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The WrestleMania Mistake: How Over 85,000 People Will Realize WWE’s Out of Touch

The cornerstone of the IWC is to say how out of touch Vince McMahon’s WWE is. We complain that they don’t listen to the people and instead go off the instincts that made them successful. Evolving with the times is something that WWE has failed to realize and when over 85,000 people are going to theoretically shit all over your pet project, it’s a problem.

There have been many articles on the internet referring to why Roman Reigns is going to fail and how he can be successful as ‘the guy’ in WWE. But, what people don’t want to talk about is that star making machine that WWE has made millions of dollars off of is broken and is nowhere close to being fixed. WrestleMania is going to be an interesting event with the inevitable ending of Roman Reigns holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship high to a chorus of boos by the hardcore fans of WWE. It’s not Roman Reigns fault why he is failing, he’s a very talented worker and is very athletic. His problem is the political game up top.

We’ve all talked about the political hit theory of Triple H putting himself in the main event of WrestleMania to save the show and put another feather in his already tethered cap. But another toil to the political hit theory points to another match, Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon.

You may be asking, what does Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon have to do with Triple H putting himself over?Bringing back Shane McMahon to face Undertaker is the ultimate red flag in the star making machine is broken. Why does WWE have to go to the McMahon well once more? Why can’t a new star like Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Finn Balor, or another so called star to face perhaps WWE’s greatest creation? Because they don’t know how to treat the stars of this generation.

Why am I so blunt in saying that WWE’s star making machine is broken and needs to be fixed? Because someone’s got to say it, people are so afraid to critique and even bash this company because it’s the last one standing. It’s the closest reflection to what wrestling was, not is currently. And that my friends is the biggest problem.

Vince McMahon is still stuck in the frame of mind that WWE is the biggest company in the world so why change? But the greatest innovators like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison were able to evolve even at an advanced age and change with the times. Maybe Vince McMahon isn’t the innovator we thought he was, maybe he had a knack for hitting that jackpot and got lucky. Yeah, you might say “creating” Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, and John Cena are great innovations in the wrestling world. But Vince McMahon was just the PROMOTER of these guys, he wasn’t the creative force or enabler behind these guys.

Let’s take a minute to think, if Triple H didn’t have the vision for NXT in signing guys that we all know and love, having success as a touring brand and actually caring about developmental, we would be in the same rut we were ten years ago with OVW. Vince McMahon doesn’t give a damn about developing multiple guys and having the ability to chose between talented guys. He just has his little pet project ala Roman Reigns, and the way to get him over is shoving him down our throats like we’re blind.

But the fans aren’t blind anymore, they see that it takes actual talent to do what a pro wrestler does and they actually need to be exciting at it to enthrall the fans. Vince McMahon is still stuck in 1997 and that’s the mindset he will ALWAYS have. But we as fans are not going to be force fed a guy we simply don’t want.

It’s one thing if Roman Reigns was the only option, but he isn’t. He’s maybe the 15th or 20th best option for a top guy and that’s the truth. When WWE’s assembled the greatest collection of guys that they have ever assembled, Roman Reigns doesn’t look all that appealing.

When there are guys like Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, hell even Shinsuke Nakamura I want to think that WWE and more specifically the people in Vince’s ear will sway him. Maybe the 70 year old juggernaut has no ammo left in that star making gun. Maybe that ammo is getting a weaker punch by the day but then I see the potential of the guys I mentioned and I see all the good.

Vince still is the guy with the proven track record though. While we all praise what Triple H is doing with his pet project, NXT, it’s still too early to tell whether he is that guy think he is. Maybe the people set to be the successor of Vince isn’t truly the right guy. Maybe we are too quick to assume that when Vince is gone from WWE everything will magically become better. In reality it maybe worse and that’s the reality of the unknown.

I’d like to be the glass half full type of guy but what I have been seeing over the past 5 years has been a struggle to find that next guy. Let’s face it. John Cena, Randy Orton, Undertaker and the like aren’t getting any younger. Maybe what WWE needs is that 2002 OVW class 2.0. With the talent I see on this roster, I feel that at least 5 guys can be megastars if treated right.

Will there be a great talent boom? Who will slip through the cracks of the WWE political system? Only time will tell.

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