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T&R Review: Nicole Matthews vs. Evie (SHIMMER, April 13, 2014)

Last time on T&R Review, we took a look at WrestleMania 19’s triple threat outing for the Women’s Title.

You can watch Nicole Matthews vs. Evie on ClickWrestle, or by ordering SHIMMER Volume 66.

Nicole Matthews vs. Evie

Trask: A few things. I’m ecstatic to be returning with our joint venture series, covering tons of women’s wrestling. Evie is one of the most lovable wrestlers of all time, and Nicole Matthews can play any character role on the wrestling spectrum. She’s been a hero to the ECCW masses as a TOP champion, yet can also be annoying to the highest degree, like in this match. The SHIMMER crowd echoed that view, hoping for “her Ninja face to get kicked in!” The match itself was based upon their roles, with Matthews eagerly waiting to steal Evie’s kicks, to smash her face in, to play up to the crowd that she’s the SHIMMERTaker, and so much better. Evie is a great face in peril, trying to mount a comeback to hit that very kick. Nicole was savage, ruthless, hitting a literal clothesline from hell in response to Evie going for her signature kick. It was my favorite spot of the match. It was such an enjoyable match that Madison Eagles joined the fray, as after Evie hit her kick in what was built to well, the execution of Eagles putting Matthew’s foot on the rope was horrid. This turned into a campy comedy with Nicole asking why Eagles was out here. “To help you,” — oh, okay. Matthews was going to go for the SUPER BRAINBUSTAHHH~! only for her to take far too much time, because Madison was actually not here to help her; more so cost her the match. Evie hit the hanging double foot stomp for the victory. It was a super enjoyable time to watch two of my favorite women’s wrestlers clash. We got some nutty damage done, fun laughs to be had, and two distinct characters being played up well. The entire product: entrances, intros, match, finish, awesome SHIMMER replays like a 2K game at the end, was under 10 minutes. I’d highly recommend you drop a little bit of money on it on ClickWrestle, or grab the SHIMMER show if you’re up for it.

Rebecca: A little bit of insider information, but I wrote this while incredibly sick, so please go easy on me as I return to reviewing with Trask, who is far more superior than me at reviewing when I’m perfectly healthy. However, this is a Nicole Matthews match. I can’t skip out on such an excellent choice for our return to T&R. The two women receive a very special introduction before the match begins. The pace of which is so unbelievably fast that I had to go back to watch it again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Evie is going to do marvelous things once she hits NXT, even three years ago when this match took place, she was ready to be in that division and could have been a name to help establish it alongside Paige, Emma or Sasha Banks, but in a division set up and waiting for her? My brain just got engulfed in flames. Nicole Matthews is no slouch either, she keeps up with the obviously much faster Evie and connects on everything during the opening stretch. Wonderful. Matthews pretty much dominates much of the beginning of the match, planting Evie’s face on the ring apron and chopping her chest to shreds. She also has some nice back and forth with the crowd, letting one of them know she’s gorgeous and later to pay attention to the match, after dodging a kick from Evie. The kicks also got some build as Matthews avoided them throughout the match, it’s almost like they wanted them to mean something, a bizarre concept that my brain isn’t used to seeing very often. Crowd participation got turned up to ten as they pop for Evie hitting a backbreaker that looked brutal. Matthews manages to dodge yet another one of Evie’s signature kicks with a massive lariat that folded Evie in half practically. In a case of anything you can do, I can do better, Matthews attempted the kick for herself but ended up with the same result as Evie as it was dodged also. Evie FINALLY does manage to land one clean on Matthews’ jaw and would have no doubt put an end to the match. That is of course until Madison Eagles showed up to put Matthews’ foot on the rope. One would instantly assume that means she’s out here to help Nicole, but oh no. Eagles manages to distract the referee and Matthews, giving Evie enough time to put her in a tree of woe for a double stomp and the win. With no knowledge of what the backstory is here, I found it rather easy to get into the match, and to understand the drama going down between Matthews and Eagles. There’s a brief mention of frenemies from commentary towards the beginning of the match, which you can only assume was foreshadowing for events later on here. I honestly could have done with seeing this last maybe five more minutes to completely be absorbed in it, but it was great for what it was.

T&R’s verdict: Definitely give this match a watch. We give it a THUMBS UP!


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