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T&R Review: LuFisto vs. Mickie Knuckles (IWA-MS, October 27, 2007)

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2007 Queen of the Deathmatches Final: LuFisto vs. Mickie Knucklesyou may enjoy it (if you maintain your appetite!)

Rebecca: I am slightly terrified. I have never watched a deathmatch; I do not like blood. Trask has this obsession with making me get into different things, but never have I felt fear from watching wrestling until today. Billed as a No Ropes Barbed Wire Electrified Light Bulbs Electrified Light Tubes Match, I’m worried I’m about to witness the near death of either LuFisto or Mickie Knuckles, and I don’t want to do that, but I am solely for this review. I don’t know what frightens me more, the fact that I’m about to see these two drench each other in their blood, or that they’re already covered in the blood of their earlier foes, making it look like a scene from a horror movie. The barbed wire in place of ring ropes is making me feel nauseous, and no one has been thrown into them yet. Mickie Knuckles is completely unrecognizable due to the dried blood currently clinging to her face. We’re only two minutes into the match before there’s visible blood seeping from the head of LuFisto after a series of headbutts from Knuckles. I wish you guys could visibly see my reaction to this as you’d realize why I don’t like blood. I must have paused the match at least 50 times now and then just to make sure I wasn’t about to pass out. The cracking sound of a lightbulb being blasted over both LuFisto and Knuckles’ head is something I’m sure is going to haunt me for quite some time. I just keep picturing the glass destroying their faces while feeling incredibly sick. There’s just so much destruction and pain that you can inflict on someone in this kind of match, the idea of competing in one sound and looks mental. I’m curious as to what possesses people to compete in this sort of match, like, what are you thinking? For those of you who are a fan of the Christmas film The Grinch, there’s a scene where he eats glass, yeah, pretty sure it also happened here. The ring is scattered with broken pieces of light bulbs, light tubes, blood, and candy from a pinata that was thrown at Knuckles. At about seven minutes in, I’m now confident that Trask chose this match on purpose just to mess with me. He’s very aware of my dislike for blood and complete lack of deathmatch viewing. A strange thought popped into my head while I was watching this too; this is probably incredibly tame compared to other stuff done in deathmatches, which is alarming and very grim. I hate to say this because you’re practically watching people injure each other for no reason, but there is a sense of logic with certain things that both LuFisto and Knuckles do in the match. A good example of this would be LuFisto stomping around the ring to ensure she has pieces of broken glass stuck in her boots, before ramming them into Knuckles’ face. If the whole intention is to inflict pain, then surely that’s smart, no? LuFisto covered in blood, probably in way more pain than I can imagine, does hilariously manage to quip that a fans coat is now messed up after she’s thrown into the chairs at ringside, landing on it. There’s a rather excellent shot of Knuckles after having a chair kicked into her head, sitting outside of the ring, with blood just dripping down onto her leg. I hate the stuff, but the feeling of seeing that fits perfectly with everything else that has gone on so far. If either of these two women has been knocked out during any of this, you wouldn’t be able to tell due to their faces now being a crimson red. I don’t understand how Mickie Knuckles is even standing never mind hitting Sentons while landing on light tubes; this is insane. LuFisto somehow manages to pick Knuckles up and drops her through some light tubes set up on two chairs to get the win. Holy hell. In between feeling like I want to vomit this was an experience. It’s not one that I fully enjoyed, but it did manage to draw me in, and that’s always key. I can’t say that I’m now okay with watching deathmatches because I still feel uneasy, but wow, they killed it as well as each other. I now need to go and breath into a paper bag for ten minutes.

Trask: I can’t follow Rebecca, because this was her first EVER deathmatch. Those are raw comments on the first match of a wrestling art she’s laid eyes on. I’ve watched a good amount of deathmatches, but hardly any women’s ones. This is one of the only ones I’ve watched so far. This is the IWA Queen of the Deathmatches Final, in a No Ropes Barbed Wire Electrified Light Bulbs Electrified Light Tubes Match. I’ve always had a high level of respect for both these ladies, as Mickie Knuckles is one of the most badass women’s wrestlers ever, and while LuFisto is badass too, she’s one of my favorite women’s wrestlers ever. Coming into the finals LuFisto had three matches so far in the night, where as Mickie had FOUR. Both wounded, especially Mickie who looks war-torn, getting straight into the match with a brawl during the ring introductions. To say they killed each other was an understatement. The art of deathmatch violence was on display, where the electrified light bulbs came into play in a “I hit you, you hit me, we’re badass” scenario. LuFisto continued to prove why she’s one of the soundest women’s wrestlers ever. She can grapple, she can drop you on your head, but she can also stomp on glass to ensure there’s some stuck to her boot when kicking you in the face. My other favorite part of the match came when LuFisto hit a mafia kick to a chair attached to Mickie’s face, where, in a BRILLIANT shot (dissection of wrestling cinematography is lacking), we get a zoom-in on Mickie’s leg; where blood is DROOPING all over it thanks to the spot. It really put it over the top as something larger than life, just like a movie. There were negatives to this though, as it dragged, even as a match less than 20 minutes. There were a lot of call it in the ring deals where they were so spent–they HAD to get through this match. There was a lot of passion on display, but that doesn’t account for some scrappy on the fly wrestling that doesn’t add up in the “good deathmatch” formula. It was all over the place, with good near falls being pumped out, including Mickie kicking out of LuFisto’s slam that put away someone else in the tournament. After all the spots imaginable with the objects at use, LuFisto hit a burning hammer on Mickie through light tubes stacked between two chairs for the pinfall victory. LuFisto is your 2007 Queen of the Deathmatch champion! The match hit the mark, but in sporadic ways. It wasn’t too good, but it was a scrappy deathmatch that put the finals psychology over the top. The two wanted to kill each other, but also wanted to get the win as soon as possible. Bloody, battered, women of the squared circle destroy themselves in front of 53 people after having 7 combined matches earlier in the night. No matter the quality of the match, that’s some pro wrestling magic right there.



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