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T&R Review: Victoria vs. Jazz vs. Trish Stratus (WWE, March 30, 2003)

T&R Review is a series in which Trask and Rebecca review any women’s wrestling, match or show (by match or show). This time they look at Victoria vs. Jazz vs. Trish Stratus.

WWE Women's Championship: Victoria (c) (w/Stevie Richards) vs. Jazz vs. Trish Stratus


An odd coincidence saw this match just begin in my time-stamp as I clicked on the link to WrestleMania 19. I was watching the PPV months ago to fall asleep to and I’ve finally came full circle for this T&R review. This is most likely buried to the casual fan underneath all the star power substance that loaded up the card. That doesn’t mean that this wasn’t important though. It was a cap in the feather of an all time great card. This match had quite the simple build as killer-instinct Victoria hit the ring on Raw and smashed the two challengers with the belt during their contenders match, thus making this official. When a mid 2000’s WWE women’s match has more time than you originally recalled it getting — that’s a win in itself. This was not only a feather in the cap of the show, but to all three women’s resume of matches throughout the years. This was pulled off better than most triple threats are in theory, utilizing the “alpha-male complex” manager Richards in predicaments where he’s over powered by the women, except when he got offense in for his girl. Trish Stratus and Jazz share the MVP accolades for this, because both had their roles nailed down PERFECT. Where as Victoria tended to amplify her character, to mask a lot of the in ring faults, Jazz was the monster of the match; a harbinger of destruction in any way possible because she wanted the title that bad. She’d dump Trish on her face, she’d kick, punch, because she’s Jazz. Trish was face in peril nearly the entire time, not only having to fend with double teams, but Stevie Richards himself, hitting him with Stratusfaction … which led to the worst part of the match. After tons of very good high tempo work to make the most of their time, the ladies came to the finish. Trish hit Victoria with a chick kick, and after all the struggle, all the put ups with Stevie, that was the finish. A kick to the mid-section won the Women’s Championship. Albeit the finish, this match was really well put together, used the male manager in a suburb role, and cemented Trish as the new champ that really fought for the prize. The women got more time than usual for a WrestleMania instead of being cut, etc, and delivered even pulling out big spots and chains to impress. Thumbs all the way up. You have to judge something based on situation and what surrounded it.


We have Victoria as our Women’s Champion heading into this WrestleMania match up, which ended up being a triple threat because she screwed herself into facing both Trish and Jazz, by interfering in a number one contenders match and hitting both women with the title, ending in a double disqualification. Trish is the first to head out to the ring, with a seemingly never ending flow of silver confetti. Jazz comes next, but doesn’t get anywhere near the same reception as what Stratus received, she flexes on the stage and looks like she could pick up a car and throw it at you. Finally the champion Victoria arrives with Stevie Richards because that was a thing that happened. Once all three women are in the ring, Jazz decides she’s tired of waiting and launches Victoria out of the ring whilst her entrance music is still playing and Stevie is locked around her waist. Most of the attention in the early going is focused on Trish, with Jazz and Victoria deciding getting rid of her is more important than each other. Due to her still being a complete psycho at the time, watching Victoria twitch around the ring is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen recently, imagine lunatic Ambrose, but better. They do eventually turn against one another once they believe Stratus is out of the equation, she wasn’t however. Trish goes for a roll up on Victoria but only gets a two count, Victoria then screams in her face that she hates her, which I mean I assumed we were already aware of this when she would beat up a cardboard cut out of her, but sure tell us again. Trish finally gets some offense going for herself when she collides the other two women’s heads together, which I’m sure didn’t help Victoria’s near-psychotic situation. She also manages two pin attempts on Jazz with both being unsuccessful, after ducking a spinning heel kick that landed on Victoria’s jaw. The chick kick wasn’t enough either as Victoria breaks up the third pin attempt, realizing she was about to lose her title without actually being involved in the finish. Trish tries to lay everybody out but only gets Victoria out of the ring, she then ends up almost having to tap out to Jazz via a single leg boston crab, which gets switched into an STF. Whilst Victoria distracts the referee, Stevie gets involved by pulling Jazz out of the ring, very surprised she didn’t knock him into next month. After Jazz proclaims herself as “the best”, she’s knocked down by Victoria, who attempts a moonsault but Jazz rolls out of the way. Stevie tries to hit a lurking Trish with a steel chair, only for it to bounce of the ropes and hit himself, cue laughing track, he gets a bulldog for his trouble too. Trish worms her way out of the Widow’s Peak and hits the chick kick yet again, this time on Victoria, and she picks up the win with it. Very surprised at how good this match actually is due to it being at WrestleMania where most women’s matches from back then either didn’t happen at the PPV due to time restrictions, or they got cut last second. This had the perfect amount of time with plenty going on inside the ring for it to be enjoyable.

Victoria vs. Jazz vs. Trish Stratus gets both of our thumbs up.


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