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Tokyo Gurentai One Night Stand 2 Review, Results (October 1, 2016): Shinkiba Goes Extreme!


Tokyo Gurentai One Night Stand 2

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Shinkiba 1st Ring – Tokyo, Japan

Ah yes NOSAWA Rongai is back with his Tokyo Gurentai promotion at Shinkiba 1st Ring running an ECW tribute show. I don’t care what any of you say, ECW got me into wrestling and I pop for stuff like this. Especially when the stuff is the good stuff. Like tell me Super Crazy vs. TAJIRI vs. Jiro ‘Ikemen’ Kuroshio isn’t our incredible 2016 personified. Shane Douglas in the main event with Tommy Dreamer and Masato Tanaka! It’s great. I actually did a full preview if you want to check that out but I’m fired up for this. Let’s do it!

Daisuke Ikeda & Kotaro Suzuki vs. Black Tiger & Buffalo **3/4

This was 12 minutes of nothing really. I mean the work wasn’t really that bad but it was like a 12 inch subway sandwich with just cheese. There’s lots of it to keep you satisfied and every few bites you get some melted cheese but for the most part it’s bland and tasteless. That was this bout. Kotaro Suzuki whenever he did anything was amazing as always and Buffalo was pretty good also hitting many missile dropkicks. Takaiawa works much better as himself. I think he should retire working the Black Tiger gimmick. One really cool spot where Suzuki went for the 619 on Buffalo but Tiger caught the boots from the outside allowing Buffalo to get up and hit a dropkick. In the end Suzuki pinned Buffalo with his rolling la-magistral cradle.

Dick Togo, Shiryu & MEN’S Teioh vs. MAZADA, FUJITA & KIKUZAWA***1/2

Holy heck this was so much fun. This is what modern day 2016 wrestling is all about. You have the hometown team of Tokyo Gurentai going up against the BWO of Japan. I want Stevie Richards in Tokyo Gurentai now. I want a modern day Stevie Richards vs. Dick Togo match I think that would be amazing. Not that I wasn’t being serious but in all seriousness this was a very well worked match that had components of comedy, workrate and having fun. You could tell team BWO were having a blast as I believe it’s there first match together in 10 years? I may be wrong on that. Togo was the worker of the match just like he has been in every match since his return. Team Tokyo Gurentai were awesome as well, MAZADA is so underrated and put on a great performance. He was rolling around on the mat like he was Hikaru Sato. Togo pinned Kikuzawa in the end with the Big Boy Senton. Watch this!

Akebono & Shogun Okamoto vs. Kendo Kashin & Shogun OkamotoN/R

Alright. So, if you read my preview, Okamoto is working for both teams here. He did entrances with both men also. I don’t know how to describe this match guys. I apologize. Okamoto worked for both men but you could tell his loyalty lied with Bono. Kashin was legit over which popped me. In the end Akebono splashed his own partner on accident which lead to Kashin jumping on top of Akebono thus pinning Okamoto?! I’m legit stumped. WRESTLING.

Original Three Way Dance: TAJIRI vs. Super Crazy vs. Jiro Kuroshio***1/4

This was so much fun and I’ll be honest the work wasn’t as great as it could of been but just seeing all these guys share a ring was special. The story of the match was that Ikemen was the outcast and wasn’t wanted in the match by the other two guys. They kept chopping him and chucking him out of the ring until Ikemen turned his jacket around so the chops had no impact. He also used his jacket to block TAJIRI’s mist. Super Crazy and TAJIRI had lots of neat sequences I’m sure if they go one on one right now they could put on a barn burner. Hell Crazy dragged a four star match out of Rey Bucenero for goodness sake. Jiro hit a moonsault, tope con hilo and a swanton. In the end though TAJIRI misted Crazy and school boy’d him for the victory.

Hardcore Match: Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka vs. Shane Douglas & NOSAWA vs. Jun Kasai & KAI***3/4

I was excited to see this because as a fan ECW got me into wrestling and I always love when reunions like this come about. The 2005 One Night Stand show is still one of my favorite shows of all time. This was not only nostalgic but it was an actual awesome wrestling match. I thought these guys worked their butts off for over ten minutes and put on a hell of a show. This crowd was all over this match, there were some die hard ECW fans in the building as well as some CZW fans. Throw in NOSAWA competing in XPW and it makes for the top three hardcore promotions in North America. This match had everything you wanted to see and more, Shane Douglas was great. He bumps great and screamed ‘f**k Flair’ at the top of his lungs. Kasai was a crazy monkey like normal doing his splash threw the table on the outside and the Pearl Harbour splash on the inside. Shane Douglas hit KAI with a belly to belly. Tommy Dreamer is one of the hardest working guys in the business and has been for a long time, he did a top rope plancha dive to the outside! Tanaka was awesome as usual. KAI held his own and NOSAWA was there for everything and took just about every move in the match including the finish that came after Dreamer death valley drove NOSAWA threw a table. Post match there was an awesome promo segment with all the guys in the ring and I won’t spoil it but it was special and made me get goose bumps. Check it out when you can!

  • Strong Effort - 7.0/10


What a hoot. That's all I should say really. This was a certified hoot of a wrestling show. Bringing back all these extreme legends for a reunion mixed with pretty good wrestling made me happy. Also before I leave let me remind you that Tanaka, Dreamer and Shane Douglas weren't the only ones on this show who worked ECW. Buffalo actually made a couple dates for Heyman in the late 90's. The more ya know! Thank you for reading.



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