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T&R Review: Mickie James vs. Kimber Lee (CHIKARA, February 6, 2016)

T&R Review is a series in which Trask and Rebecca review any women’s wrestling, match or show (by match or show). This time they look at Mickie James vs. Kimber Lee, which can be watched here.

Mickie James vs. Kimber Lee


It was the then Grand Champion of CHIKARA Kimber Lee getting to face one of the icons of women’s wrestling. I thought this was a tale of three mini matches, when added up provide a beginning, middle and end. The start was filled with a feeling out process combined with tomfoolery. As Mickie bowed down to a fan that finally got a streamer into the ring with his attempt, it felt as if there just had to be some point in the match where she’d change. My favorite section of the match actually turned out to be the start. We got great grappling and positions being exchanged with both trying to show one another up. That was only brief as it transitioned into Kimber mustering up the strength to get in control in other ways. With minimal near falls we got a brainbuster that smacked James (and her coming attitude) up. The story was that that, in turn, ended up turning her into psycho Mickie. She cheated, smacking Kimber around showing that she’s not “done” both in the match and her career yet. Kimber got the always-awesome kid prominent CHIKARA audience behind her as she played face in peril. The way she got out of it though wasn’t exactly a comeback. Referee Bryce Remsburg the entire match kept putting up with Mickie. He’d take a weapon out of her hands, plus even kicking her off the ropes as she tried to dirty pin the Grand Champion. The match took a 180 in an impressive way from playful to semi playful to Mickie trying to win at all costs. This ended up costing the legend though as she was hit with the Alligator Clutch, losing to the ace of CHIKARA and new wave of women’s wrestling. I really liked this match because of the momentum shifts and character work from both girls, but it just didn’t get enough time. I’d love to see this in a bigger setting with more time given. Minor thumbs up from me. Watch this in preparation for James vs. Asuka in November.


The match starts out really strong with both women applying numerous holds back and forth. Mickie James’ heelish theatrics take over part way through, which made me miss seeing her act crazy on television every week, as she is still to this day amazing, at least in my eyes anyway. It’s nice to hear commentary refer to her as an icon not only in women’s wrestling, but professional wrestling as a whole. Despite taking most of the offense, Kimber Lee has a good showing here too, particularly loved the suplex where she managed to hold Mickie in the air for 20 seconds, that the crowd counted along to. Mickie plays to the crowd very well in this one too whilst having most of the momentum throughout, and coming close to winning the match. Well, she would have, if she didn’t knock the referee out of the ring after getting frustrated when he stopped his count when he notices she’s using the ropes for leverage. Mickie finally drags the referee back into the ring, but it’s too little too late as Kimber manages to counter the headscissors into the alligator clutch for the win. This was an impressive match from both women that I honestly would not have minded if it had gone longer as both were working really well together. Loved seeing that Mickie is still more than capable in ring, which has managed to get me even more hyped up for her upcoming match with Asuka. Really recommend everyone watch this match.

Mickie James vs. Kimber Lee gets OUR TWO THUMBS UP.


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