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Tier 1 Wrestling True Will Review (04/23/2017)

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Tier 1 Wrestling True Will on April 23, 2017

Watch: FloSlam

Saint Finbar Catholic Church Gym – Brooklyn, NY

Tier 1 Wrestling, coming off of a doubleheader with Battle Club Pro on Saturday, presented ‘True Will’ prior to EVOLVE 83 at the Saint Finbar Gym, featuring Matt Riddle vs. Penta 0M, a surprise addition to the main event, stream problems, and a whole lot more.

Matt Riddle defended his PROGRESS Atlas Title against Penta El OM in a great sub 10-minute opener, barring a problem in the finishing stretch. We got a taste as to how the two matched up on the ground, with a little bit of grappling, but beyond that came a blisteringly fast pace with tons of near falls to bite into. The major problem came when Riddle took an apron package piledriver only to get up seconds later and tap out Penta with the bromission. There’s a logic flaw to be had in that time frame that makes the match look stupid, but other than that, it was a highly enjoyable encounter that you should still check out. Riddle earns a T1W Title shot with his win today.

The first tag match of the night pit Mike Orlando and Nick Comoroto against Isaiah Wolf and TK Luther the 5th. It didn’t last long, as the team of studs in Orlando and Comoroto used their size advantage to take out the smaller Wolf and Luther combo. We got a mini glimpse of what a win could be for the smaller team, but it was nothing but a dream as Comoroto speared the hell out of Wolf only to pick him up during the pin attempt, then hitting him again with an assisted spear out of mid-air for the win. An effective squash that made me want to watch more from both teams.

In what seemed to be a Beyond Wrestling special not happening in that promotion, Stockade faced John Silver in what is my match of the night. This was a whole lot of fun with them mixing it up better than anyone could have imagined. Whether it was Silver bumping like a mad man for the hunky Stockade, or Stockade getting mobile to match the agile ‘Raw Dog’, including a Cactus Jack-like off the apron elbow — this was quality, enjoyable pro wrestling. Silver managed to hit a sunset flip bomb off the top rope as well as a massive kick combo, but Stockade proved to be too huge hitting a nasty DDT for the win. Another recommended match, this proves how Silver can match up against anyone for a good match, and that Stockade can be more than a deathmatch guy.

Mike Verna defended the Five Boroughs Title against David Starr, in what was Starr’s return to Tier 1 after a long time; but it wasn’t for long. A few minutes into an otherwise enjoyable matchup, the current T1W Tag Champs, The Cutthroat Kings, invaded the ring to screw everything up. That would obviously call for a DQ. This would set up a new match later, but at the moment, one was incredibly confused as to why The Kings would do this, and why they wouldn’t let David Starr steal the show. Take a step back, and look at it (the booking), as it would prove to be a smart call.

In a very well put together scramble, Mike Law, Tony Deppen, Anthony Greene, and Maxwell Jacob Friedman (f.k.a. Feinstein?) went to war. Everyone got the spotlight, whether it was Law being a good foil, Greene showing some charisma and taking to the sky, Tony Deppen being the standout of the match, or MJF being the biggest dick one could possibly be — everything came together to produce one of the better matches on the show. Deppen is a wonderful babyface who can work with anyone whether it be Tim Donst or Lio Rush or anyone here. Greene hit a disturbing snatch piledriver on Law which led to him also hitting a cutter on Donst only for MJF to steal the pin, in what was a tremendous finish. If you’re watching the show, don’t skip over this.

Although it only lasted six minutes, Chris Dickinson and (this can’t be understated) MASSIVE Ace Romero had a nice little hybrid match. They brawled, they got a little athletic, and Dickinson got to showcase the Dirty Daddy strength that seemed unparalleled in indie wrestling at times. It was way too fast for anything to sink in as amazing sans the finish where Dickinson hit the Pazuzu bomb on Romero who was on the top turnbuckle. You need to see it to believe it, as that’s how Dickinson got the win. Although it was short and to the point, it felt as if this is the type of match Dickinson excels in. Romero too. I hope to see a rematch.

The Cutthroat Kings were due to defend their T1W Tag Titles against The Breakfast Club, but they preemptively destroyed them before the match, even devastatingly so, but this is where smart booking came into play as the unlikely duo of David Starr and Mike Verna came to the rescue; as commissioner Beckett made the title match. The match itself was a disaster as everything felt off-putting, especially Verna who was as sloppy as humanly possible, including flying over the ropes onto one of the Kings, only to roll around on his back trying to hit some type of move. The highlight of the match saw a Starr hot tag, as he’s one of the best tag workers in the world, but even he couldn’t save the match. Stereo submissions were locked in on the Kings as they were forced to tap out. We have new tag champs! A bad match but a fun ending.

Darius Carter was due to defend his T1W Title against only Sonny Kiss and Keith Lee in a triple threat elimination match, but Bobby Fish was added in. The thing is FloSlam shit the bed for what is the millionth time, cutting off half of an already short main event, which means I have no idea what happened. I also rejoined in progress due to their issues, which led to Kiss already having been eliminated, and Lee in the middle of a submission that he’d pass out in. The only thing left was the Carter vs. Fish singles match that only lasted a few minutes. Fish hit some good looking moves/suplexes only for Carter to come back out of nowhere, hitting the foreclosure out of mid-air on Fish, as he was trying to go for a moonsault. That would allow him to successfully defend his title. I’ll update this when I can see the full match. FloSlam being awful, and me not being able to see my two favorites in the match at all, has me soured on the match and show. But still a semi-strong outing here from what I saw.

  • Decent - 6.5/10


I'm feeling a decent on Tier 1 Wrestling's True Will. It was a highly enjoyable show that was booked well -- a huge upgrade from their past outings, only for FloSlam to shit the bed in time for the main event, killing all momentum on top of the fact that the tag title co-main event wasn't too hot either. All in all, this was still a breezy, enjoyable watch, with Penta/Riddle, Stockade/Silver, and various other matches being worth a watch.


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