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The Review Stands Alone: Kassius Ohno vs. William Regal (NXT 3/21/13)

Hey, remember when this Kassius Ohno guy was killing it down in NXT and for whatever reason he never got a chance to shine on the main roster? Wonder whatever happened to him… I can’t fake kayfabe with people reading this, everyone knows Chris Hero was once Kassius Ohno and is now back to being Chris Hero on the indies. It all worked out for the best as we have a new KO (Kevin Owens) in WWE and Hero is doing some of the best work of his career. This is billed as student vs. mentor in a battle to see how who is the best. As usual commentary is putting this over as being deeply personal and incredibly heated.

Deep collar and elbow tie-up and both men are fighting for top control but Regal being the wily veteran that he is takes it to Ohno early on and toys away with Ohno in utter brilliance and sheer violent nature. Regal pulls no punches, he stomps away on Ohno with glee, he throws forearms with the fury of a young pup and he is relentless in getting the point across to Ohno that Ohno is nowhere close to being on Regal’s level.

Ohno capitalizes on an opening with a kick to the groin out of the position of the referee and then follows that up with some well placed kicks to the head of Regal and commentary puts it over that Regal’s equilibrium is off and Regal is concussed and out on his feet. Regal still has a few tricks up his sleeve and Regal goes on the offensive attempting to break Ohno’s fingers, it’s truly the equivalent of finger manipulation. Truly sickening stuff but if you are a fan of watching limbs get destroyed this is welcome in your wheelhouse. It’s quite welcome in mine and you start to feel sorry for Ohno as he is begging off the punishment Regal is dishing out.

The story told throughout is simple and unassuming in multiple ways. Ohno works on knocking out Regal on his feet, Regal demolishes the hand of Ohno and shows him he still has quite a bit of venom left in him. The Kassius Clutch cannot be locked in due to the work that Regal did to Ohno’s hand. The Regal Stretch cannot be locked in as Ohno fights tooth and nail to ensure Regal does not coast to victory. Desperation is the name of the game and it is high noon for both men as they struggle to put each other away.

Regal fires off a counter forearm to Ohno’s rolling elbow and then nails Ohno with the Knee Trembler to put away his pupil. This encapsulates everything people can love about both men and it’s a smartly worked match with a pace that never overstays it’s welcome. Ohno had Regal’s number but Regal was not about to lay down and have some young punk put him out to pasture. This is the Regal I wish fans had gotten when he first arrived in WWE instead of being a comedy wrestler for the sake of WWE. I wish Ohno was still in WWE but sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to and that’s not always a bad thing.

This is how you book a veteran vs. upstart match, this match helped both men. It proved Regal was far from done, Ohno still had things to learn but had brought Regal to the brink and made me realize NXT was better in 2013 with fans who were not smarks. They wanted both men to get over and watched with respect and admiration for two wrestlers who people should appreciate much more than they do. That my friends is wrestling, that’s the greatest gift of all. 

Ohno vs. Regal NXT March 21st, 2013 ****1/2



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