Too Many Scoops to Handle

After a busy twenty four or so hours on the ambulance I came back to the station. It was the first downtime I had in the entirety of the shift and I knew I needed to hit the sack and get some rest before the tones dropped yet again. Instead I found myself lying in bed doing the usual; thumbing through various social media applications on my phone. At least some of these revolve around wrestling, and the social media account that takes up the majority of my time is far and away Twitter.

Specifically my MOTYPod account, which is limited to wrestling and only wrestling talk, takes up most of my time. And boy oh boy, do you guys and gals sure love to talk about wrestling. I can leave my movie based account alone for days and come back to maybe three hundred unread tweets. I leave my wrestling account alone for an hour and I’m usually two hundred tweets in the hole. The thing is, I love that aspect of the online wrestling community we have cultivated. Every day I can count on multiple people I follow making salient points that I want to explore further. That’s why I end up lying in bed thumbing through tweets instead of catching up on much needed sleep.

Lately, however, it seems like I spend a good deal of my time on wrestling Twitter thumbing through tweet after tweet about the topic of scoops. In the wrestling lexicon scoops has come to refer to breaking news. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like more and more wrestling fans spend their days attempting to be insiders and break scoops. On this particular day the scoop in question was a report from MLW Radio’s MSL about Jim Ross taking over as lead announcer for New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. Ross quickly tried to poo-poo the report, stating emphatically that he had not signed with New Japan in any capacity.

In and of itself there’s nothing wrong with MSL’s report about Jim Ross. It dawned on me though, as I was trawling through Twitter looking for interesting topics to discuss that I had no desire to discuss the various scoops being tweeted about. It didn’t matter if it was Ross to New Japan, whether or not Popare actually paying Total Nonstop Action Wrestling to air their programming, or Davey Richards possibly signing with NXT. I had zero interest in the topics being discussed, and I truly struggled with the idea of wanting to be the person who scooped something first.

I don’t begrudge those who care about breaking scoops or hot rumors. People like Dave Meltzer, Wade Keller, Mike Johnson, and others have made professional careers on the basis of breaking scoops before anyone else. It’s clear that for some wrestling fans breaking scoops holds plenty of importance. For them in many ways breaking scoops has become a major aspect of what draws them to wrestling. This is no different than the cinephiles who care about casting news, or baseball fanatics who report on every possible trade rumor. They have found an aspect of the hobby they love and have learned to glean great joy from said aspect.

Where the disconnect forms in my mind is that breaking scoops is far removed from watching wrestling. In the end that’s why I am so deeply involved in the world of professional wrestling. I love watching wrestling, analyzing it, writing about it, and then discussing the many artistic aspects of wrestling with fellow minded fans. I can understand someone who digs deep into the minutiae of wrestling match-ups, classic matches, upcoming matches, and so on and so forth. Those are intertwined with the idea of enjoyment coming from watching wrestling.

Breaking scoops being such a major aspect of a wrestling fans life seems foreign to me. Like an interloper has entered into our ranks. Yet, at the same time I know that I am just as guilty of engaging in lengthy discussions about scoops. I’m not sure why this is, because I always come away from those discussions feeling empty. I’m not digging into the art form of pro wrestling, trying to peel away the layers of a great match, move, etc. Still, I will discuss the landing point of Shinsuke Nakamura and the possible details of his contract with great fervor. I wish I could say why that is, but I honestly don’t know. Despite scoops based discussion not being my thing I too often find myself knee deep in that world.

It’s in my excursions into the scoops aspect of pro wrestling that I am reminded of why I love wrestling. When the inanity of who is going where and signing for what becomes too much for me I fall back to why I watch wrestling in the first place. Why worry about where AJ Styles is signing when I can watch him tear the house down with Jimmy Rave? I retreat to the art of pro wrestling and all feels right again in my world. I get jazzed for wrestling again, and I seek out active discussions about the ins and outs of the artistic side of the pro graps.

I’m not saying it’s wrong for people to care about the scoops side of pro wrestling. All I’m saying is that it’s not my thing and though I may dabble from time to time I really shouldn’t. I don’t get joy from discussing scoops or digging into the details of contract signings and TV deals. I’d rather watch a bad match, a splendidly executed Spanish Fly, or a green rookie trying to find his/her feet in the ring. I want to watch wrestling, discuss wrestling, and enjoy the actual wrestling of wrestling. That’s my niche, it’s where I feel most comfortable and where I feel like my hobby gives me as much back as I am putting in.

I’m nearing the end of another shift, or I should say the nighttime of another shift. I’m about to put away my computer, lay back in my recliner and fall asleep. Before I do that I know I will swipe my way through my wrestling Twitter account. There will be plenty of talk of actual wrestling and of scoops. Both are areas of discussion with plenty of merit. I know which impacts me more and which of the two I gather more enjoyment from. I’m going to attempt, and to be honest probably fail in time, to avoid the scoops related discussion moving forward. My focus will be on the wrestling side of wrestling, and hopefully that means I will sleep a tad more content on this night.

Bill Thompson

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