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The Review Stands Alone: Necro Butcher vs. Super Dragon (PWG 9/2/06)

I have heard about this epic encounter 8 months ago and only a couple of days ago I finally was able to watch. It was definitely a sight to see and a match I recommend to all for just the shear brutality. This was the main event of PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2006 Night 2, which is very risky since PWG is a work rate promotion and putting a hardcore worker like Necro in the main event could be a mistake but with Super Dragon being his opponent it was the perfect choice.

Necro Butcher vs. Super Dragon***1/2

As one would imagine there was zero chain wrestling to start the match. Instead Necro and Dragon traded chair shots and brawled all throughout the legion hall. The crowd was not used to this style of match and were losing their shit whenever the men would do something crazy. In no way did Necro look in any sort of shape, but this match went upwards of 20 minutes and was there was continuous action so I give him props for that. Super Dragon is a great worker IMO and has had great matches with varied opponents, that said Dragon didn’t need to bust out most of his offence he reverted back to just strikes and head-drops. Mere minutes into the match, Butcher gets suplexed on the floor and nailed with chair shots, yet he makes a quick recovery and buries Dragon under a table on the floor and hits the worst looking senton I have seen but I guarantee it would hurt 10x more. The two brawl up to the stage where Excalibur does the announcing and Dragon sets up a table on the ground floor, he gains control and attempts a powerbomb but Necro reverses and backdrops Dragon. The thing is, Dragon missed the table completely and flipped right onto the edge of the stage! Necro wants to put him through a table and attempts a Tiger Driver, but the table breaks before he executed the move. With that said, the crowd is getting on the case of Necro. A light bulb went off in Necro’s head and poor Dragon took a Tiger Driver on the stage, as a wrestler I can assure you that would hurt so so much.

They make their way back into the ring and to be honest only a few really insane spots stand out. Necro was trying everything to put Dragon away. He took to the skies with a hurricanrana, he threw a violence party with just fists and finally he showed he exquisite technical prowess with a god damn O’Connor Roll!!!! With all that said he still couldn’t put Mr. Dragon down for the three count. Dragon attempted a powerbomb, threw a table, and once again it didn’t break. If I recall correctly he hit Necro with a psycho driver on a table but it didn’t break again!! This is legit 1995 New Japan era Sabu with the amount of table botches. There are no real highspots just because it was all brawling and I’m positive Necro shoot knocked Dragon out with a punch. One of the best GIFs of all time occurred in this match. Necro went to attack Dragon but Dragon jumps and gives the best double foot stomp you will ever see right on the face of the Necro Butcher. So many unprotected chair shots it’s quite said. Necro barely wrestles now and his head is basically gone and Dragon’s career didn’t last as long as it should of. Even though he wrestles very sporadically it’s nowhere near full time. The finish of the match saw Dragon foot-stomp Necro whilst his head was in-between a chair, as if that wasn’t enough he dropped Necro right on his neck with a Psycho Driver on a chair! Wild wild match.

This is one of those matches that people will continue talking about for years and years, the aura these two men have is unmatched and this fight (not a match) is a fight that was delivered in incredible fashion. I am sure most people viewing this would have already viewed this match by now (not like me who it took 10 years to finally see it), don’t pay attention to my star rating. I personally don’t think I should of rated this match because I don’t want to undercut it. It was a spectacle and in front of 350 people these two warriors killed one another for the entertainment of the fans and probably themselves as sick as that sounds. Thank you for reading!


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