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TNA One Night Only: Live 2017 (January 6) Review & Results


TNA One Night Only: Live 2017

January 6, 2017

Watch: PPV

Universal Studios – Orlando, FL

I don’t necessarily follow TNA. I don’t watch IMPACT every week, I haven’t seen every Broken Matt segment, you get what I’m saying. But I’ll watch the product whenever something is recommended to me, and here we are! I heard this show was quite good for a TNA PPV and so I decided to check it out. Let’s get into it.

Lashley def. Davey Richards***3/4

What a way to start the new year for TNA. This was the first TNA match I watched this year and it was a wonderful first impression. Lashley is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the country, and his work in TNA has been good to great from what I’ve seen. He’s really evolved into a solid egotistical heel. In this match he’s nothing short of awesome, putting in some focused work on Richards’ neck and not to mention that point in the match where he kills Richards with a DOMINATOR ON THE APRON. Richards was real solid at working from underneath too, with some fine selling and some great comeback flurries that include a breathtaking trio of topes. He chipped away at Lashley’s leg throughout the match, which led to a great spot where Lashley tries to end it with a spear but his leg gives out on him, allowing Richards to capitalize with a big kick. Lashley took home the W in this one, which should set him up for another TNA title match against Eddie Edwards. I’d recommend checking this one out, it’s a damn good match.

Elimination Match for the X-Division Championship: DJ Z (c) def. Trevor Lee, Braxton Sutter & Andrew Everett***1/2

When you see a 4-way elimination X-Division title match on the card, you have an idea of how the match is going to go in you’re head. This is the match you saw in your head. And that’s a good thing. This match had high octane offense, sequences that were strung together really well, and even a little bit of limb work, thanks to Trevor Lee. Everett flew around like a madman here, and even took a really scary spill over the top rope where he smacked his head on the apron. Sutter was sort of just a guy for me since I’m a pretty big fan of the other 3, but he was perfectly fine here with some great looking strikes. DJ Z was also fantastic, especially conveying pain whenever Trevor was attacking his injured wrist. DJ Z retained following his roll through DDT on Trevor. A real solid effort from all involved and a fun match that’s worth checking out.

Bram def. Robbie E**1/2

Robbie E started off in the ring cutting a promo, the cliché “New year, new me” promo. You’ve heard it before. He issued an open challenge to anyone in the DCC and he got Bram. Bram was in control for almost the entirety of the match, and Robbie E didn’t do too bad working from under and getting the crowd behind him. Essentially this is a nothing match, even though it’s not bad, just kind of average. Bram pinned Robbie following the Brighter Side of Suffering.

No Holds Barred Match for the IMPACT Grand Championship: Moose (c) def. Mike Bennett****

This ended up being way better than I expected it to be. Not that I expected it to be bad per se, but perhaps a little more on the average side of things. Instead, these two went out and delivered a great garbage brawl that was really fun to watch. It actually felt like these two guys had a genuine hatred for one another, which is rather important in a No Holds Barred match. They went out there and just killed each other, put each other through tables, hit each other with chairs, you name it. The high spots in this match were fantastic too. Moose took a piledriver on a chair, a missed tope on to a ladder, and so much more. The crowd was behind Moose, or his chant at least, and the place actually kind of exploded at the finish of the match. Moose retained his championship following his Game Changer lariat. It’s a bummer this match will probably go under the radar, because it was very good.

Mahabali Sheera def. Marshe Rockett**

I’ve never heard of either of these fellas, I’m assuming they’re both somewhat new to the TNA roster. Sheera is apparently a trainee of TNA’s good pal Al Snow. Rockett cut a promo before the match and he called everyone jive turkeys. I have no idea what that means. The match itself was pretty dull. Both these guys still seem to be pretty green and there was just nothing here to really get invested in or connect with. Very much a nothing match. Skip this.

TNA Knockouts Championship: Rosemary (c) def. Sienna **3/4

Before the match, Gail Kim made her way to the ring to address the rumors that she is retiring. She explained that while she is unfortunately still not medically cleared, she is not retired. Rosemary interrupted her and suggested that there isn’t actually anything wrong with Gail’s body, but that her soul is decaying from within due to being misted by Rosemary. It escalated into a little scuffle before being broken up by referees. Rosemary was so money in this segment, she plays her role as a dark and creepy character so well.

