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The Hardcore Files #46: The Undertaker vs. Maven

After a month hiatus; WE’RE BACK! The 46th edition of The Hardcore Files is here. We left off last time with Undertaker brutalizing RVD and taking the Hardcore Championship as his own. Now, after a two month reign of pure destruction of the Hardcore division, someone has stepped up to the plate. Former Tough Enough winner Maven. After Undertaker beat the living hell out of Maven for eliminating him in the Royal Rumble for the past few weeks, he gets a chance to get revenge and to possibly become Hardcore Champion.

Before the match, Al Snow gave his tough enough trainee a “pep talk”, which was more of a survival talk. He told him that he will have the car running so they can get him to the hospital as fast as possible. Way to be confident, Al.

Date: February 7, 2002

Where: SmackDown!

Watch: WWE Network

Hardcore Championship: The Undertaker (c) vs. Maven (w/Al Snow)

Al Snow was at ringside cheering on Maven, and even helped him out early on. Snow was tossing in weapons such as a trash can and trash can lid for Maven, which he used with little to no effect on Taker. Undertaker punched the trash can into his face and took control. But, yet again; Al Snow came to the rescue, pulling Maven out of the ring. Undertaker already had enough of the games being played. He got out of the ring and isolated Maven, giving him a beat down that would be hard to come back from. This Undertaker is the Taker I like to see. Just mauling Maven with a trash can to the point where he was busted opened. Snow tried to get involved again but he ended up being on the receiving end of a Undertaker ass whooping. Taker ended up disposing of Snow via throwing him into the crowd. The target was back on Maven. A bloody Maven was saved yet again as Al Snow popped back up and used the ring bell on the champion. Maven rolled up Undertaker for a near fall, which of course pissed Taker off more. He got up and took out Al Snow again then caught Maven in a chokeslam. Then the downfall began. Instead of finishing the match right there like he should’ve done; Undertaker pulled Maven’s shoulder up on the count of two. He humiliated Maven by rubbing his elbow all over his face. He picked Maven up and locked him in a submission I’ve never seen him use before. Sort of like a standing dragon sleeper. With Snow down and Maven half out of it, I was sure Undertaker had this match in the bag. That was until a surprise ally came in for the save. When he heard the crowd begin to cheer, Undertaker turned around right into a chair shot to the head from The Rock. He followed it up by hitting his signature Rock bottom, laying Undertaker out right in the center of the ring. Moments later, with the crowd and Al Snow, who was now back up on his feet cheering him on, Maven crawled with the last bit of energy that he had. He laid his arm over Undertaker and three seconds later, we have a new Hardcore Champion!

Maven being the Hardcore Champion and beating Undertaker to get it was a huge accomplishment for this rookie. Now comes the hard part. He has to hang on to it. And with the craziness of the Hardcore division, who knows how long that’ll last. Reigns could be one month or one day. All I know is that I’m happy to be back. Can’t wait to see more destruction, craziness and all the other insane stuff that happens with the Hardcore Championship. Be sure to check back for more of The Hardcore Files.


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