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The Review Stands Alone: Masato Tanaka vs. Nanae Takahashi (SEAdLINNNG 1/11/16)

Masato Tanaka vs. Nanae Takahashi****1/4

Tokyo, Japan
Korakuen Hall
Before 811 Fans

I am so glad this match found it’s way online because the 2 participants in this match are some of the best wrestlers in the world. I dislike intergender wrestling and I don’t think it should happen on national television but I do enjoy Candice Lerae and Meiko Satomura when they wrestle guys. I don’t like men wrestling women but honestly every so often it’s okay but it shouldn’t be done on a weekly basis “cough cough Lucha Underground’. SEAdLINNNG is Nanae Takahashi’s promotion and this was their third show, it’s an all female promotion but Masato Tanaka is the special guest on this show. The build to this match was Nanae learning the Sliding D because she knows how powerful Tanaka’s is. This should be a hoot.

Match begins with really good mat work and stand-offs, Tanaka is selling for Nanae. Tanaka soon gets sick of technical wrestling and destroys poor Nanae with forearm and super stiff chops. Tanaka misses an elbow and tumbles to the outside. Nanae hits a tope suicida on Tanaka and then attempts to brawl with Tanaka but Tanaka was like “bitch I am F’kn Masato Tanaka’ and killed her on the outside with chair shots.

Tanaka gets her back inside the ropes, hits a forearm and then grapples for a bit until Nanae fights back but she soon gets knocked back down with a forearm. Nanae catches Tanaka with a boot and a northern lights but once again Tanaka gets the upper hand, but this time he just slapped her right in the face! Nanae makes her comeback with a snap German suplex and a missile dropkick, she attempts a backdrop suplex but Tanaka fights it off and throws her to the outside. In possibly the best spot of 2016, Masato Tanaka puts Nanae on a table and gives her a splash thus breaking the table! Insane.

Tanaka hit a suplex for a very close near-fall shortly followed by a powerbomb which looked like it hurt… A LOT! Crowd is solidly behind Mrs. Takahashi but then Yoshiko (bitch) came out to cheer on Nanae and the crowd was confused, so were the announcers for that matter. Tanaka misses a top rope splash when Nanae got her knees up, she attempts a splash but Tanaka gets his knees up to block the impact. The two have a great strike exchange that ends with Nanae hitting a head kick and a lariat, she then hits a Dudebuster of all things on 220 pound Masato Tanaka! Dropped him right on his noggin it was crazy! She then hits the splash but Tanaka just manages to kick out. Tanaka avoids the wrist clutch suplex Nanae does and drops Nanae on her head with a brainbuster. Tanaka sets up Nanae for the Sliding D but Nanae moves and hits the best code red I have ever seen. She then hits her own Sliding D for a 2 count, Nanae is getting worried, nothing is putting Tanaka away. So by God she hits the wrist clutch emerald flowsion!!!!!!! WHAT IN GOD’S GREEN EARTH!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME AND TANAKA KICKED OUT!!!! Tanaka destroys Nanae with a lariat followed by the superfly splash for a near fall but he finally ends the 20 minute bout with the Sliding D. THIS WAS AMAZING, BEST INTERGENDER MATCH I HAVE EVER WITNESSED.

I loved this so much, seriously one of my favourite matches of 2016 thus far. Amazing wrestling and phenomenal story telling, the 811 fans in attendance damn sure got their money’s worth. Like I said best intergender match of all time (that I have seen).


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