The match itself was solid, but nothing that blew me away. I liked Sienna here a lot more than I did in her match with ODB at Total Nonstop Deletion. Rosemary is one of my favorite women to watch in wrestling because of her character work, but she’s pretty fun to watch in the ring too. She has some cool unique offense. Sienna and Earl Hebner started getting into towards the tail end of the match, which was kind of funny. They were screaming at each other and eventually Sienna even threw Hebner out of the way, only to get misted by Rosemary and pinned after a Red Wedding. This is a nice little match that’s enjoyable but it’s nothing you need to go out of your way to see.

James Storm def. Jessie Godderz**1/2

This was a pretty decent match that I would even call a pretty good match if not for Jessie Godderz. The formula of this match worked perfectly. The DCC used the numbers game all match until Godderz was eventually able to overcome, only to leave himself vulnerable for Storm to capitalize for the win. It was executed well, as I was invested in a couple near falls down the stretch even after I had already told myself I didn’t care for this match. So that says something. I just had a really hard time getting into Godderz and his comeback stretches. They weren’t strung together smoothly and the execution on a lot of the moves was pretty rough. Nonetheless, Godderz has a decent look and some potential, and the IMPACT crowd was behind him a decent bit.

Backstage Borash caught up with the man set to challenge Eddie Edwards for his TNA title, Ethan Carter III. ECIII is a tremendous promo, one of my favorite guys on the mic the past few years. This was no exception. It wasn’t a promo of the year contender or anything but it was real solid. The way he connected the points of emphasis in the beginning of the promo to the points of emphasis at the end of it was great stuff.

TNA World Tag Team Championships: Broken Hardys (c) def. Eli Drake & Tyrus**1/2

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not even close to being sick of the Hardys’ Broken Brilliance. It’s TNA’s bread and butter. Before the match they cut a simple and effective promo where Matt dubbed Drake & Tyrus the L.O.D. Legion of DUMMIES! (YEAH!)

We got an alright match here. There wasn’t a whole lot to it, so it was more on the dull side of things sans Broken antics. Broken Matt allowed Brother Nero to be the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy for the night, which was a cool little touch. Jeff played FIP for the match, which built to a hot tag for Broken Matt. Some of the highlights included Tyrus doing Jeff Hardy spots and selling the Twist of Fate like it’s a stunner. Eli Drake gets a lot of heat for not being a great wrestler, but I kind of like him on the mic. As for in-ring work, he showed here why he gets a lot of heat. He’s pretty awkward and clunky in between the ropes, and Tyrus isn’t the most exciting hoss out there, but the Broken Brothers managed to get a decent enough match out of them.  It didn’t overstay it’s welcome, but it isn’t really worth checking out. Broken Matt helped further solidify himself and Brother Nero as the Greatest Tag Team in the History of Time and Space after pinning Eli Drake with a Twist of Fate.

TNA World Championship: Eddie Edwards (c) def. Ethan Carter III***

Eddie Edwards cut a promo backstage and it was kind of bland and not as good as ECIII’s. Edwards is ready to defend the belt, that’s all you need to know. Before the match began, Lashley brought a chair out to the ramp to sit and watch. Something smells fishy.

The action was pretty back and forth, and it was a pretty solid match. At times it felt more like a throwaway match in the middle of the card than a main event, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. I still enjoyed the match though. As you could probably guess, Lashley eventually tried to get involved. Whenever Brian Hebner tried to throw him out though, Eddie dove to the outside onto both of them. Lashley didn’t even pull Hebner into the dive, Eddie just willingly dove on to both of them. What is the logic here? Anyways, Lashley tried to get ECIII to use a chair while the ref was selling, but ECIII turned him down and got a spear for it. Davey Richards tried to make the save for ECIII but Lashley ducked his chair shot, resulting in ECIII being floored with it. Edwards didn’t see the chair shot but hit ECIII with the Boston Knee Party for the win. This didn’t live up to the levels that a main event title match on a PPV should, but it wasn’t a bad match by any means. It’s definitely worth checking out if you follow TNA for the storyline progression.

  • Strong Effort - 7/10


We're only a week into 2017 and TNA is already on my good side! Honestly, I had no real intentions of checking out this PPV until I saw a few people who's opinions I value putting it over on Twitter. And I'm glad I did. This was a fairly easy show to watch for it being 3 hours, and I had quite a bit of fun doing so. If you're cherry picking this show for the good stuff, please make sure to watch Lashley vs. Richards and Moose vs. Miracle. It sucks that a lot of people won't ever see those matches because they don't care for TNA. So spread the word! All in all, TNA seems to be taking the right step forward coming into the new year, and I'm actually looking forward to keeping up with the promotion. For now, they've got my attention.

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