Looking Back WWE WWW Review Archive (December 2015-July 2017)

Women at Survivor Series: It’s Hit and Miss

With Survivor Series around the corner, and the women’s five on five, brand vs. brand match coming on the backend of a historic Hell in a Cell, I decided to take a look at the women’s matches from all the previous installments of the PPV, starting with the very first Survivor Series in 1987!

Fabulous Moolah, Rockin’ Robin, Velvet McIntyre & The Jumping Bomb Angels (Itsuki Yamazaki & Noriyo Tateno) vs. Sensational Sherri, The Glamour Girls (Leilani Kai & Judy Martin), Donna Christianello & Dawn MarieSurvivor Series 1987

The very first Survivor Series featured a what is now known as a traditional five on five elimination match. Each woman from their respective team is announced separately instead of grouped together, which sometimes happens. Jimmy Hart is in the corner of the then WWF Women’s Tag Team Champions, the Glamour Girls, who are “presented” separately by him from the rest of the team, making them look like a special attraction, something I quite liked, however then WWF Women’s Champion, Sensational Sherri is the captain of the team, whilst Fabulous Moolah is the captain of the opposing team. Donna Christianello, who I’d never even heard of, and who honestly looked very poor for the brief time she spent in the ring, is the first eliminated by Velvet McIntyre after a nice pin combination. Dawn Marie is the next one out, being pinned by Rockin’ Robin, however she doesn’t last too long after, being eliminated by Sherri. Fabulous Moolah is eliminated by Judy Martin, as the match pace begins to slow, it’s followed by Women’s Champ Sherri being eliminated by Velvet McIntyre, something I wasn’t very keen on, the champ should have stayed in it until the end, especially considering Velvet is the next one eliminated by Leilani Kai, it is however my favorite elimination thus far, after a nice slingshot off the ropes backdrop. Leilani doesn’t last very long however as she’s eliminated by Noriyo Tateno and Judy Martin is the last to be eliminated by Itsuki Yamazaki. Fabulous Moolah’s team picked up the win in this match that lasted just over twenty minutes. I’m not keen on this match solely because the actual “wrestling” back then was mostly just dropkicks and bodyslams but The Jumping Bomb Angels, Sensational Sherri and The Glamour Girls all looked like stars. I probably wouldn’t watch this again, but it’s interesting to see how times have changed from the little amount women were doing in the ring, to the incredible stuff being pulled off today.

Survivor Series 1988 to 1994 did not feature a women’s match.

Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Tomoko Watanabe & Lioness Asuka vs. Alundra Blayze, Kyoko Inoue, Sakie Hasegawa & Chaparita Asari.Survivor Series 1995

By the time this match rolled around, after seven years of women not being featured at the PPV, the length of time the match was given had halved, as this one lasted only ten minutes. Alundra Blayze is the Women’s Champion going into this one, but is anyone surprised by this? Between 93-95 she pretty much always had that belt, holding it on three occasions. Alundra also gets the first elimination after pinning Lioness Asuka. Sakie Hasegawa is next to be eliminated by Aja Kong who isn’t finished there as she next eliminates Chaparita Asari and Kyoko Inoue quickly after. Alundra comes into the match as the only remaining member of her team and gets Tomoko Watanabe out of it, Bertha Faye is soon to be the next one gone. So, will the hero of America and saviour of humankind, bringer of world peace Alundra Blayze who has come back from a three on one situation, overcome Aja Kong and win the match? No she doesn’t, which honestly surprised me. It was nice to see Aja Kong’s team get the win as I know in my head that Alundra was always the star of the division during this time, whilst everyone else was just used as someone she could overcome. This is an improvement from the 1987 match as there’s a lot more action going on, and I would actually watch it again.

Survivor Series 1996 and 1997 did not feature a women’s match.

WWF Women’s Championship: Jacqueline (c) vs. SableSurvivor Series 1998

I only know very little of what the backstory here is, but I’m going to attempt to sum it up. WWF reintroduced the Women’s Championship in September of 1998 with Jacqueline winning the title, she was at the time paired with Sable’s then husband, Marc Mero who helped her win the championship. He and Sable were previously paired together but split in storyline, due to his jealousy over her popularity. Now that’s out of the way, let’s delve into the match itself. Shane McMahon is the referee for some reason, I’m not entirely sure why, as Sable is the first one out to the ring looking rather nervous. Jacqueline is next accompanied by Mero and she looks rather confident, she also has some of Sable’s hair attached to her own. A lot of the match is mainly Jacqueline putting in all the work whilst Sable hits four moves and one of them is on Mero. It only lasted just over three minutes and was nothing special whatsoever. Wouldn’t recommend anyone bother watching this one back. Sable picks up the win and becomes Women’s Champion after a Sable Bomb.

