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Total Divas Season 6, Episode 2 Recap (November 23, 2016): Holy Moly

The episode is highly focused around Natalya

Total Divas Season 6, Episode 1 Recap (November 16, 2016): The Return

We join our Divas on the day after WrestleMania, at Raw. Echoes of Steph and the Women’s Championship announcement set the stage. Our first Diva appearance of the evening is none other than Maryse. We see her backstage and in an interesting outfit that consists of a form fitting skirt and a garment that resembles the shape of a shirt. My thoughts can be confirmed by the words of Renee Young in the background: “Hey Marsye, check out those knockers.”

Maryse’s return has caused angst among the Divas and this week it hits hard with Nattie. Besides the possible opportunity block that another addition to the roster can cause, we don’t exactly know why Nattie has heat with Maryse. Nattie sees Maryse hanging around and begins to ask questions. When her questions go unanswered Nattie hits Maryse with a zinger: “Tell you what, next time we’re in the match together I’m going to keep it a secret, then we will meet in the ring.” Nattie goes to “boop” her nose and storms off. “Awe you’re such a bad sport,” says Maryse. Low and behold our Queen of Harts was right and as Trin, Lana and Nattie watch from backstage at Raw where Maryse enters ringside while the Miz is in the ring with Zack Ryder.

And we’re two months later……

We are all Hart and soul with the main Diva in this episode being Nattie. While her blood is boiling over learning Maryse is back she is also dealing with an over excited and extremely passionate Lana. Lana depends on Nattie for everything to include her outfit selection, whether she should wear a double braid or bun, and her newbie nervousness. It’s adorable and flattering but also can be annoying as hell at moments for Nattie.

Nattie uses some free time to squeeze in Daddy/Daughter Shot Put hour, while we teleport to happy hour with the Bella Twins. This does not disappoint. Within the first minute of the conversation we hear Nikki ask Brie to “Stop looking at my nipples”. This made me chuckle because, come on Nikki–how can ya not? We learn at happy hour that the Bellas are busy and Brie is ovulating. The power struggle among twins, life, husbands and boyfriends is steady and strong in these two.

In other news, breakfast ensues in Los Angles with Nattie, Renee and her gum and Trinity. Nattie begins to confide in her friends. Before she can get a second sentence out Lana joins the breakfast table and it gets interesting. Lana tells the group she feels badly about her debut entering the ring and shows the picture of her, in the purple lingerie/gear doing what can only be described as an upright split that she paused on way too long. I’m sure you recall this moment in wrestling and I’m nearly positive some of you still have the picture and gaze at it randomly. Trinity takes offense when Lana suggests that it is Trinity’s fault this happened due to some input Trinity provided on the amount of time Lana should hold the pose. Have no fear, our Renee is here and reminds Lana that she needs to own her decisions and take responsibility. Lana pouts.

We catch up with Trin and her Uncle Buck back in Orlando where we grieve over the tragic Orlando Club Pulse shootings. Trin takes us on a journey of emotions while we meet some of her friends and family that are having a hard time with this tragedy hitting so close to home. We learn that Pulse was a harbor for the community and a place that was known and celebrated for its diverse following. Trin and Uncle Buck were frequent patrons themselves. After meeting a longtime friend that was present at the shootings for dinner and experiencing the event through their eyes Trin decides she should do something for the community. She hosts a vigil where she spoke beautifully about love and humanity and gave to the community a plaque honoring the 49 individuals who were killed.


In the meanwhile we are back on the Bella bicker wagon as Nikki keeps adding to their schedule. This causes issue with Brie since she is ovulating and the additional plans are preventing her from being with Bryan. Brie reminds us that the reason she left the ring was to focus on being a mother, however Bryan and depression had different ideas. Nikki finally breaks through the wall of Brie and gets her slowing down her thoughts on the baby making and focusing more on Bryan and if he is actually ready for the next phase in their marriage. In this segment, we learn that 1) Brie was concerned about ovulating without talking to Bryan first (weird), 2) Everything is ok because even though Bryan struggles with depression he is still onboard with the kid idea. Phew Brie, that had the potential to be problematic. Lastly 3) One false move in your interview shirt Nikki and something IS coming out–it’s a matter of time.

Oh, you thought I was done talking about Lana and Nattie? Cute. We join our ladies back at the Hart house (TJ is nowhere to be seen, and today he Tweeted out the fact that he’s been removed from this season) where we add ridiculous to the party when Mother and Father Hart stop in. In this 15-minute segment, we go from Lana and Nattie doing makeup, to Nattie doing her mother’s makeup where the confession of Nattie’s feelings towards her new friend Lana gets Nattie questioning “whether she needs Advil or a Vodka”. Mother Hart replies with the only right answer here and says “I think I am do for a Vodka dear.” In the meanwhile, Lana and Papa Hart head outside for Shot Put lesson that ends with Nattie’s car windshield catching Lana’s toss. Lana looks at Jim then the car…then Jim again as she says “Holy Moly” (she actually said that).  Nattie blows a gasket. Lana cries.

Before we leave the Lana train we also see her Vogue/Thriller to the ring in her new entrance for Nattie at least 3 times. We see Lana also upset that Dana Brooke steals her finisher. And lastly, we see Nattie understand what a champion’s role really is.


  • Strong Effort - 7/10


A lot happened in this episode, we even saw Eva and her boobs for a whole minute and Paige hug Seth Green backstage for 35 seconds. Alas, still no Alberto (dammit). All in all I give this episode a 7/10. There was a breakfast fight yet still no food went flying. The shotput thing was weird and out of the left field. It was too much Lana and Nattie and not enough Renee. The Bellas call each other bitches and make up. The End.



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