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The Hardcore Files #54: Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Jazz

The Hardcore Files #53 (Bubba Dudley vs. Raven)

Welcome to the 54th edition of The Hardcore Files. Last time we saw a wild finish to Raven vs. Dudley which ended with Bubba getting his title back from Stevie Richards. Now, today we get a little more wild when Bubba Ray defends against women’s champion; Jazz. This should be interesting. Let’s get into it.

Date: April 29, 2002

Where: Raw

Watch: WWE Network

Hardcore Championship: Bubba Ray Dudley (c) vs. Jazz

Jazz went right after Bubba and wasted no time trying…trying to beat him up. But, everything she did wasn’t working. Every move was reversed or blocked. She even went for a wrist lock but Bubba pulled her in and started dancing with her, which was pretty comical. When Jazz realized nothing she did was working, she went down stairs. Jazz low-blowed Dudley, then followed it up by hitting him with a trash can lid. She hit two leg drops, then was unsuccessful with a pin. Jazz ran at him to put him down again, but Bubba grabbed her, turned her around and bit her ass…not joking. She didn’t take too kindly to that and slapped the hell out of him. All that did was piss him off. Bubba went crazy and put a trash can over her head and punched her. Bubba called for tables and that’s what we got. But, before he could put Jazz through, Stevie Richards ran down with a guitar. Bubba blocked the guitar shot but was hit in the back with a shovel. Then Stevie got the guitar shot in and pinned him for the win. Stevie Richards is the new Hardcore Champion! Him and Jazz ran away together and left the building in a get-away car.

This wasn’t the most hardcore match, but it was interesting to watch with the dynamic of Jazz not being able to hurt Bubba at all and basically getting destroyed, then before the match was even over; the 24/7 rule came into effect and Richards left as champion. Should be interesting to see where they go from here. Will Jazz turn on Stevie? Will Bubba get revenge? You’ll have to come back tomorrow for more of The Hardcore Files.


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