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TNA Impact Review: #TBT

We are at a peak moment of the wrestling summer, It’s tournament season (and Lucha Underground is done for the season). G1, CWC, Super J Cup in a few short weeks the SCI and tonight TNA is running its BFG Playoffs Series.

The BFG Series, historically been a solid time for TNA and given the current state of the product this tournament could be more enjoyable than the G1 as a whole, since the G1 is typically a collection of a bunch of fodder matches and 5-10 great matches.

I like consistency and TNA has focused stories and good talents coming into this tournament. Plus I don’t have to live with the innate fear that Tanahashi wins the whole damn thing.

Opening Segment

Bobby Lashley is in the Impact Zone and we all know what he is doing here. He’s taking care of business as the best world champ in the business.

Lashley is calling out Moose, and wants to destroy his lingerie football league shoulder pad wearing ass.

Here comes Mike Bennett and I’ve quickly transitioned to a rather sour mood. Moose is coming out now.  Moose is a guy that looks like he’s happy to be in the right Florida based promotion.

Moose does the slow walk and here comes Eddie Edwards, and it’s straight mayhem in the Impact Zone. Autie D appears on screen and reminds us there will be a winner tonight in the Title vs Title match. Dixie tells Bennett he will be fired if he interferes please interfer Bennett.

This was an effective opening segment. TNA does a quality job of not overstaying their welcome on segments and progressing stories efficiently.

(BFG Playoffs) Jeff Hardy vs. Mike Bennett**

Hardy and Bennett are up but here comes Matt and Matt reminds us that he controls Jeff Hardy. Matt’s feeling like sweetie and letting Jeff appear tonight. We cut to footage of Jeff preparing for the match in North Carolina. Matt is taunting Jeff and reminds Jeff that he will fail again and again and again. Jeff is now on a dirt bike and crashes going off a jump hahahahahahahaha this is a fucking shoot. God bless Matt and Jeff. God Bless them. Jeff has a new theme that sounds like Serg just yelling obsolete, this is fucking glorious, this is the thing that got me out of bed today. The match came and went like the wind.  It was very much a squash match where Jeff looks like a loser and Mike Bennett look strong, which perfectly sensible for what they are trying to achieve. It advances two of TNA’s main stories. I can’t complain with the context of this match, sometimes you need short squashes that tell a story. So ** for me. It was effective. Mike Bennett advances in the Bound For Glory playoffs.

Matt is up next and demands his opponent who he will delete delete delete delete delete. It’s James Storm

(BFG Playoffs) James Storm vs. Matt Hardy**3/4

This was a quality brawl. Matt Hardy’s character is really over but what no one is talking about and is a hidden masterpiece in graps right now is Matt Hardy’s biting based offense. Matt biting people is better than anything ZSJ has done. James Storm is a joy to watch at present as well, he always does the little things well and effectively uses big spots in a brawl and doesn’t make the match or brawl a giant big spot. He’s a talented one. Matt gets the win with the help of his wife. Overall this was perfectly acceptable wrestling.  Matt Hardy advances in the Bound For Glory playoffs.

Mike Bennett/Moose

Moose came here to make an IMPACT and he doesn’t give a damn about a cage. Mike is worried that Moose will get him fired.  Moose has quickly become my favorite babyface.

ECIII and Drew Galloway Segment

ECIII cuts a promo about why he is here in TNA, and throughout whole time he didn’t say he is here because of Canyon Ceman. Well whatever reason he’s here he’s been a gem for TNA. He says he will become the champion again. Drew is out now with a mic and he says the one thing him and ECIII will never agree on is who is better. He reminds ECIII that ECIII came to TNA because it was last chance and Drew came to TNA because TNA needed him. We have “evolved” into a full blown shoot.   ECIII yells playoffs and pops himself, what is this PWG?

They’re hyping ECIII vs Drew Galloway for the finals and if that’s what we get I’m more hyped that Mojo Rawley.

