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The Review Stands Alone: Shuji Ishikawa vs. Daisuke Sekimoto (BJW 3/31/15)

Shuji Ishikawa vs. Daisuke Sekimoto****3/4

This match was for the BJW Strong World Heavyweight Title and Shuji Ishikawa was the holder of said belt. Before my first viewing of this match, I had seen an awesome match with Shuji in it from DDT, and after asking about Shuji, I got pointed into the direction of this match. I can not say how happy that that had happened, as this may be one of the best matches I have seen in recent history.

Without knowing much, I knew this would be a brutal match between two dudes that could legit mess you up. But good lord, I came out thinking that Sekimoto may be one of the best wrestlers on the planet, and it made me want to delve into more of BJW and Sekimoto’s work. For a guy that is 5’9, Sekimoto works like a giant and is completely ripped, with one of the cooler body builds in wrestling.

These two almost damn near killed each other in this match. There were multiple moments where I wasn’t sure how they were still fine and going. Sekimoto early on gets his head slammed down twice, once via a DDT on the apron, on the outside by Shuji, and he still goes. Same as when he gets his head slammed against a ring post, and flops. At one point they just start to slap the shit out of each other and these were some of the stiffest slaps I have ever heard and seen.

Speaking of slaps, equally as brutal were the other strikes and chops in this match. Especially Sekimoto’s chops and Shuji’s headbutt. Those two were nasty in the best way, and Shuji at one point hits a rainmaker head butt and it was just amazing. The impact of those headbutts were crippling. The chops ringed throughout the whole arena.

Sekimoto and Shuji have unrivaled strength, constantly picking each other up and hitting some great strong man moves while still being agile. Case in point, Shuji hitting an awesome missile dropkick and even a double stomp off the second rope while also being able to throw around Sekimoto at some points. At one point they trade suplexes, Shuji hits a Saito and Sekimoto hits a German, and it just show cases their strength. Sekimoto even hits a damn deadlift german.

Sekimoto finally wins this bout after some lariats and a brutal dead lift German suplex. You guys really all got to see this one ASAP, just brutal, hard hitting and so god damn amazing. One of the best matches I have seen in recent history.


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