Mae Young, The Fabulous Moolah, Tori & Debra vs. Ivory, Luna Vachon, Jacqueline & Terri RunnelsSurvivor Series 1999

I can’t believe this even happened, let alone having to watch it. Seeing one Moolah match today was bad enough, but a second one? With Debra, Terri and Tori involved too? Sigh. Anyway, I have no clue what the backstory of this is, if there even was one, other than someone in the late 90’s really thought it was cool to have old women wrestle. This is billed as a tag team sudden death match, not elimination, which I first expected, so all it takes is one pin and this little piece of visual hell is over and done with. The only thought I had in my head throughout this was poor Ivory, who was Women’s Champion at the time, Jacqueline and Luna, being made to compete in this, I genuinely feel second hand embarrassment over it. The match lasts just under two minutes, with Moolah pinning Ivory after a god awful clothesline and splash. For some reason, if it wasn’t bad enough already, post match there’s a mini brawl which results in Debra removing Terri’s shirt, which is completely out of place compared to everything else going on, and was probably only done to get a reaction out of the crowd. Please, anyone reading this, send me some help, I may or may not have caused myself a brain injury from this match, I’m not entirely certain that I am okay anymore. Don’t watch this, don’t put yourself through it, I promise you, you’re better off believing this doesn’t exist.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Chyna (c) vs. Chris JerichoSurvivor Series 1999

Thank god for this match happening as honestly I can’t stand the previous one mentioned, but this actually had me semi-excited. I’m a big fan of not only Chyna being the Intercontinental Champion but also her facing off against men. Chyna is accompanied to the ring by Miss Kitty, who is The Kat, they just renamed her for some reason, or as I like to call her, the worst Women’s Champion ever; not including Harvey Wippleman. This match is the complete opposite of the previous, it’s filled with action, there’s Jericho playing the “I’m better than you because I’m a man” heel, whilst Chyna is the face you want to overcome him and win. This match saved me from thinking Survivor Series ‘99 was a poor PPV for women. It’s something I’d definitely recommend people watch if they haven’t previously. It lasts for just under fourteen minutes, with Chyna picking up the victory, after a pedigree from the top rope, to retain the Intercontinental Championship, but not before a ton of near falls. The only negative thing I could possibly say about this, is the fact commentary do an absolutely abysmal job, Lawler is always god awful with his sexist remarks but even Jim Ross is poor here, he goes over the previous segment which included Steve Austin more than he talks about this match. Everything else however, works perfectly.

Steve Blackman, Crash Holly & Molly Holly vs. Test, Albert & Trish StratusSurvivor Series 2000

Genuinely forgot this happened as I’m more aware of the women’s match that happens later on in the PPV, but here we go, a mixed tag team match. If this match were happening two years later I would probably be looking forward to seeing Trish wrestle, but back in 2000, she wasn’t trained and thus was very poor. Molly Holly also had not been in the division very long at the time, but she could actually wrestle, she also for some reason got a great crowd reaction here, despite the short time span between her debut and this PPV. The match lasts five minutes with most of the offense being dominated by the men, however it’s the women who get the finish as Molly hits a sunset flip and pins Trish. This match isn’t really worth watching, unless you wanted to go back and see how awkward Trish was in the ring, compared to her later years, but it also wasn’t bad either.

WWF Women's Championship: Ivory (c) vs. LitaSurvivor Series 2000

I may be extremely biased here, but even before re-watching, and thus writing about this match, I think I should make it clear that I love it. I don’t know if many people necessarily remember it, or if it’s discussed often enough, but I consider this one of Lita’s best matches, and she had a lot of them. Ivory is an underrated gem of the women’s division from this era, often only remembered for being part of that god awful Right to Censor group, but I’m telling you, she was amazing, it’s not up for discussion. I truly believe time length in a match doesn’t matter if the action is good, and this is a great example of that, lasting just under five minutes, both women give each other hell, with Lita leaving the match bloodied and unable to walk out without help. Stevie Richards, who was also in Right to Censor, gets somewhat involved in this, but it’s not heavily overdone to the point where it ruins the match. Ivory picks up the win after Lita goes for a moonsault, but Ivory gets her knees up with the Women’s Championship on top of them. Really recommend people take a look back at this one, it might surprise you with just how good it was, I’d recommend closing your ears during Ivory’s entrance though, that Right to Censor music sure was brutal. 

