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The Review Stands Alone: Máximo vs. Golden Boy vs. Dulce Kanela vs. Último Ninja (Fighters NICE 4/24/16)

Monterrey, Mexico 
Arena Coliseo

Hey! Bet you didn’t expect me to be reviewing lucha but times change and I have devoted myself to modern day lucha. I have cut out watching certain other promotions and in doing that I freed up a lot of time to watch lucha and my regular puroresu. Brandon and Quentin review a lot of CMLL, Elite & AAA so I will cover mostly indies from Mexico. But I will still watch everything lucha I can get my hands on. It’s time for change and I got bored of watching the same wrestling week in and week out so that’s why I am turning to lucha. What an odd match to kick off my lucha experience. A four way match from a promotion called ‘Reza’. I am very familiar with Maximo but this will be my first introduction to Kanela and Golden Boy.

Máximo vs. Golden Boy vs. Dulce Kanela vs. Último Ninja***3/4

Ninja and Golden Boy start off the match slow with just simple holds, in and out of the ring in 45 seconds allowing Maximo and Dulce to get in there. Maximo and Dulce trade quick arm drags and Kanela catches Maximo with a moonsault out of nowhere to the crowd’s delight. Ninja and Golden Boy throw their opponents to the outside and they start to wrestle again. Golden Boy applies a very odd arm bar like submission but Kanela breaks that up. Maximo and Kanela decide to team up to defuse their opponents. They actually functioned pretty well together, Kanela spring-boarded off Maximo’s back into a flying back elbow in the corner. Maximo and Kanela celebrate but Maximo blindsides Kanela with a rather weak looking lariat. Kanela fights back with a beautiful hurricanrana followed by a tope suicida. Ninja and Golden Boy trade lariats in the corner until Golden Boy nails a big power-slam. Golden Boy was probably the least impressive but he is the most experienced out of the four and the largest.

Kanela enters the ring once again and nails a missile dropkick on Golden Boy. He follows that up with a crazy twisting moonsault from the top, their was at least 50 rotations. Maximo used a vicious scoop brainbuster on Kanelo for a near fall. Ninja comes back into the fold and connects with a springboard enzuigiri but immediately gets caught with a twisting arm drag from the gorgeous Dulce Kanelo. Maximo and Kanelo team up once again and hit tandem tope suicida’s on their opponents taking them out of commission for the rest of the contest. Watching this match I learnt that Kanelo is a crazy motherfucker. He hit his third dive of the match on Maximo Sexy which was a twisting tope con hilo! HE LANDED ON HIS FEET! I love this man. In a shock to me Kanelo won clean over Maximo forcing him to submit to an awesome looking Fujiwara arm-bar.

God after watching this match I have no regrets in choosing lucha over other forms of wrestling. I just want to enjoy my graps and I enjoy the hell out of lucha so I am going to keep doing this! I hope you liked this review. I highly recommend you guys watch this match it’s less than 10 minutes. Match is here.


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