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T&R Review: Alpha Female vs. Melanie Gray (wXw, January 14, 2017)

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Cage Match: Alpha Female vs. Melanie Gray

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Stipulation: If Melanie Wins, Alpha Kevin Gets 5 Minutes in the Cage with Marius van Beethoven

This is the first ever women’s cage match in wXw history.

Rebecca: My knowledge of wXw is at a bare minimum, however, I watched both of these women compete in the Femmes Fatales tournament and was particularly impressed by Alpha Female. I thought she looked like a dominating monster in a regular match so lord knows what she’s going to be like inside of a cage. I’ve expressed previously during these T&R reviews that I don’t like blood, and I for some reason fully expect one or both of these two to end up busted open by the time the match is over. I dare say I got two minutes in before the marvelous visuals started with Alpha Female forcing Melanie Gray’s head into the cage, which bends with the shape of her skull. There are a lot of women who are considered “monsters” that have passed through wrestling, but after listening to my fellow Ringside Revolution host Alex discuss her MMA experience, Alpha Female is the only one currently who is a real threat both in and out of the ring, which only adds to the feel of any match she’s involved in. At least it does for me anyway. It’s very fitting that Melanie’s first real piece of offense comes from Alpha Female hitting the cage rather than her getting the better of Alpha Female. I wish I knew people who were capable of just throwing another human being into metal because that sounds like the most badass friend to have. It’s also somewhat terrifying at the same time. I knew I would be right about the whole blood thing, there’s some starting to trickle down the head of Melanie Gray while Alpha Female repeatedly throws punches at the wound. It’s unreal how quickly this became brutal. The commentary team started to question whether or not this match had gone on too long due to the clear head injury Melanie had sustained. Alpha Kevin runs down to the ring to talk to the referee about saving Melanie from Alpha Female. I swear Melanie Gray almost lost her head after an absolutely devastating lariat, there must be some form of super glue attaching her head to her neck now. Those brilliant yet sickening visuals are back yet again as Alpha Female uses the cage as if it were a cheese grater to grind down Melanie’s head. There is such a stark contrast in how destroyed and defeated Melanie looks compared to Alpha Female being absolutely fine, taking her time to wander around the ring and slowly decimate Gray. It even shows when Melanie attempts a bit of a comeback hitting a rather tired looking spear, which only furthered the point that she had been destroyed throughout this whole match. As Alpha Female locks Melanie in an Anaconda Vice, Alpha Kevin started to scale the cage only to be knocked down by Marius von Beethoven. There’s something special about watching Marius physically break a chair over the head of Alpha Kevin. Just as Melanie started to rally yet again for a comeback including a perfect Swanton, a spinebuster lays her out for a two count. The sheer size and strength of Alpha Female is so impressive, she just picked Melanie up as easy as could be and threw her head first into the cage. My god. One Dominator later and Melanie Gray’s resiliency has come to an end along with the match. So, usually I’m not that fond of completely one-sided matches, but when it includes someone like Alpha Female, it works brilliantly. I think since our return to T&R minus the deathmatch, this has been my favourite of Trask’s picks for us to review.  I really must start to watch more wXw for greatness like this.

Trask: Your boy is back with obscure backstory. I’ve always been in tact with this feud, although in a separate, odd timeline that still makes sense. I’ve seen the big three matches in the feud (this cage match, the intergender street fight, and the blowoff between Kevin and Marius) out of order, yet it’s all still satisfying to see play out. It’s one of my favorite feuds of 2016, which bridged into the first quarter of this year. The same video package as 16 Carat (basically) was shown, examining how things came to be with Marius betraying Kevin and aligning himself with Alpha Female. This, of course, brought Melanie Gray into the equation as the Alpha Lover; who wouldn’t back down from a fight to help her man. This feud shined through with equality, whether it was reversing the norm when it came to beat downs (Female would sometimes get the best of Kevin in hands on situations, as seen post-match here) or providing great spots such as Melanie putting Marius through a table. I guess I have to talk about the match too. Rather than be a feud ender, this cage match served as the tipping point of the rivalry. It was about to jump off a cliff, then reach the deep depths of violence, but this pushed along the process further. Alpha was on the offense for about 85% of the time, continuing to pummel on Melanie, pushing her around. It wasn’t a long match either, telling a great compact story. Kevin was out real quick, wanting to come to the aid of Melanie, but not being able to. He had to try and climb the cage, forced to watch the beat down. ‘Color’ did indeed add a lot to a match in this case, with Melanie oozing out blood as Alpha tried to put the finishing touches on the match. That’s when the comeback happened, a few kicks, and a huge swanton bomb. That’s all the major offense that would be seen from the babyfaces, as Alpha eventually hit a slam for the win. As Kevin was finally getting in the ring, Marius executed a drive-by chair shot, causing him to tumble, and the rudo power couple to gain control of the caged territory. They switched roles, with Marius choking Melanie as Kevin HAD TO WATCH. The way it was shot and executed was nothing short of beautiful. You think to yourself: “what a piece of trash, when Kevin gets his hands on Marius it’s going to be incredible!” That moment never comes, as not only does Alpha choke out Melanie further, but destroys Kevin on her own. This set up the final shot of them on the ramp standing victorious in the feud, for now. In he insight this was the perfect way to kick things into higher gear as the next few months would get into even deeper waters. The “big three” gimmick matches in thus feud are must watch. Not only do they project crystal clear storytelling with gender crossover, but every role played is A+, whether it’s damsel in distress Melanie in the cage bleeding, to overcoming the male dominance from Marius; or Alpha Kevin playing the classic babyface looking for revenge, or Alpha Female being unstoppable, or Marius being the best villain in the storyline you could ever ask for–this is a great ode to a classic pro wrestling storyline, having had a signature wXw twist on it, making it even better.

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