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The Hardcore Files #47: Maven vs. Goldust

We’re back with the 47th edition of The Hardcore Files. Just three weeks after Maven surprisingly defeated The Undertaker to become the Hardcore Champion, he now has to defend the title against the weirdest challenger yet. Let’s get into it.

Date: February 28, 2002

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

Hardcore Championship: Maven (c) vs. Goldust

Goldust wasted no time getting into this one. Maven barley had the championship off of his waist when Goldust attacked him from behind.  It was all Goldy from there. Trash cans were introduced, which seems to be the go-to in the past couple matches in this series. If it’s effective, you know what they say. Use it. And it certainly was effective. Goldust smashed Maven’s skull in but that wasn’t enough. Goldy introduced a fire extinguisher, which back fired on him when Maven got his hands on it. Goldust was sprayed in then face followed by a roll-up as Maven is still the Hardcore Champion.

After losing like that, of course Goldust wouldn’t be happy. He attacked Maven after the match. Almost right away the lights cut out and the classic “Rollin'” music hit. Undertaker rode down on his motorcycle like a badass then got into the ring and laid a beating on the Hardcore Champion. Al Snow ran down for the save and knocked Taker out of the ring which started a match between them.

Later on that night, Maven was in the trainers room getting iced up. He was a bit out of it. Goldust snuck in with a referee and attacked the champ. After knocking him off the trainer’s table, Goldust used the 24/7 rule to his advantage and picked up the win, becoming the new Hardcore Champion!

Another crazy edition has come to an end. The match itself was short, but was pretty enjoyable for what it was. I got a nice shock seeing Maven win the match because I didn’t expect it after he was getting dominated by Goldust. But, he did sneak his way to a victory. Sadly for him, Undertaker was right there before he could even celebrate his win. A beat down in the ring by Undertaker caused a visit to the trainers room. Goldust saw a opportunity and took it. I love the little backstage title changes so much. Hopefully we get more. So be sure to come back for more of The Hardcore Files.


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