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The Review Stands Alone: Triple H vs. Kevin Nash (WWE 6/14/03)

Heading into this match, you have two guys who were former friends and now hate each other, but now two curve balls were thrown into this match. Stone Cold made the match a Hell In A Cell. Then, the WWE referees complained about Triple H being too rough with them. In their last encounter, Triple H hit Earl Hebner with a sledge hammer, and even ended the career of ref Tim White in a different Hell In A Cell Match. So, Stone Cold made Mick Foley the special guest referee. This lead to an angry Triple H attacking Mick Foley on Raw. Surprisingly, Kevin Nash was the fan favorite in this feud, and he made the save for Mick Foley. Triple H is in for one hell of a ride, having two men that hate him locked in a cell with him.

(World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match) Triple H (c) vs. Kevin Nash

At the start of this match, Triple H tried to get in the face of Mick Foley, but it cost him. Kevin Nash took control of this match as it spilled outside of the ring, but quickly came back in. A slow, back and forth fight, ended up getting Mick involved when Nash shoved HHH into Foley. Unlike the usual WWE refs, Mick Foley got up almost immediately, instead of laying “out cold” for half a match. Not long after this, Kevin Nash introduced the first weapon. A steel chair. Sadly, for Triple H; the chair was folded over his back after a sickening chair shot. Nash then introduced more steel, in the form of steps. He threw them at HHH, but he moved out of the way. Nash is laying a brutal beating into Hunter. After a semi-botched power bomb, the champion took control. Triple H pulled out a toolbox from under the ring, and used a hammer to slow Nash down. HHH then set his sights on Mick Foley, which backfired big time. Foley knocked down Triple H, and to everyone’s surprise, The Game backed off and went after Nash again. A now bloody Kevin Nash was now being destroyed by a pissed off HHH. Eventually, Triple H brought a barbed wire 2×4 into the match but after one hit, it backfired. Nash grabbed the 2×4 and drilled it into the head of the champion. Triple H tried to escape from Kevin Nash, who made the mistake of chasing him. Nash then got a wooden crate smashed over his skull. Nash was down in the ring, while Triple H was outside, and grabbed his trusty old pal, the sledgehammer. Foley tried to get involved, but was knocked down by Triple H. Nash took control again after that, but it didn’t last long. The Game hit Nash with a chair, then turned around and busted Mick open with a chair. Foley bounced right back up, but was knocked down again from a low blow. Poor Mick Foley was knocked down again from the steel steps, then again when Nash accidentally knocked him off the apron. Nash hit a jack-knife on HHH, and Foley sprung up to count the pin, but another kick out by Triple H kept this match alive. Now, all three men were down and out. The crowd tried to fire these men up and it started to work. Kevin Nash caught a sledgehammer right in his mouth, and then pedigreed almost through the ring. Triple H retained his World Heavyweight Championship.

This match is one of, if not the most underrated Hell In A Cell ever. I really enjoyed this. Haven’t watched it in a long time, but I’m glad I re-watched. Very, very good match, and that’s saying something with the fact that Kevin Nash is in it. We got everything we could’ve asked for in this one; Blood, lots of steel, carnage, and even Mick Foley’s sock-o! If you’re a fan of hardcore wrestling, or even a newbie looking to try something new, I highly recommend this match. Thanks for reading!


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