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The Review Stands Alone: Kurt Angle vs. Drew Galloway (TNA 1/12/16)

It’s no secret that TNA is one of, if not the worst wrestling company right now and has been for a pretty good while. Between the failed partnerships with great promotions, the utter misuse and lack of care of amazing talent, and the occasional extremely tasteless storyline decisions, TNA has built up a decent reputation of being really fucking terrible. That’s why when I heard some buzz about this Galloway/Angle match, I was kind of surprised. I know, obviously with the names in the match I shouldn’t have been but with a track record like TNA’s booking, I don’t think you can blame me.

But after giving it a watch yesterday and another today, I definitely see why this match is praised as much it has been. Both Galloway and Angle did a more than sufficient job on pacing this with how much time they had and considering this was a match that had multiple finishers being hit, they were factored into the match excellently.  I’ve been seriously enjoying Galloway’s work the past few months and I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s him. He’s always seemed comfortable about what he can and can’t do with his body but it feels like something’s clicked recently and he’s really turned around for me. And it could be because I just haven’t watched TNA in a while, but Angle did a fantastic job to for how beaten up and boiled he looks, although it did definitely hurt him a bit in the later goings (more on that later). They kept things interesting and built things up well enough for the whole thirteen minutes they had, and by the end I came away from the match actually interested in seeing another match from the two down the line. It’s kind of eerie how much I liked this match, but that’s likely because it’s TNA and I’m just so used to pointing out their flaws. Speaking of pointing out flaws, there definitely were some glaring faults that no doubt hurt the match for me.

For one, some of the moves and sequences on the later half of this bout, while getting an A for effort, get a C+ in execution. Some of them I think you can blamed on the terrible six-sided ring (that they continue to use despite multiple talents coming forward about how harder it is on their bodies), but for others I think it might have been Angle’s fatigue later on. Guy’s just not as young or as solid as he used to be and that reared it’s ugly head here. Granted, Angle’s fatigue was nowhere as much of a hindrance on this match as Mathews’s commentary was. This was probably the worst match commentary I’ve ever heard from him in a long time, and I have no idea whether TNA management told him to sound more like Michael Cole, or if he himself thought it was a good idea but it’s good lord. The guy had some serious potential in WWE but whatever was left of it when he was released is just dead and gone now. It’d be sad if he wasn’t such a smarmy prick though.

All in all though, even when you take in all the negatives into account, this match still holds up nicely. Like I said earlier, I’d be interested in another match from these two in the future (if we can get one), but something on the slower side of things so we get less of Angle being gassed and boiled as hell. The match ended when Angle hit a top rope Olympic Slam (his third Olympic Slam in the match) on Galloway to put him down for good. Great finish to a pretty good match and I’d definitely recommend a watch, especially if you don’t mind some of the spotty moments later on. It’s well worth how long it is.


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