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The Review Stands Alone: Cedric Alexander vs. Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett (PWG 3/28/14)

Cedric Alexander vs. Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett****1/2

This was Lee and Everett’s first ever appearance in PWG, and boy, was it ever a HOOT, one of my favorite PWG matches, and there are so many other great matches from this promotion!! Do you love spotfests? If so, then this is your match. Just a fun, awesome match and it was a great showing for both of the new comers and the returning (at the time of the show) Alexander.

This was an opener for the Mystery Vortex 2 show, which on that show, no matches were announced before they happened, so this was a surprise. And this was a great opener to one of my favorite PWG cards ever. The crowd was VERY into it, they loved the match, but how could you not if you are in the crowd? The PWG crowd loves stuff like this, and this was the best of the best.

So many flips and dives, some people will not like that, but I just LOVE it, so entertaining. Spike hurricanranas, corkscrew dives to the outsides, a damn Shooting Star press to the outside from Everett onto Lee. Just a fucking hoot. Cedric lands an awesome 540 kick. Just this style is perfect for me, and these guys went all out and perfected it I think, in this match. I mean, going this crazy in the opener may not be the best idea, but I love it a lot! And I always pop for a good ole reverse hurricanrana!

Everett ends up winning with a beautiful Shooting Star press, just looked amazing, I loved it, and this was just a fun watch. An amazingly awesome sprint from three of the top indie guys, one of the most underrated talents in the whole world, Cedric Alexander, and two of the most the prominent indie performers, for all the right reasons. Y’all really gotta see this match whenever you can, either on DVD or on the Highspots Network.


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