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The Review Stands Alone: Jimmy Rave vs. Chris Crunk (AWE 9/20/15)

Jimmy Rave vs. Chris Crunk***1/2

Jimmy Rave is having a hell of a resurgence to his career this year, and this match is no different. Crunk is a young gun and Rave literally takes him to school. Rave has the crowd in the palm of his hand the entire time as the cocky vet taking it to someone green as grass. Not taking anything away from Crunk though, he really impressed me here and was awesome in taking everything Rave dished out to him. It was a real believable ass kicking.

This match was much different than a lot of Rave’s matches from this year, as Rave worked incredibly stiff and worked the crowd more than he usual does (at least in what I have seen from him this year). Rave hit some forearms and lariats in this match that are up there as some of the best I have seen this year, plus Crunk being the young boy takes them like a champ.

The crowd here is definitely great for a match like this, as Rave constantly yells back and forth with one half, but the other half is praising him as if he is the prophet of some new weird cult religion located in Georgia, which I mean in the best way possible. Something that is just crazy about Rave is the fact he can work heel or babyface in the same territory and it makes sense, but people in Georgia just absolutely adore the guy and you can tell for sure in this match. Credit to Chris Crunk as well for selling the ass beating so well, also this guy has GREAT chops so I love him.

Overall, this match is in no way a MOTYC, but if you want to watch a fun sub fifteen minute match then my goodness do I have the match for you. While this is not Match of the Year, it could very well be the HOOT of the Year.


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