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The Review Stands Alone: Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Guerrero Maya (Chilanga Mask 8/16/15)

Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Guerrero Maya****1/4

So this match may be one of the most underrated matches of the year, mainly because it was on a Show of the Year contender and it was a loaded card. However, this match may be the best lucha brawl I have seen from Mexico this year, it is excellent in every sense of the word. Not only is this match pitting father versus son, but it has bloody masks, and if you can’t enjoy a good lucha brawl with two guys showing color then this is definitely not the match for you. Also, just the way they compose themselves during this match would make you think they despised each other, and if a match can convince me of THAT then I am in a good mood already.

Hear me though, if you like seeing a son throw his father into a Corona tray and be hit with trash cans, well do I have the match for you. Taking out the fact that this is a father versus son match, they actually work the match extremely stiff and Maya is coming into this at the ripe young age of sixty-two years old, which means we get some real good old man chops and fists and all the other good stuff that comes from 62 year old luchadors. I do not know what they do in Mexico that causes you to be able to wrestle and brawl well into your fifties and sixties  but my goodness can you even imagine doing it? I imagine at sixty-two I will be well retired and complaining about shit on a near daily basis like Bill Thompson (love ya Bill), but to be busted up by your son somewhere in Mexico in front of screaming fans does not sound ideal to me. Or, maybe it does so I can train my son to be a luchador and live vicariously through him and we go fight in Mexico, because isn’t that what being an adult is all about?

Wow, I forgot I was suppose to be talking about a match instead of my future plans. Well, there isn’t much to say about this match besides the fact that it is two guys that will spend Christmas together bantering just beating the shit out of each other in Chilanga Mask (one of the better indies in Mexico if you need a company to follow in 2016) and it is glorious and bloody. Had it not been for the DQ finish I could only imagine how high I would have went on this match, as it is probably my highest rated ****1/4 match (meaning it is real close to ****1/2). Definitely check this match and even the entire show out in your spare time over the holidays, because it is the perfect thing to watch after getting your socks from Santa Claus, thanks for reading!


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