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The Hardcore Files #49: Al Snow vs. Big Show

The Hardcore Files #48: Goldust vs. Al Snow

We are back! Yes, The Hardcore Files is back with the 49th edition. With WrestleMania 18 approaching, Al Snow is looking to hold the title going into the show of shows. But, he has a big challenge when he defends his Hardcore Championship against Big Show. Let’s get into it.

Date: March 14, 2002

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

WWE Hardcore Championship: Al Snow (c) vs. Big Show

Al Snow walked into this match prepared. Or so he thought. Snow gathered a bunch of weapons before Big Show’s entrance and he was ready to go after him with everything he had. Sadly for him, it didn’t work. Once Show made his way down to the ring, Al jumped out and broke a cane over his back, but it didn’t even effect the giant of a man. Show picked Snow up and slammed him onto a trash can, flattening it like a pancake. Then as quick as this match started, it rolled down hill for Al Snow. Big Show dominated him all around ringside. That was until Al moved out of the way from what would’ve been a steel step smashing his skull. Then, Snow kicked Show in his knee, dropping him into the steps. Snow grabbed a stop sign and fought back with all he had. When he tried to cover Big Show, it didn’t work. Show fought back and again began to destroy Al Snow as the match finally spilled into the ring. After a few minutes of getting brutally beaten, Snow low-blowed Show and dropped him in the corner. Up next he pulled off the infamous bowling ball into the groin spot that had Big Show in a whirl-wind of trouble. But, after Al Snow couldn’t put the big man away, Big Show popped up and hit a huge choke slam on the Hardcore Champion that would’ve ended this match–but it didn’t. Goldust ran down and broke the pin. Goldust tried for the pin himself, but was stopped by Show. Goldust took out Big Show momentarily with a trash can lid, but Maven ran out and things got even more chaotic. Snow got hit with the trash can lid and was basically out cold, Big Show knocked Goldust out of the ring, then, with shades of eliminating Undertaker at that year’s Royal Rumble, Maven drop kicked Big Show out of the ring. The unthinkable then happened. Maven saw an opportunity and pinned his friend, his coach and his mentor Al Snow and became the new Hardcore Champion.

This was a good match to re-open this series to. It wasn’t too long, only around five or six minutes. But, it had a bunch of weapons used and chaotic run-ins, which I usually hate in normal matches but for the 24/7 rule, it’s almost a given. Maven shocking the crowd and pinning his mentor was a great ending and I can’t wait for more. The WrestleMania edition will be next, so look out for that, and be sure to come back for more of The Hardcore Files. Thanks for reading!


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