WWF Women's Championship: Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Jacqueline vs. Molly Holly vs. Jazz vs. IvorySurvivor Series 2001

The only bit of backstory I know about this match is that the Women’s Championship was vacated after Chyna left WWF, and thus this six pack challenge was set up to crown a new champion. This also went on during the whole WWF vs. The Alliance storyline with Molly, Jazz and Ivory all being on the Alliance side, whilst Trish, Lita and Jacqueline are on the WWF side. This match has the distinction of being the WWF debut of Jazz. A six pack challenge is a strange match for a vacant title, since why would you wish to tag out and potentially lose your chance at becoming champ? But anyway, the match lasts just over four minutes and is well worth your time, especially if you compare this Trish, to the one from the previous year. She’s already far better in-ring at this point, and everyone else gets a good showing too. Lita got a great crowd reaction towards the end of the match. However, Trish is the one who picks up the victory here, pinning Ivory to become Women’s Champion after hitting Stratusfaction. This was better than I expected it to be, usually I’m very weary about multi-women matches as sometimes they try to over-do things, but this one worked.

WWE Women's Championship Hardcore Match: Trish Stratus (c) vs. VictoriaSurvivor Series 2002

I previously mentioned in one of my previous articles that this match was the first women’s match I ever remember fully paying attention to, and was subsequently what made me become a women’s wrestling fan. Not only did it actually have character development with Victoria being completely unhinged, while Trish is the somewhat innocent victim of her mind games, it also was given a stipulation to add to their already great feud. I would praise this match non-stop if I could, but I’ll just tell you that it’s by far my favorite women’s Survivor Series match, ever. Victoria was the precursor to crazy Mickie James, and it worked. She didn’t get as over with it as James eventually would, but she did a great job with it. The pair make great use of the hardcore stipulation as a lot of “weapons” come into play, including an ironing board at one point. The set finish for this match was supposed to include Victoria hitting Trish over the head with a mirror, however part way through the match, Trish stands on the mirror shattering it, thus they weren’t able to use it. So instead, Victoria sprays Trish with a fire extinguisher, followed up by a suplex for the win. If you get a chance to watch any of these matches back, make it this one, you won’t regret it at all, plus it will only take up seven minutes of your day.

WWE Women's Championship: Molly Holly (c) vs. LitaSurvivor Series 2003

Yet another match where I’m completely unaware of what the backstory is, if there was one, but Molly Holly comes into this as Women’s Champion, whilst Lita is just a year into her recovery from neck surgery, having returned to the ring just one month before this match. It lasts just under seven minutes and is very much so like Molly Holly in general, underrated. There’s some great near falls in this one, including Lita kicking out of the Molly-Go-Round, which managed to suck the crowd in, who by the way are very pro-Lita. Molly in frustration removes the cover on the second turnbuckle and forces Lita’s face into, which gets her the pinfall. The ending was a little bit off from everything else, but this was a fun match, commentary did well trying to sell “is Lita 100% or not”, which added some uncertainty to the match. They played this really safe somewhat too due to her previous injury, there’s obviously no crazy dives where she could hurt herself again, yet the match was still good, if not rather different from your usual Lita match.

WWE Women's Championship: Trish Stratus (c) vs. LitaSurvivor Series 2004

This comes after the whole Kane pregnancy storyline mess, where Lita ended up having a miscarriage to due Kane being hit by a chair from Snitsky and landing on Lita. Trish played the heel who would mock Lita for weeks over it, it was a strange time, a lot of weird writing went into this portion of their feud. Regardless, I knew this match was coming up, yet I don’t actually remember it, the reason why I probably don’t is because it doesn’t even last two minutes, and ends in disqualification after Lita hits Trish with a chair. They basically made this into more of a brawl, with Lita taking her frustrations out on Trish, yet I don’t think a PPV should be the place for that, especially when both are more than capable of putting on a good match. This was completely pointless honestly, apart from the action post match, I didn’t enjoy this. Trish ends up bleeding at one point and her blonde hair, quickly ends up turning red. If that wasn’t bad enough, Jim Ross is a complete mess on commentary as he states the first time women appeared at Survivor Series was in 1995, he is incorrect.

