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The Review Stands Alone: Papi Chulo vs. Manuel Gomez (WWF 11/2/98)

So the this mark named Trask told me to do a review stands alone on a super astros match and I am not one to pirate videos so I searched youtube and I found a few things and this was the first match I found. Papi Chulo is obviously Mr Aguila from CMLL fame and I don’t know much about Manuel Gomez other than he works as Antifaz currently and is a lot more jacked up now than he was back then. This should be fun.

(Super Astros) Papi Chulo vs. Manuel Gomez**3/4

Chulo hits a few kicks but gets launched over the rope and Gomez does a Ricochet front flip dive over the ring post! That was nice. Chulo makes his was back into the ring and turns Gomez inside out with a lariat. Gomez is showing off his lucha skills with insane arm drags utilizing the ropes. Chulo rolls to the outside but Gomez hits a twisting plancha to the floor! Gomez is on fire. Papi Chulo pulls Gomez back outside and hits a clothesline on the floor. Oh my god! Chulo hit a twisting springboard moonsault to the floor! THIS IS AWESOME. Chulo attempts a powerbomb on the floor but Gomez lands on his feet but Chulo clotheslines him again onto the concrete floor.

Gomez forearms Chulo and hits a missile dropkick followed by a springboard twisting splash for a near fall. CHULO IS THROWING SHOOT PUNCHES AT GOMEZ. So Gomez clotheslines young Chulo, really neat victory roll suequence. Chulo missed a moonsault but landed on his feet and Gomez missed a twisting senton but he ate the canvas. Gomez hit a very dangerous powerbomb and attempted a second one but Chulo tried to hit a Code Red. But, Chulo botched it and landed in the ropes; but the ref still counted the 3. Chulo wins with a botched roll-up but it was a fun 5 minute match.

This may or may not become a regular thing of me reviewing old Super Astros matches. They will always be fun to watch and I am sure it’s fun to read about wrestlers hitting 450s and shooting stars in the late 90s. Let me know on Twitter @Izzacwrestles if you would like for me to continue reviewing Super Astros matches in the Review Stands Alone format. If I continue this series it will feature matches from Negro Casas, Super Crazy, Taka Michinoku, Funaki and many other luchadores.


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