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The Review Stands Alone: Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus (WWE RAW 12/14/15)

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship) Sheamus (c) vs. Roman Reigns****3/4

It’s the end of the year, and in years past WWE tends to stop paying attention to stuff for a few weeks for a variety of reasons. The holidays are the time of year where you tend to throw out your usual schedule in order to spend time with loved ones, so ratings tend to go down a bit (granted, that’s been the trend for the last few months). However, this past week’s edition of Monday Night Raw proved different. After Roman lost at Tables, Ladders and Chairs the previous night, he went into business for himself and destroyed Triple H, which causes him to get one of the biggest reactions of his career. Fast forward to the next night, and Vince McMahon is ready to fight The Big Dog himself. Due to Sheamus’ unparalleled smarts, he challenges Reigns to a match with his title on the line, which McMahon makes a Career vs. Title match after Roman says his testicles are small. Great stuff all around.

Okay, so the actual match itself was the shit. Sheamus and Reigns were both selling their injuries they sustained in their TLC match the night before, and Sheamus got lit up apparently. Both were covered in bruises, cuts and what looked to be some sort of blister and both of them were trying to end the match as soon as possible. These guys were throwing potatoes, and I am talking double stuffed potatoes with extra bacon, none of that tator tot bullshit, this was a shoot. I am sure at one point I saw Vince start cracking his knuckles at the thought of going and throwing potatoes with the boys.

People tend to take Sheamus for granted, but the dude has been one of the most consistent TV wrestlers of the last decade easily. Even in a year like this where he didn’t really do much until June, he’s had good to great matches with Bryan, Neville, Ziggler and Reigns since the summer. The guy can hand out an ass kicking like no one else on the roster, and Reigns sure know how to take an ass kicking. Reigns to me does an outstanding job selling even though he wear that damn vest and he’s jacked, but it somehow works for him. Sheamus working on Reigns’ head was also something that went under radars, as Sheamus hit punches, clubbing forearms and even his underrated lifted knee strikes several times during the match and stayed away from some of his usual offensive staples.

Let’s mention how both Sheamus and Reigns got busted open hard way in a free TV main event on Raw in the year of our lord and savior 2015? Because that happened, and my goodness was it glorious. Fairly sure Sheamus has to have the hardest head ever considering Reigns got busted up real nice and good after his headbutt, and Sheamus bleeding from the nose just made me as warm as sitting by the fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Now THAT is the good shit, my friends.

After a significant portion of the match, which was just a damn shoot, Vince pulls the ref out of the ring and I know everyone collectively sighs at the thought of this shit again. Not only that, but Rusev and Alberto Del Rio come out and OH MY GOD A SHOOT SUPERMAN PUNCH FROM THE BIG DOG TO DEL RIO. Rusev catches him with a beautiful kick and rolls Reigns back into the ring. Too bad The Big Dog is fired up because he hits another one on Rusev, then hits one on Sheamus, THEN MY GOD HE HITS A SHOOT ONE ON VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON JR.!! I am fired up just thinking about it and watching it live my God. Reigns turns around to get nailed by a Brogue Kick but oh no Reigns has been watching Big Mike and has that fighting spirit and kicks out at two. Sheamus has had enough and goes for the Brogue Kick but REIGNS HITS THE BIGGEST SPEAR OF HIS DAMN LIFE AND WINS THE TITLE!!!

All of this happening in Philly makes it even more special, the fact that less than a year ago Reigns won the Rumble and got booed to near tears, it was just a real special moment. I know WWE has their faults, but this like this is awesome, not only because of these two tearing it up again but also the story going surrounding it makes this a true MOTYC, just great in every single way.

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Wrestling With Words Staff

  • Excellent review. I unfortunately didn’t get to see this match since I was at the Bruins game last night. Figures that the one time I miss RAW it’s actually excellent.

  • General Vamp

    Great match, probably not a MOTYC for me, but I enjoyed it a lot. Nice review.


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