WWE Women's Championship: Trish Stratus (c) vs. MelinaSurvivor Series 2005

With Mickie James’ psycho character in full swing during this time, she was in the corner of her best friend Trish Stratus, while Melina had Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro in hers. The backstory here is that Melina had Nitro and Mercury kidnap Trish, tie her to a chair, put tape on her mouth, the whole works, whilst Melina got in her face challenging her to this match, Trish naturally accepts as she’s a good person now, no longer mocking people’s miscarriages like the previous year. The action in this is a little bit slow for my liking, but it’s interesting to see early Melina and how far she eventually developed in-ring in a short amount of time. Mercury and Nitro are later ejected from the match after attempting to attack Trish, which the referee catches right on time, whilst Mickie and Melina are brawling outside of the ring. Trish manages to get the win here by jumping off the top rope hitting a bulldog. Lasting just under seven minutes, I’m somewhat indifferent towards this match, I feel like it was meant to be better than this, but wasn’t. Tazz and Joey Styles on commentary do not help the situation as throughout the match, Styles tells us Melina can’t win the match, which honestly ruined the feel of it for me, whilst Tazz makes some rather strange comments aimed at the women, not Lawler levels of bad, but weird nonetheless. I probably wouldn’t watch this again.

WWE Women's Championship: Lita (c) vs. Mickie JamesSurvivor Series 2006

This was Lita’s retirement match and thus has a very different feel right from the get go, she heads into this one as champion. It lasts just over eight minutes, meaning the pair actually got to work well with each other for Lita’s goodbye. I have to be honest however I still to this day find Lita leaving extremely distasteful. WWE pushed this idea she was a “sl*t” or “h*e” making the crowd believe it too, it was a very poor way to write out someone who had been a key part of their division for six years at this point, even during the match you can clearly hear some rather degrading comments from people in the crowd, and chants including “she’s a crack wh**e” or “she’s got herpes”, so yeah, not good. Mickie ends up winning the match after hitting a DDT to become Women’s Champion. Fun fact: Lita now after this loss, has a 0-4 streak at this PPV. If you do wish to watch this, I’d recommend you don’t pay attention to commentary or the crowd, or even better watch it on mute, because they do honestly ruin it. The match itself is good but hearing sexist chants or remarks from Lawler just put me off. Now, here’s where things get even worse, after the match Lita forces Lillian to call her the greatest Women’s Champion of all time, the crowd disagree so she calls them disrespectful, to add to the absolute disgusting nature of this write off, Cryme Tyme come out and begin to have a “h*e sale” where they sold Lita’s lingerie and a yeast infection kit to crowd members and JBL who requests to smell the underwear first. No really, I’m not making this up unfortunately. I hated this back then, and I still do to this day. She deserved better.

Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool, Maria & Kelly Kelly vs. Melina, Victoria, Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall & LaylaSurvivor Series 2007

I have previously reviewed this match during my look back at the year 2007, but just to give a quick summary, this match is pleasantly surprising. I mentioned previously that multi-women matches tend to make me weary, yet this one too somehow worked, even with Kelly Kelly involved. It does eventually transition into more of a brawl than a match, with a lot of action going down outside of the ring. Mickie James is the star of this one as she enters and breathes new life into the match just when it needed it. She’s also the one who picks up the victory as she pins Melina for her team to win this one. This was the first time in years that ten women appeared at the PPV, and they did it justice I have to say. It’s rather fun to watch actually, or even if you don’t wish to sit through the entire thing, it lasts under five minutes, just watch Melina’s entrance for her messing up the splits, it’s guaranteed to get at least a chuckle out of you.

Team RAW: Mickie James, Candice Michelle, Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall & Kelly Kelly vs. Team SmackDown: Victoria, Michelle McCool, Maryse, Natalya & MariaSurvivor Series 2008

