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The Hardcore Files #51: Maven vs. Raven

The Hardcore Files #50: Maven vs. Goldust

Welcome back to the 51st edition of The Hardcore Files. On this edition, Maven, who escaped WrestleMania with the Hardcore Championship, now has to defend against Raven. Things are interesting here because this match takes place after the 2002 draft. Maven is on SmackDown and Raven is on Raw.  Who ever takes the win, takes the Hardcore Title to their brand. Let’s get into it.

Raven cut a promo before the match. He talked about how he thinks Maven’s passion will be part of his demise and it’s all apart of the Raven Effect.

Date: March 28, 2002

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

WWF Hardcore Championship: Maven (c) vs. Ravenwinning brand gets the belt

Raven brought his infamous shopping cart to the ring. Weapons were thrown everywhere. After a quick start to the match, Both men went back and forth, using the weapons in many different ways, keeping things fresh and exciting. Maven botched big time when he was sent over the top rope. He meant to land on the apron but his foot slipped and he took a hard fall to the floor. King and Cole, who were on commentary; bantered about it, but Maven recovered and hit a big crossbody. Maven went for the pin but Tommy Dreamer ran down and broke it up. Dreamer had a cookie sheet that he folded over Maven’s head. But, Maven wouldn’t give up. Maven fought back and eventually took Dreamer out of the equation. Sadly for him, he took a little too long and was then hit with the Raven Effect DDT. The NEW Hardcore Champion, Raven! The Hardcore Title is now Raw brand exclusive.

This match was pretty short, but they did the best they could to entertain the fans. I’m super excited to see how things play out with the title being Raw exclusive. With now limited talent, it should be interesting on who they continue to put the title on. To find out, make sure to check back DAILY (yes, we’re posting these daily now) for more of The Hardcore Files!


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