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What Makes Me Happy: Great Texan by Terry Funk

I love to spread positivity and attempt to be cheery during as much as my life as possible. Every once in a while I will do a “What Makes Me Happy” post on the site. This could be used in your life to cheer you up, but none the less these posts will be a showcase of all the weird, bizarre things connected to wrestling that make you feel like you’re on an upswing.

Terry Funk put out a record entitled “Great Texan” in 1984. You heard that right. You’re missing out if you’ve never heard it. This makes me happy because it’s fucking Terry Funk doing his own thing musically. All the songs are themed and contain this incredulous, feel good vibe. Whether it’s Terry talking about Roppongi, or preaching the gospel to all middle school kids with “We Hate School,” this is one of my favorite albums ever.

You go from song to song and you want to do nothing but sing along and dance. Terry even technically raps on this thing! These posts won’t be long, but I want to showcase how certain things are meaningful to me. I can throw on this composition every single day of my life and I will never get tired of it. One of the greatest of all time with a record that never fails to make me grin and feel good. Whether I’m saying along with Terry “we like to rock … and we like to roll,” “we hate school,” or “lookin’ for some action!” I know my day is on an upswing. One day I hope to have a physical vinyl copy. And that’s something that makes me happy.


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