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The Review Stands Alone: Lio Rush vs. JT Dunn (XWA 9/20/15)

Going into this match, my expectations are high. Why? Because Lio Rush. If you’ve never heard of this man, or have never seen him wrestle; you need to. Lio is one of those guys who can entertain you no matter what. It doesn’t matter who his opponent is, what type of style they wrestle, what the stipulation is, or where the match is. This guy is fantastic. So, I’m looking forward to seeing this match. I know who JT Dunn is, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of his. I like his tag team work, but his singles work is off and on with me. But, again, I’m sure Lio Rush can pull something out of him. So, let’s get into it.

This match is actually Lio Rush’s XWA debut. As the match starts to get underway, the commentary points out that this is their first time seeing Lio Rush in action. They’re in for one hell of a treat.

We start things off with some great back and forth counter wrestling. Great holds being applied with some fantastic reversals to follow. Rush finally breaks out and hits a big drop kick, knocking JT Dunn out of the ring. Things start to kick into high gear as Lio Rush shows off his quickness and highflying ability, but JT Dunn catches on and puts a stop to Lio. Dunn is actually doing better than I expected him to do. Keeping control of Rush, JT is throwing some powerful shots at his opponent, but that’s what you expect from a guy who’s in a team called ‘Death By Elbow’. After a couple minutes of JT Dunn dominating Lio, Rush gets the upper hand after knocking JT Dunn off the top rope with a kick.

Rush shows off some of that high flying ability with a sweet outside dive. He follows it up with his signature Rush Hour, but fails to pick up the win. After the kick out, Dunn takes the drivers seat without even showing a sign of pain and continues ripping apart Lio Rush. Dunn ended up hitting a leg drop on Lio from the apron, while Lio Rush was hanging off the barricade. Really weird at times in this match, it seems that all the big moves are less effective than the small moves. Lio hit his finisher again, but it was not good enough to get the win. And again, right after the finisher and pin attempt, Dunn gets right up and gets back in control.

This match is taking turns left and right. Every time you think someone has the match in the palm of their hand, the opponent switches it up and takes the match back their way. Both men start trading some nasty knees and elbows back and forth, which turns into each man trying to get a hold on each other. Rush rolls JT up, but he kicks out. Rush stands up and walks into a nasty elbow shot from Dunn. JT Dunn picks up the win.

JT Dunn puts Lio over on the mic after the match.

My expectations were a bit high for this match, and I’ll be honest; this didn’t meet my expectations. Though, Lio Rush did very much entertain me. The quickness and athleticism this man has is such a sight to see. Not a bad match by any means, but it just wasn’t anything you’d tell people they need to watch. One thing that really got to me during the match, was when Lio hit his finisher two times; and JT not only kicked out of both of them, he stood right up and took control of the match. At least sell the damn move a little bit after the kick out. But, other than that; JT did a fine job. Lio on the other hand was phenomenal as always. Like I said before, if you haven’t seen this man, you need to. His YouTube channel is “Li G” and he puts up some full matches of his, so go check them out. Thanks for reading.


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