The women got just under ten minutes to work this brand vs. brand elimination match, in writing this, it’s also my first time watching it, weirdly. I don’t know why I’ve never seen it previously. Anyway, Team SmackDown seems to have more tension amongst each other than with their competing brand as Maryse and Michelle McCool have a little brawl at the beginning of this one. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Victoria is the first one eliminated by Kelly Kelly. Let us all take a moment of silence to pay our respects to Victoria who didn’t deserve this. Luckily Kelly Kelly is the next one gone as she’s taken out by Maryse. Similar to how last year, Mickie brought some incredible energy to the match, picking up the pace a little bit. There’s a really nice sequence between her and Michelle McCool, leading to Michelle’s elimination due to Maria getting involved when she shouldn’t have. Mickie is quickly rolled up by Maryse and she too is out of it. Candice Michelle and Natalya are the next two in the ring with Nattie locking in the sharpshooter but Jillian breaks it up distracting Nattie, she’s then speared by Candice and eliminated. Maria comes in next whilst Candice tags in Jillian who is rolled up by Maria and eliminated. Candice is now back into the ring, hitting a northern lights suplex on Maria and pinning her for the elimination. Maryse is left by herself against Candice Michelle and Beth Phoenix, however she quickly makes Candice tap to what looked like the figure four, but I don’t believe she pulled it off correctly, or as it’s described by Tazz later “a figure four leg lock, but different”. Beth hits the glam slam on Maryse to pick up the win for team Raw. The eliminations came very quickly in this match, with some being really out of place, I have no idea who thought Michelle, the Divas Champion at the time, should be pinned before Maria, but sure. It was fun nevertheless, the time it was given really helps you get into it.

Mickie James, Melina, Gail Kim, Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly vs. Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox, Jillian Hall & LaylaSurvivor Series 2009

This match was put in the death slot, or the match before the main event for those of you unaware, which the “Divas” often got during any show, yet this still got almost eleven minutes, which isn’t bad. Mickie James and Michelle McCool, who was Women’s Champion at the time, are the team captains in this one. Despite Melina being Divas Champion, she was not the captain, similar to how the 2016 Survivor Series women’s match does not have Becky Lynch as captain, despite her being SmackDown Women’s Champion. Kelly Kelly and Layla start this one out with Layla being eliminated first. Michelle McCool is quickly in the ring for her team as Gail Kim tags in for Kelly, but she’d soon regret it as Michelle hits the faithbreaker to eliminate her. Eve Torres takes her place as Michelle tags out for Jillian to enter, but she’s eliminated rather quickly. Eve doesn’t last much longer either as she’s quickly given the glam slam from Beth who pins her and takes her out. Kelly Kelly comes back into this one but she too suffers the same fate as Eve and is gone from the match after yet another glam slam. Beth’s luck however eventually runs out as she’s eliminated by Mickie James. Alicia Fox takes over from the Glamazon but she too gets eliminated by Mickie James after a Thesz press from the top rope, leaving Michelle alone to face both Mickie and Melina, with the latter hitting a sunset flip into a pin to eliminate McCool, giving team Mickie the win. This was a step up from the match the previous year, although eliminations are still relatively quick, the match started to slow towards the end.

WWE Divas Championship Handicap Match: LayCool (Michelle McCool & Layla) (c) vs. NatalyaSurvivor Series 2010

Laycool come into this one as co-Divas Champions, and also with an advantage over Natalya being that this is a handicap match. Natalya had previously faced both members of Laycool separately for the title, but was unsuccessful, so naturally the correct thing to do, is take them both on at once, right? The case with Divas matches more times than not, they lack time to be able to put on a good match, this is definitely one of those cases. Natalya is facing two opponents, and I’m supposed to believe she caused enough damage in under four minutes for Michelle McCool to tap out? It’s not realistic. For Nattie’s first and only championship win to date, this should have been better, creative really missed an opportunity with this match. I didn’t enjoy this and don’t recommend you bother watching it.

WWE Divas Championship Lumberjill Match: Beth Phoenix(c) vs. Eve TorresSurvivor Series 2011

Beth Phoenix comes into this match as Divas Champion, whilst Eve for some reason has some form of alliance with Kelly Kelly according to commentary, she too had previously challenged the Glamazon for the championship, but was unsuccessful. I’m not very keen on lumberjill matches, as usually there’s too many distractions from the women on the outside to be able to get into the actual match, but this one instead just had Natalya screaming at Eve to cry, whilst the Bella Twins call her a loser. Charming. The match lasts just under five minutes, with Phoenix retaining her title after a Glam Slam from the top rope. The match itself was great, but even if it wasn’t that spot alone made it all the more exciting. The women didn’t often get to pull off things like that, so it was a big deal at the time, whereas nowadays the importance of just that simple move it forgotten about. This one is definitely worth watching.

