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The Review Stands Alone: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Dick Togo (wXw 11/26/11)

This has been on my watch-later list on YouTube for a while now and I’m very excited to finally few it. A little background on the match: it took place in one of Europe’s premier wrestling promotions wXw in Germany on 11/26/2011. This was apart of Dick Togo’s international retirement tour that ended 10 months later in Boliva of all places. I expect great things from this match and can’t wait to get into it.

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Dick Togo***3/4

This is a few years prior to Sabre Jr. becoming a breakout independent star, so his reaction was lukewarm, as was Togo’s which was surprising. The crowd was very respectful and applauded both men’s technical prowess and was split for who to cheer. For the opening minutes of the match both men traded tying each other into knots and showed superb mat work. Zack takes control with his usual arm/finger work which I don’t want it to sound as if it’s a negative but I have seen it countless times in Sabre matches that it has ran its course for me. Togo fights his way out of a face-lock but Zack goes right back to the arm which is the story of the match, Togo takes control with punches and superkicks to the ribs and the head of Sabre. Togo got Zack up for a DDT and Zack didn’t get his hands up in time and just drove his head straight into the canvas it looked disgusting, Togo is now putting all of his focus on Sabre’s neck and head. Sabre attempts to fight out of a hold put Togo lariats him and applies a head scissors, Sabre once again tried to break free but Togo isn’t letting it happen and cinches in a headlock. Togo is working a little villainous using a lot of old school heel maneuvers to gain an advantage, it’s very well documented that Gedo and Jado are huge fans of old US wrestling so with Togo spending a lot of time with Gedo and Jado in the 90’s I’m sure they would have done some tape trading.

Sabre starts to mount a comeback whilst selling his neck which I appreciate, the two men had a short but smooth sequence that ended with Sabre applying a flying cross arm-bar but Togo quickly makes it to the rope. Real nice back and forth action that included Togo hitting Charlotte’s natural selection move which looked 100000x better that Charlotte’s. Sabre fights his way out of the pedigree twice and hits a rolling dragon suplex for a near-fall which he follows up with a PK to the crowd’s delight. Real great pinning sequences, Togo catches a Sabre springboard into a Fujiwara arm-bar, Zack fights his way free but Mr Togo hit a god damn La Mistica (head -scissors into an arm-bar or cross-face) but Zack makes it to the bottom rope once again.

Togo hit the most insane moves I have ever witnessed, he sat on the top rope and had Sabre locked in a butterfly suplex position but he spinned out into a spinning butterfly DDT? Whatever it was, it was a terrible impact for Zack’s neck, if you pause the video you can see Zack’s neck hit the canvas with zero protection but he kicked out at two and three fourths. Dick Togo hit the pedigree but missed a top rope senton, Zack took advantage and drilled him with a running kick and lock in an arm-bar that made Togo submit quick.

Really solid match up that definitely reached my expectations; and the last 10 minutes certainly exceeded my expectations. Started off low but had a great build and payed off the story off the match which was Sabre destroying Togo’s arm. The match is free on Smart Mark Video’s YouTube channel. I highly recommend checking out this match as well as to enjoy one of Mr. Togo’s final matches. Thank you for reading!


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