They tease a fight and here comes E-Li Drake! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, let me talk to ya. I just love this guy, he honestly one of the most charismatic guys in the business and I’m man enough to admit I have been wrong about him. He’s great.

(BFG Playoffs) Ethan Carter III vs. Eli Drake**

This was a perfectly fine TV match, E-Li has really improved in the ring and ECIII has as well both have come along way in a year. Unfortunately these two lacked any real chemistry together. Pretty basic 50/50 formula with both guys getting a decent amount of offense in E Li had some good heat for this match but over all the match felt a little meandering, somewhat like an FCW tribute match. ECIII gets the win. Just a match. ECIII advances in the Bound For Glory playoffs.

Matt and Jeff

Vanguard 1 aka Matt’s Holographic Machine is having the best rookie year in pro wrestling since Akiyama. There isn’t a single greater presence in the sport. It informs Matt that he will face ECIII next week. Matt wants to show Brother Nero his keys to victory but before he does he deletes the camera and we are left wondering and intrigued for what kind of shenanigans happen.

State of the Knockouts

It’s state of the knockouts time and the state isn’t nearly a hot of a mess as the WWE female division which has become even worse with the brand split. Maria is opening the door for the knockouts to air their grievances. Laura starts by kissing up to Maria and asking how she can be more like Maria. I like Pepper Parks so Laura would have to marry a douche bag, to start. Jade asks for a rematch and Gail interrupts and says she won’t get a rematch just like Gail won’t. Maria is a confirmed racist. My soulmate and class act Sienna calls Gail washed up and Maria continues the narrative, which leads to Gail saying she will fight every single knockout in the ring and will beat them all. Maria thinks that’s a great idea and says if Gail loses she will never get another shot. Why oh why are we doing this TNA? I’m so tired of Gail and I’m not kidding right now but I think TNA has done this for everyone that enter the TNA HOF and promptly leaves for the fed, this is such a used up trope. It also was void of any heat. No one really cares here.

Bram and Rosemary

This was basically a make out session and we now looking at two back to back cringe worthy segments. That was so not needed. Just ew. We return and the frenchmen take out luchadore Shera. TNA just bowled a turkey with things I wish were deleted. Delete, Delete, Delete, Delete.

(BFG Playoffs) Drew Galloway vs. Bram**1/2

This was an attempted hoss battle but the fundamental problem here is that Bram is the second worst wrestler in pro wrestling he’s slightly ahead of Dean Ambrose so my expectations were fairly low. These guys both set the tone by just beating the crap out of each other. Bram’s offense and selling was pretty weak throughout. I’m being a little harsh on Bram he did execute a couple nice moves and kind of sort pushed himself past Marufuji in terms of move execution. The match had a good concept but felt brooding to an extent what lacked in style made up in substance what I really like about Drew is how crisp and stiff his offense looks. Bram gets the win. Bram advances in the Bound For Glory playoffs.

(Title for Title Six Sides of Steel) Lashley (c) vs. Eddie Edwards (c)***3/4

Even with a cage match TNA can’t resist the chance to do a floor brawl it’s like their thing. The world will have shifted when TNA has a show that isn’t 40% floor brawling. The cage kind of felt unnecessary for this match like it was was gimmick to make it a gimmick especially when Dixie threatened to fire Bennett. The match as a whole pretty good, they still were able to achieve the big guy little guy even with limiting Eddie’s high flying offense being hampered by the cage. What I like about TNA main events is they give these things time to flesh out and be a complete match that doesn’t feel hampered by TV restraints. TNA does this better than any other wrestling show on TV. The match had some good heat as well. Lashley wins the match and is now the owner of both belts. A quality main event.

Overall Thoughts:

The show was really middle of the road it was a classic TNA Impact where nothing felt really awful but nothing also felt really exciting. It just coasted. I’m not sure what the point of Lashley owning both titles serves either these dual title angles really put your booking into a corner as your champ is eventually going to lose a title but still hold another title, odds are the more prestigious one. Overall I will would just call average like perfectly average, which has been a step down from what TNA has been doing as of late but still better than what other promotions are doing. 6/10.


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