WWE Divas Championship: Eve Torres (c) vs. KaitlynSurvivor Series 2012

The backstory here is a conspiracy that Eve had someone attack Kaitlyn before her Divas Championship match with Layla, causing her an ankle injury, Eve was instead placed in the match, and beat Layla for the title, before this match, Kaitlyn is attacked again, this time by Aksana with a wig on. I don’t recall ever watching this match for some reason. I also don’t understand how a Kaitlyn match lasted seven minutes, yet somehow this did. Eve eventually retains the Divas Championship after a neckbreaker. This match suffers from a few slow or boring points, that made me start to lose focus, however it’s not bad per se, but definitely not on par with other matches from this PPV. Eve does a great job of playing the heel, pulling out great offense, whilst Kaitlyn’s in ring abilities are limited she does an okay job bouncing off of whatever Eve created throughout. 

Team Total Divas: Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Natalya, Naomi, Cameron, Eva Marie & JoJo vs. Team True Divas: AJ Lee, Tamina, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, Rosa Mendes & AksanaSurvivor Series 2013

First, the concept of women who aren’t part of Total Divas being deemed “true Divas” is something I honestly believe damaged the division as a whole, especially when it comes to fan perception of people on the show. The creative behind this is incredibly lazy and not thought out fully. It’s also ironic that four members of that team all eventually either made appearances on the show or became cast members. This match manages to last twelve minutes despite all of the Divas seemingly having 1 percent of health. Alicia is the first one eliminated by Naomi after a split legged moonsault. Cameron is the next one gone after running into the turnbuckle, yes really that’s all it took, she’s eliminated by Rosa Mendes, who lasts about thirteen seconds after this as she’s hit with a Bella buster from Nikki and eliminated also. Summer Rae is next in for team true Divas, and she actually gets a pretty good crowd reaction, which surprised me, a brief chant of her name ensues. She dances around the ring, but once she hits the splits, she quickly receives a dropkick to the side of the head, and she too is eliminated by Nikki. Kaitlyn takes Summer Rae’s spot, whilst Eva Marie tags in, getting a thunder of boos, she’s eliminated via a knee to the stomach, Naomi takes her place and is eliminated the exact same way. I really wasn’t kidding about the one percent of health thing. Brie comes into the ring and takes Kaitlyn out of the match with a missile dropkick, but she’s then eliminated by Aksana after a spinebuster. She also doesn’t last much longer in this one after a rack attack from Nikki. JoJo tags into the match to square off with Tamina, and she too gets a good reaction from the crowd, after they had already chanted “we want JoJo” moments before. Tamina hits a samoan drop, but tags in AJ Lee who then pins JoJo to eliminate her, whilst taking the credit for Tamina’s work. For some reason commentary mention that Natalya is the only remaining member of team Total Divas, despite Nikki never being eliminated, Nattie does however eliminate both Tamina and AJ Lee with the sharpshooter. This is extremely poor. Eliminations happen after the most basic of of moves, making all of the women look weak. I didn’t enjoy this match watching it live, and I still don’t now.

Alicia Fox, Emma, Natalya & Naomi vs. Paige, Summer Rae, Layla & CameronSurvivor Series 2014

I remember prior to watching this match live, I had a feeling it would be incredibly short and somewhat sloppy, yet it lasts just under fifteen minutes and is a huge step up from the elimination match the year before, all of the women got separate entrances too something that doesn’t always happen. Cameron is the first one eliminated by Naomi via a roll up. Layla is the next one to go after Alicia hits her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Summer Rae submits to the Emma Lock to be the next Diva eliminated. Paige is left all alone, whilst the opposing team is fully intact, she’s not able to overcome all four of the women, and thus is also eliminated by Naomi after a headscissors DDT. All eight of the women in this match actually got an opportunity to shine, which was a shock to everyone at the time. It’s a really great match for the women, it worked far better than some of the previous elimination matches at this PPV. I’d definitely recommend people watch this one again, it’s sort of a forgotten gem from recent years.

WWE Divas Championship: AJ Lee (c) vs. Nikki BellaSurvivor Series 2014

How do you possibly write about something that lasted only thirty three seconds? Well you can’t really. Nikki Bella beat AJ Lee to become Divas Champion here and started her 301 days of being the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, after a kiss from Brie distracts AJ, allowing Nikki to hit the rack attack. They’re very lucky the previous match happened otherwise this would be viewed much more negatively than it actually is. Very surprising that this short match was not the beginning of Give Divas a Chance, and instead people celebrated someone else winning the title other than AJ Lee or Paige, who were heavily featured at the time. Not only did the crowd hate this, but I do too. No matter what my personal opinion on AJ Lee is, she didn’t deserve to lose this way, the same as Nikki didn’t deserve to win like that. But it’s what we got unfortunately.

