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The WRESTLE-1 Exodus

8:30PM Tuesday Evening Australian time huge news dropped in the puroresu world. It’s sadly not good news either, Wrestle-1 have announced five of their top stars are leaving the promotion. This is a huge loss for Wrestle-1 because they aren’t the most profitable company and rely on their big stars. The arguably lost their biggest name besides Keji Mutoh of course. It’s going to be interesting over the next few months to see what happens and if the released wrestlers start their own promotion (god know’s we need another off shoot) or they just freelance. In any case here are the names that will be leaving the promotion.

Yasafumi Nakanoue (30)

AKIRA (50)

Ryota Hama (36)


Minoru Tanaka (43)

I have heard rumblings of TAJIRI signing with WWE as everyone is very impressed with how he still performs and he only wants to continue wrestling for another 3 years maximum. The only problem is that he has his own job that he is very passionate about and could not work a full time WWE schedule.

Nakanoue is going to be becoming a regular for Big Japan and is scheduled for the Ryoguku show next month.

Hama is Hama and can find work where he pleases, he will continue working a semi-regular schedule with Big Japan.

AKIRA is a funny one because he is up their in age but he is still tremendous. I could see him going into like a Tenzan type role in NJPW where he is used sparingly.

Minoru Tanaka is one the best in the world and will have zero problems finding work. He will freelance everywhere in Japan and hopefully abroad. He works many different promotions now and will probably start working some promotions you would not expect a name like Minoru Tanaka to work.

Puro in the Rough will be covering this topic in more detail on their next episode.


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