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The Review Stands Alone: Timothy Thatcher vs. Chris Masters (APW 10/20/12)

Vendetta Pro/All Pro Wrestling Terror Dome 2012

October 20, 2012

The Dome

Bakersfield, CA

(APW Universal Heavyweight Championship) Timothy Thatcher (c) vs. Chris Masters***1/2

Right out of the bat, commentary made sure to give this a big match feel. Not only via their facts about this being the last title match in the Dome, and how nice it’d be for U.S.A. to take something back (backed with crowd chants throughout); but via their annunciation. They put on their dramatic voices to call it down the middle, and it was very enjoyable to simply hear wrestling commentary as part of the match and not side tracking it.

Thatcher is the Thatcher I know, but amplified because he isn’t a savior. He’s a villain. He’s a foreign talent looking to crush an American hero with his limbwork. That’s exactly what his gameplan was. He’d work over Masters arm so he couldn’t lock in the Master Lock, and he’d stomp on his legs at any given time to provide a double innuendo.

Masters selling of the arm in the match was top notch. It was the perfect eggs to Thatcher’s bacon. It was the little things that make up the complete content of the match, and here there was a lot of that. Masters only used one hand to powerslam Thatcher off of a ropes rebound, showing that he literally can’t use the arm worked over the entire time. Continuity is key in selling your injuries. The Masterpiece came up clutch in that aspect, such as using the other arm for various other things in the match as well as the powerslam. He never made you think that the arm was healed back up in an instant, because it wasn’t.

Thatcher’s offense was to a bare minimum yet authentic and something I approve of. Various ruthless holds were imposed on big man Masters, and he even came full circle whilst about to be placed in a Master Lock finish; dipping out of it to go back to the arm he’s worked on the entire time. You’d call it a masterpiece of his own, being dappled on with technique and occasionally interrupted with an accidental splash of Chris’s power-based offense. However, as the match progressed, the real power was that of Thatcher’s holds that have been put on far too many times to count at this point.

Masters finally routed a comeback, but it was cut short. With the crowd chanting U.S.A. in The Dome, with Masters inching out of the attempts to break his arm thus far, he came back to finally lock in The Master Lock. He somehow got out of an arm-lock to roll through and duck a lariat to apply the move that has “taken out a lot of big men”. The power was abstained for a short while to try and overcome Thatcher and win the championship back for the show’s attendees; the people that help fund the promotion. The fans in the U.S.A.

In the perfect villainous out of the move, Thatcher managed to guide Masters just in the right direction, so he could give the ref a jolt. Masters thought he had him, but he didn’t. A low-blow was delivered to the already weakened Masters, and a very old-school methodical roll-up was imposed. That very roll-up proved to be too much for Chris Masters, as Thatcher retained his APW Universal Championship by any means.

The comeback was well on its way to ending Thatcher’s reign, but Thatcher thought smart, and put an abrupt end to the momentum Chris gained by overpowering the arm limbwork. A great story told, with all elements clicking and near-perfect selling on Masters’ part. This wasn’t a bad place to start for my Thatcher revisionist rewatch kickoff.

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