it wasn’t a singles match, this may be the best we’re gonna get. The only thing that lets this match down is the lack of crowd, people were still making their way into the arena, so there’s zero interaction from the fans who were in their seats. However, it was nice that those who were there gave Brie a great reaction, she deserved at least that. There’s another spot where every woman hits their finisher which looked brilliant and flowed really well, except Tamina having to force Eva’s body fully over on Sliced Bread #2. Brie Bella picked up the win by putting Naomi in the Yes Lock. This match was a great showcase of the talent the female roster clearly has, and solidified my opinion that this is the best the division has ever been. One of my favourite women’s matches from WrestleMania, even if that bar isn’t very high, this was amazing.

Triple Threat Match for the inaugural WWE Women’s Championship: Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha BanksWrestleMania 32

If this match ended up like the Sasha Banks entrance, my views on this would be so very different, because that entrance due to the female singer is god awful. Snoop Dogg is still legendary though. I can’t quite put into words how much this WrestleMania means to people who have followed the WWE women’s division for years, but it really felt like the beginning of REAL change. Not the fake change that they hinted at during the weird team vs. team vs. team storyline they ran after Give Divas a Chance. No matter what your feelings are on any of the three women involved in this match, you have to see and admit that they truly created something magic here that had not been done before. Yes, we got the great match from Trish and Mickie from WrestleMania 22, but nothing changed with the division after that one. The bra and panties matches still continued, the women still got thirty seconds. This match as well as the one from the kickoff show proved the women DESERVE to be put on the same pedestal as everyone else. Every time I write these articles it feels so weird to see the Divas Championship. I don’t miss it. But, knowing what I know now, and this may be viewed as a controversial opinion, it’s somewhat fitting that Charlotte was the woman to retire that title, as she was the one leading this new division into the future. This was also the first time we would hear the women called superstars on commentary instead of Divas. At the time, I really thought Becky was the standout performer here, I even changed my mind halfway through and started to think she may win. The effort she put in as well as allowing bits of her personality to show is wonderful to see. The near falls are so unbelievably gripping even a year later and with the knowledge of who wins, that speaks volumes about how great these three women did together. My only criticism of this match comes with the finish, I hated Ric’s involvement, well actually, I just hated Ric getting involved in anything, so maybe I’m biased. Charlotte retaining and becoming the first Women’s Champion of the new era was quite a swerve, most people expected Sasha Banks to win, but perhaps that’s part of the charm as to why this match was so good, it had shock value. This is special for many reasons but the main one is it setting the tone for what the women’s evolution is all about. Great women’s wrestling, plain and simple.

I have given myself multiple headaches going through some of these matches, this PPV by far as the worst track record as far as the women go. But, things really changed last year and hopefully, this evolution continues this year. They’re already on good form by including women in THREE matches. Let that sink in. It’s a first AND they all look as if they’re gonna be good? Sometimes fans forget to be grateful for the small things and this is one we should be happy about. WWE still have a way to go with their version of “equality” but this is a huge step.

RAW Women's Championship: Bayley(c) vs. Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte FlairWrestleMania 33

Elimination matches have been a thing that WWE have sometimes been unable to get right. Often eliminations feel rushed or there isn’t enough damage done to someone to warrant them being removed from the match. However, Nia Jax may have had the best elimination possible for her when she was pinned to the mat by three of the top women. I was worried for a split second WWE wouldn’t continue to make Nia look strong, but she dominated early on and had to be the sole focus of Sasha, Charlotte, and Bayley. Otherwise, they knew they wouldn’t have a chance at the title with her still around. Sasha’s elimination was next up and although it came pretty quickly after Nia was gone, I did like what Charlotte managed to create from a storyline perspective. Sasha is still her biggest rival, she knows everything Sasha is capable of. Rather than try to wrestle her she took the middle turnbuckle off and forced her into it to get the pin. Sasha is STILL yet to get the better of Charlotte on PPV. In a twist of perfect karma, what Charlotte created became her downfall too. She ended up hitting the same exposed turnbuckle that got rid of Banks. But, where Charlotte took advantage of it and pinned Sasha, Bayley not wanting to look like she needed to cheat to win (part of the build up with people believing she was relying on Sasha), she made sure to hit a move from her hero to secure the victory instead. The match itself may have been pretty short compared to the time everyone thought it was going to get and not as good as many had hoped, but it worked well with the build-up and storyline they went into the match with. 

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & MaryseWrestleMania 33

Perhaps I was in the wrong to get my hopes up for the in-ring return of Maryse, or maybe the build up deceived me into thinking she was going to actually contribute. But the only thing she wrestled was the wind blowing her hair in her face. I didn’t even view Cena and Miz as important here because so much of this feud relied on the genuine dislike Maryse and Nikki have for each other. Yet nothing in this match delivered like the way the story leading up to it did. I can’t even say I enjoyed Miz getting the better of Cena straight away because I’ve seen it all before. The finish of the match with both Maryse and Miz being pinned at the same time felt like a waste of a potentially even better feel good moment due to what followed. Imagine if Miz and Maryse had won and John STILL proposed to Nikki. It would have made everything the “it couple” had used against them, wrong. Perhaps I’m looking at this from too much of a storyline aspect and not a personal one because don’t get me wrong it was great to see Nikki finally get that ring. I just wish they did something different for the match or at the very least the finish. The only positive to come out of this now is the legion of fans who hounded Nikki since the beginning of Total Divas about her never getting married, now don’t have that “joke” to pull out against her. 

Six Pack Challenge for the SmackDown Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss(c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Mickie James vs. NaomiWrestleMania 33

I had a weird feeling when the match got took off the kickoff show that it would end up getting very little time to be a great match, and unfortunately, that feeling turned out to be true. I’ve watched many women’s matches over the years and because of this, you start to pick up on when there is a complete lack of creativity. It always includes the “let’s just hit our finishers and move it along” idea. Now, this has been done correctly previously with the 10 women tag match from the WrestleMania 32 kickoff show being a huge example of that. But it’s also been done incorrectly like Survivor Series 2013 and this match. I watch these women weekly last 10 minutes plus in singles matches, but I’m supposed to believe all it takes is one move three minutes in for someone to disappear out of the ring for the rest of the match? I don’t think so. I did find James Ellsworth trying to superkick Becky to be a rather comedic moment since instead, he got suplexed into oblivion, kind of like Goldberg in the previous match. WWE did get one thing completely right, and that is Naomi. Not only did she have one of the coolest entrances of the entire night with the stadium transforming into something you’d expect at a 90s rave party. But, she finally got her moment. She won back the SmackDown women’s championship on the grandest stage of them all. I hope this leads to big things for her and that she’s not just a transitional champion, she’s been around for so long she deserves to keep the title for a good while now, meaning don’t take it off her a week later again. I wish the match was better, I really do, but I’m happy for Naomi.

Women’s matches at WrestleMania are wild, wacky and wonderful. I hoped this year would be the best ever for the women but I was wrong. I do think it’s important we received three matches on the card as it shows the progression they are attempting to make. I assume by this time next year the women’s division on both brands will look very different compared to how it does now, and who knows what we might see on the biggest PPV of them all.


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