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The Review Stands Alone: Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon (Saturday Night’s Main Event 3/18/06)

In 2006, Shawn Michaels was in a bitter rivalry with the boss himself, Vince McMahon. A new Shawn was back in WWE. A Shawn that was a man of God and did the right things. After having a talk with Vince, it became clear that Mr. McMahon didn’t like this new Shawn, which led to Vince humiliating him week after week on Monday night Raw. But of course a McMahon is never alone. Vince had his son Shane do his bidding, which included eliminating Shawn Michaels from the Royal Rumble, costing him a championship match at WrestleMania, bashing Shawn with a steel chair, and even made Shawn kiss Vince’s ass. Yes, you heard that correctly. But, sadly for Shawn Michaels, the humiliation didn’t stop there. Vince made Shawn take a public drug test after having Stephanie drug him, made him wrestle the spirit squad alone in a Steel Cage match, and had his son Shane bloody him up after the match. Of course, Shawn Michaels badly wanted to get his hands on Vince McMahon, but Shawn wanted to take care of one more thing before WrestleMania; getting his hands on Shane McMahon, which came to fruition on the March 18, 2006 edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event; in a Street Fight.

(Street Fight) Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon made his entrance last, which he soon realized was a huge mistake after Shawn ran up the ramp and attacked him, starting the match as quick as he could.

Shawn Michaels wasn’t hesitant at all to bring out the weapons, and lay a brutal beating on Shane, paying him back for all the humiliation he had suffered over the past few weeks. Sadly, things started to turn Shane’s way quickly when Mr. McMahon inserted himself into the match to help his son. With two tables already set up on the outside, and a ladder set up in the ring, the McMahon’s wanted to end things early. Vince held Shawn on the table while Shane climbed the ladder, but of course, Vince can’t hold down a basically fully healthy Shawn Michaels. Needless to say, Shawn Michaels sent Shane and himself crashing through the tables after a huge suplex.

So much carnage already, it hasn’t even been five minutes and Vince is calling for a doctor. Since this wasn’t a PPV, it was live on TV and we had commercial breaks. When we came back from the break, we see that the match was still going on and no doctors were at ringside. Thankfully, because as a fan, I want to see Shawn Michaels beat the living shit out of Shane McMahon. I absolutely love feuds that make you emotionally invested, and you want to see a certain person get back at their bitter rival. This was one of those matches. After all that the McMahon’s did to Shawn, you really wanted to see Michaels finally get his revenge.

As the match went on, Vince gradually would interfere when his son wasn’t doing so good, to help him get in the drivers seat. Something funny I saw in this match that I want to point out is, we all know how crazy Shane McMahon can be, especially in a match like this, with no rules. But, instead of doing crazy stunts and high flying, flashy moments, Shane was actually wrestling and working holds on Shawn Michaels for a few good minutes. But, the grappling didn’t last much longer. Chairs and trash cans made their way into this match, and we even got to see the coast-to-coast on Vince! Shawn moved and Vince was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and got a trash can kicked in his face, followed by a classic Vince McMahon selling job, which wasn’t too good considering he popped up to pull the ref out of the ring a minute later. Shane hit a low blow, followed by a sharp shooter, causing Vince to pull the classic screw job. Shawn didn’t tap, but Vince still called for the bell, humiliating Shawn once again.

After a brutal battle, the fans obviously wanted to see Shawn get the upper hand, which didn’t happen. This was such a smart move booking wise, because it made fans when more invested in seeing Shawn Michaels finally get the win over the McMahon’s, which finally came at WrestleMania 22 when Shawn defeated Vince in a No Holds Barred Match. This Street Fight wasn’t too long, and wasn’t too short. It kept my attention the full way through and had just enough Street Fight action to satisfy me. Matches like these, I could watch for days. That’s why I’m so happy that Shane McMahon is back in the WWE currently. Hopefully his match with Undertaker at this years WrestleMania will be just as good, or even better than this, so I can come back and watch it months or even years later, and still enjoy it as much as I did the first time.


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