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The Review Stands Alone: Dustin Rhodes & Johnny “B” Badd vs. Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff (WCW Prime 3/13/95)

Oh random YouTuber that uploads all the old WWF and WCW “C” shows…I love you. This should be weird. Good but weird. I have NEVER seen a WCW Prime show and I didn’t even know it existed before I watched this match. WCW and WWF had so many weird syndicated shows in the early 90s I guarantee unless you were alive in the 90s you wouldn’t know every “C” show in history which isn’t a bad thing. Dusty is on commentary!


Orndorff’s left arm is a lot smaller than his right. Dustin is so huge, he towers over everyone in the match. Orndorff battles for a wrist-lock but Dusting applies a headlock and gets shot off into the ropes and shoulder tackles Orndorff and follows that up with 2 body-slams and an elbow. Dusty is so great on commentary. Badd cinches in a key lock around the arm and won’t let go, Roma grabs Badd’s hair and backs him into his corner and tags in Orndorff who quickly gets taken down with a drop toe hold. Badd hits an Akiyama like knee and goes to the top but Orndorff hits an elbow on Badd mid-air.

Roma drops 2 elbows into the mid section of Badd, Orndorff comes into an focuses on Orndorff’s back and mid section. Orndorff locks in a front face lock and we go to commercial. Roma strikes away at Badd’s mid section and kidneys, Badd blocks his face going into the turnbuckle and rams Roma’s head into it instead. Badd looks like he is going to tag Dustin but Orndorff comes in and both knock each other out with a double clothesline. Dustin makes a Barry Windham like hot tag and runs wild, Rhodes and Badd get whipped into one another. Badd pulls Orndorff’s leg which allows Rhodes to nail a cross-body for a near-fall. Badd hits a left hand and Rhodes small packages Roma for the win.

Very simple old school tag match but it worked for this audience and was probably much more well received in this 90s. Babyfaces shined then they got cut off, a few hope spots followed by a comeback and a few near-falls that ended with the babyfaces going over. So simple but if the tag teams of today followed this formula the matches would be even better. “Old school rules with new school tools” is a great saying coined by Bubba Ray Dudley and he is damn right. Old school psychology with new school moves is the recipe for success.


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