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The Review Stands Alone: Negro Casas vs. Sho Funaki (WWF 11/2/98)

OH MAN!!!!! THIS IS SO COOL. Negro Casas working WWF? Count me in. I love both guys and in the year 2016 both these guys are still very good in-ring performers, especially Negro. I wish Negro Casas would come back for a random one off shot in WWE like he did in the late 90s. This was the main event of the second ever episode of Super Astros, WWF, at the times, show to market towards the Latino audience — all in Spanish. It doesn’t look like a long match but it should be a ton of fun.

Funaki is accompanied by Yamaguchi-san. Funaki uses his strikes to gain the advantage early on which allows Yamaguchi to taunt Negro thus distracting him; allowing Funaki to gain the upper hand. Negro chops and punches the life out of Funaki, he messes up a head-scissors but connects with a dropkick that sends Funaki to the outside and we go to a Mexican commercial break! Funaki hits a flying forearm followed by a bulldog and a snap suplex. Negro hits a lariat and locks in a butterfly submission but quickly lets go and connects with an elbow to the spine of Funaki.

Funaki whips Negro into the ropes and Yamaguchi trips him up but Negro gets back on his feet and guides Funaki into Yamaguchi-san. Negro wins with the La magistral cradle.

Very disappointing but I should of expected it. If these dudes were given 20+ minutes they could of put on a classic match. Negro could have a classic match with Thunder from CMLL, Well, that may be a stretch to be honest. This was a nothing match. Cool to see Negro working for Vince though.


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