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TNA Impact Review: The Final Deletion of IMPACT on Tuesdays

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TNA Impact

Watch: PopTV

Air Date: July 12, 2016

Universal Studios/Impact Zone – Orlando, Florida

Impact starts off with 2016 Thesz/Flair recipient Matt Hardy in his dilapidated boat ready to delete the remains of Brother Nero, now called Sarsgaard. The Holographic drone appears and delivers the last remains of Brother Nero, who’s now deleted. What an extraordinary way to kick off tonight’s show.

6-Way X-Division Ladder Match: **1/2

We get the entire X-Division in this match sans Marshe Rockett, Davey Richards and Tigre Uno. Can you believe that roughly 20% of TNA’s X-Division hasn’t been on TV ever, or in months?

This was what you’d expect from the modern X-Division, roughly six minutes of car crash spots with little or no meaning.

These matches are generally fun but have really lost any zeal due to how little TNA focuses on the X-Division and how often TNA relies on this type of match. We literally got this same match last week

Trevor Lee and DJ Zema had some good spots including Lee doing the splits on the ladder and DJ Z doing a sick hurricanrana off the ladder.

DJ Z got the win and that would have been a nice start to something until Mike Bennett came out and made good on his promise to ruin tonight’s show. I’m predicting Bennett gets 50 minutes tonight and my nose starts to bleed around minute 20. Anyways, decent opener. Nothing worth seeking out on it’s own, but a fun way to start the show. ** ½

Real Talk with Aunt D

Dixie is here to announce that TNA is moving to Thursday at 5:00 PM PST and we are kicking off with BFG Playoffs which sounds like a rich man’s version of the G1 show or poor man’s version of the Scenic City Invitational. Note: this is not a cheap plug for SCI sponsor Wrestling With Words, this is a straight shoot.

Lashley and Eddie Talking

Lashley reminds Eddie who is at the top of the food chain and it’s Bobby Lashley. He’s pissed and you can tell he’s ready to shoot.  He continues to tell Eddie to back down. Eddie continues to say he won’t back down.  Eddie says he will leave tonight as champ.

Lashley starts beating down Eddie and is about to take him out with a chair until Richards appears the Wolves are back!

Backstage with the Decay

Abyss and Crazzy Steve aren’t too hot on Bram’s workplace romance with Rosemary and no one blames Abyss or Crazzy Steve, Bram has a history.  They plan on fixing this tonight.

Movie time with Matt

TNA is going to ride this until the wheels fall off and the wagon breaks.  Maxel and Reby slide down a pole, this is quite a special treat for us all. Matt says it’s the completion of the deletion.  Matt ends the segment with a very obvious shot being fired at Triple H by saying All Hail King Maxel.  Brother Fray has likely blocked Maxel Hardy on Twitter in retaliation.

Abyss vs. Bram *3/4

Was this match announced prior to the show? This was one of those matches/segments that will likely end up doing nothing and hindering other segments because TNA had to force it in.

Bram is not good in the ring but Abyss honestly is, there is argument to be made he’s one of the most underrated talents of the past 16 years. Abyss works a much smarter match these days, he has shown some diversity and can carry a lesser talent like Bram. He’s a classic meat and potatoes type worker.

As suspected this was a nothing type of match, it was there it filled a few minutes to time and advanced a secondary story that could’ve waited until next week to be advanced.

Bram gets the win to continue this love affair storyline. Josh Mathews says we need TMZ to get the scoop on this. Fuck you Josh, just fuck you. Anyways, * ¾.

4-Way Knockouts Championship Match **3/4

First I would like to state that Sienna really does it for me. She’s the type of girl you bring home to mom and makes you throw away all those crummy holey t-shirts you still wear. She would also make you throw away your sports memorabilia that you decorate your walls with because it makes your apartment look like a T.G.I. Fridays.

This was a fun sprint, Sienna, Jade and Gail are all good to great wrestlers and have been building a nice chemistry throughout this feud. 4-ways are not exactly my ideal match type, but this was really the first time I’ve felt things have clicked for everyone involved.

Marti hit a pedigree as TNA continues to take subtle jabs at the King of Kings, followed by Gail hitting her finisher only to be distracted by Allie and Sienna getting the win.

