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The Review Stands Alone: Mike Bailey vs. Drew Galloway (PWG 8/29/15)

Mike Bailey vs. Drew Galloway****1/2

This match was a first round match in PWG’s annual tournament, Battle of Los Angeles, and my goodness was it a match. Galloway was making his PWG debut and he went absolutely all out for it, not to mention that Bailey has been killing it in PWG since his debut earlier this year. Galloway is rarely booked to wrestle like he is this six foot six inch monster but did he make it work here.

Bailey is essentially the Karate Kid, not much as been established, not only due to his size and moveset but also because he is the ultimate underdog. Galloway working this monster gimmick works perfectly here as it is truly a David vs. Goliath story, and it works to near perfection. Galloway being as strong as he is and Bailey willing to do anything proved to make a hell of a combination, as Drew just laid into him some seriously heavy shots, including at one point in the match hitting the nastiest reverse Alabama Slam you’ll ever see, and was it ever glorious.

Bailey, while being the Karate Kid, also proves to hit some serious kicks on Galloway, which just lit the fire in Galloway more, and he continued to just decimate poor Mike Bailey. Galloway is perhaps one of the most underrated brawlers on the indies, mostly because he rarely gets to work as such and when he does he is awesome. It was the role he was born to play! This very well may be both of these guys’ best performance all year, which is saying something as both wrestlers have had ‘Top Ten’ years this year, as this just shows how good they both are when booked in the correct roles.

Bailey ends up fulfilling the Karate Kid prophecy as he defeated the big bully, Drew Galloway. Bailey showed incredible heart throughout as well as Galloway just proving he can be the best monster on the indies (maybe second best, we live in a Kongo Kong world). I highly suggest you seek out this entire show, due to Night 2 of BOLA this year being a serious Show of the Year contender. At a show like that which featured some other highly touted matches, this is the one that most stood out to me.


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