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Watch Nicole Matthews vs. Shayna Baszler From ECCW Last Woman Standing

A jubilant Nicole Matthews stands tall over Shayna Baszler after their Last Woman Standing Match (ECCW on Twitter)

Nicole Matthews and Shayna Baszler went to war in their grudge match last night. It was Last Woman Standing emanating from the Russian Community Center in Vancouver, BC. As part of our growing on-site coverage for events some of us staffers go to, we were able to live-stream the full match, and in the future, full ECCW shows, all through Periscope. While you wait for the pro-shot to release, inherit the authentic ‘walk and brawl’ POV, as our camera was in and out and twisting and turning all through the venue as two of the best in the world settled their score for good.



Wrestling With Words on Twitter

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