WWE Divas Championship: Charlotte (c) vs. PaigeSurvivor Series 2015

This is yet another match that I haven’t actually watched, at the time of it happening I went through a phase of not watching any WWE at all. The match lasts under fifteen minutes and is somewhat poor. Charlotte has come a long way when you view this match from a year ago to the things she’s currently achieving, it’s a shame Paige can’t relate. The backstory here is the disbandment of Team PCB, formerly known as “Submission Sorority” — may we all take a moment to laugh at WWE’s stupidity with that one. This mini feud also featured the controversial line from Paige about Charlotte’s brother, and Paige stating Charlotte is only where she is, because of her father. However, back to the match itself, Charlotte retained the Divas Championship after making Paige submit to the figure eight. I felt somewhat relieved after watching this, because honestly, the lack of energy on display was making me want to fall asleep. These two didn’t work well together here at all, but it also doesn’t help that the crowd were more concerned about chanting for Sasha. It also lacked pace throughout, something I hate in any match, no one wants to see you slowly go through the motions of a particular set of moves, especially in the case of Paige who after seeing one match from her, you’ve pretty much seen them all. I won’t be watching this again.

Team RAW: Charlotte, Bayley, Alicia Fox, Nia Jax & Sasha Banks vs. Team SmackDown: Becky Lynch, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Carmella & NatalyaSurvivor Series 2016

So first off, Nikki Bella was initially supposed to be in this match, and also the captain of the SmackDown Live team, however, she was attacked backstage by a mystery assailant, and thus Natalya takes her place. The reason I’m bringing this up is after this setup of a future storyline, it all goes downhill. Seriously, THIS WAS THE ONLY POSITIVE OF THIS MATCH AND IT’S NOT PART OF THE MATCH. Very early in we get a moment between the three horsewomen of RAW trading tag-ins, which just annoyed the life out of me, if we weren’t already sure that WWE’s main focus of the RAW division is those three, we’re certain now. Since the team members were announced for each brand, I had it in my head that Alicia would be eliminated first, to my surprise, she was not, in fact, she eliminated Carmella first, but was then way too quickly eliminated herself by Alexa Bliss. After this the eliminations continue pretty quickly, Naomi is gone via countout for some reason, I’m still not sure. Sasha Banks is the next one to exit stage left via roll-up from Natalya, which I actually liked for shock factor, and also because it guaranteed we weren’t going to get a three horses of RAW vs. the one horse of SmackDown, however, let’s be honest, Natalya was only used due to her being in her home country, and thus the backlash from the crowd wasn’t as bad as it would have been if it were anyone else. Nia is the next eliminated after tapping out far too quickly to the dis-arm-her from Becky which wasn’t even locked in properly, she did however do a rather nice double suplex spot on Becky and Bliss, which was quickly ruined by her not being able to sell a double DDT from those two women, seriously it was god awful. For some reason, someone thought that a big boot from Charlotte was enough to get rid of Alexa Bliss, whilst Becky is last eliminated via a Belly to Bayley, giving Team RAW the win. Somehow this lasted over seventeen minutes, and still felt rushed. Eliminations for particular women were incredibly frustrating and happened way too quick. It was also unbelievably sloppy with a number of the women messing up during particular moments in the match. The booking was just disastrous. What makes matters worse is that there is literally zero excuse for how bad this was, we’re currently in the women’s evolution era yet you would think we’re back in 1999. This is supposed to be the most talented the women’s division has ever been, and yet they couldn’t work cohesively together to pull off something great, the chemistry between particular women just isn’t there, despite WWE trying to force it. Dana was at ringside, but you wouldn’t know she was, as she served zero purpose whatsoever. This was a complete mess, I was planning on watching the entire PPV, instead I turned it off after this, as I just didn’t feel good about it. The only positive I can take from this, is that they started (hopefully) a who attacked Nikki storyline for SmackDown, and due to Charlotte attacking Bayley after the match, we may see those two feud instead of another four months of Charlotte vs. Sasha, everything else about this, was horrendous.

Overall, this PPV has gone through phases of being good, but then also being extremely poor when it comes to the women’s matches, hopefully WWE will eventually step their game up when it comes to this division and this PPV, but don’t get your hopes up.


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