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The Hardcore Files #48: Goldust vs. Al Snow

Welcome back to the 48th edition of The Hardcore Files. After Maven was defeated by Goldust in a unusual way, his mentor, friend and coach Al Snow is looking to get some revenge on Maven’s behalf as he challenges Goldust on the March 11, 2002 edition of Raw. Let’s get into it.

Date: March 11, 2002

Where: Raw

Watch: WWE Network

Hardcore Championship: Goldust (c) vs. Al Snow

Goldust went right after Al before he was even in the ring with his signature gold trash can. As the match went back into the ring, we saw it was full of gold weapons such as a chair, trash can and even a gold fire extinguisher. Goldust quickly set up Al for his signature Shattered Dreams, but when it was reversed, Goldust turned around to get sprayed in the face by the extinguisher. Seconds later, Goldust was hit with a brutal looking brain buster into a trash can. Al Snow surprisingly picked up the win off of that and now is the new Hardcore Champion. Al Snow ran up the ramp with the championship trying to flea from Goldust, who was in the ring, shocked at what just happened. A two minute (possibly less) match that ended after Al Snow hit his first big move. Anything can happen in the Hardcore division and this proves it.

I can’t even say that this match was good because it was over almost right after it started. But the good thing is that Snow picked up the win for his hurt buddy Maven. Now, will the championship get between Al Snow and Maven? Come back next time for more of The Hardcore Files.


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