So far this was the best match of the night. It was the right amount of time, everything clicked and looked good. Really fun. ** ¾

The Hardy’s have dinner:

Matt is pissed because there is no green beans and he strongly dislikes mustard. I’m in tears right now and can relate to Matt’s dietary needs as Green Beans are a delicacy and Mustard is the dirt worst condiment, I would rather, run through a cornfield naked backwards than eat mustard.  

Matt continues to say Jeff has been deleted, over and over. I got a little too wrapped up on my hatred of mustard to add much more than that.

Matt has arrived in the IMPACT Zone!

Matt Hardy is in the Impact Zone now along with Reby and Maxel. All Hail.  Matt is bringing out Broken Nero one last time for us. The fans are going nuts for this segment. I love it.

Jeff looks broken and is crying as Reby continues to yell obsolete in his face. Matt looks quite pleased.

Matt deleted Jeff’s contract, but then says he doesn’t want Jeff working for Vince McMahon up North, or New Honorable Japanese Wrestling. I’m howling right now.

This was seriously one of the best promos/angles of the year. We can all have our laughs at how absurd this angle is, but the truth is behind all this goofiness is a rare thing to see in wrestling angles and feuds these days, and that’s passion and conviction.

Matt and Jeff believe in what they are doing and working it the right way and it’s resulted in the fans hating Matt and sympathizing with Jeff. It goes back to the old Memphis formula of building heated segments that lead to fight, and Matt and Jeff are both executing this perfectly.

Mike Bennett ruins IMPACT

Mike showed up ruined IMPACT for me and everyone else. DJ Z wasn’t feeling it and challenged him to a match.

Mike Bennett vs. DJ Z ***

I could have done without this match. TNA has really overexposed Bennett he gets way too much talk time and match time. He’s average at best and TNA has many talents who could use some of the time he gets. Including DJZ.

DJ Z carried this match bumping, selling and bouncing around like a madman. If you aren’t on the DJZ train already do yourself a favor and watch some of his AIW work. This has been a great improvement year for him as he continues to work more of a lucha style and continues to hit flashier moves.  He’s looked really good all year.

The finish saw the entire X-Division come out and prevent Bennett from leaving. The distraction caused DJZ to take advantage and get the roll-up win.

I’ll take this segment, DJ Z got a nice push on tonight’s show and looks like a credible number 1 contender at this stage. TNA did a nice job establishing him.  The match was pretty fun as well ***

After the match we see Bennett stewing in the back on the phone and has a surprise for IMPACT.

Galloway vs ECIII shoot fight

This was not a match but more of an angle. Both start off talking about kicking each other’s ass and ECIII calls Galloway his bitch.

Both start trading blows and beating the snot of each other. Both Galloway and ECIII are putting a lot of, dare I say, dirt worst condiment mustard behind their strikes, it looks great on TV. They fight to the back and it’s pulled apart.

While I’m disappointed by this on a personal level as I was expecting a street fight match and a winner. TNA made the right booking call establishing how much both hate each other’s guts and want to beat the crap out of each other.

This is another segment that has a lot of passion and conviction behind it and not a single wrestling promotion has gotten me emotionally invested into a stories as much as TNA has with this feud and the Hardy’s. Both are excellent throwbacks.

Title vs. Title Match - Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Lashley (c) ***

The best place to start on this match is the end, it felt telegraphed that we would be getting a swerve or non finish, neither guy makes sense holding two belts. Bennett’s big surprise debuts and it’s Moose, who causes a no contest as he beats both up.

Dixie is in the back and says that there will be a winner next week between these two and it will be in a six sides of steel cage match.

This match played well into what TNA was doing do here keep the match fairly high level, don’t give away too much and tell a story.  We now have a good hook into next week’s show.

For general match thoughts, I thought you could tell they were holding back some and it was a nice cat and mouse, David vs. Goliath type of wrestling match. I’d probably call it the match of the night, it didn’t drag and was fun. The rematch and ensuing WarGames. *** ½

Dixie promises us there will be a winner to this feud and it’s taking place next week. Something tells me Corgan does the swerve finish. TNA can’t help themselves with swerves.

Overall Thoughts:

This was a disappointing show if you were expecting a random good in-ring show. This show did exceed my levels in terms of storytelling and booking. It was really quite good from that aspect.

Overall it was a 7 out of 10 show.


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