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The Review Stands Alone: Cedric Alexander vs. Kyle O’Reilly (PWX 5/26/13)

With 2015 being considered a breakout year for Cedric Alexander, I figured I’d give this match vs. Kyle O’Reilly on a compilation of ‘dream matches’ a shot. There’s a certain something about Cedric that draws you to him; whether it be his moveset (best Michi Driver in the world), his charisma that’s even carried around in the way he moves, or maybe his look itself. Even if Cedric isn’t a guy you like, maybe this match could be the start of a turnaround or another look into the career of Charlotte, NC native. With that being said, let’s get to the match.

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PWX Hunt for the Gold

May 26, 2013

Tremont Music Hall

Charlotte, NC

Cedric Alexander vs. Kyle O'Reilly****

Explosiveness and technicality. Two words that can describe this content in itself. However, this deserves a further breakdown. With great pace, continuity, and a split crowd came a near-classic encounter. The two killed each other, but not in that generic way; instead with well-versed, planned out strategy’s with strikes, holds, and explosive offense (especially in Cedric’s case).

The match was built on an elite level, to where you were on the edge of your seat for the finish after concentrating on the limbwork each man was doing. Cedric attacked the left leg of Kyle’s, and Kyle targeted the left arm of Cedric’s. The continuity was on a very high level. Easy moves such as an Irish whip were hard to execute because of the prior-in-the-match damage done. Pauses were had because of damage dealt. Everything clicked and made perfect sense. You don’t get that a lot, but when you do, it’s rewarding in so many different ways.

With the finish came the culmination, as Kyle and Cedric showed respect after barraging each’s limbs with their last possible chess moves. After tons of unique near-fall combinations such as a Sunset flip counter to a lift-up, a finish was determined. Commentary (excellent albeit) discussed what was better. Working off of a fragile arm or leg. Turns out the arm was somehow triumphant to the commentary’s OG answer. After extra effort on the last chess moves, O’Reilly sprung back from Cedric’s kick to deliver one of his own; complete with a Tornado DDT. He didn’t go for the pin, however. That was the lone mistake. Cedric delivered a brainbuster to not only put a stop to the momentum, but get the win.

O’Reilly was previously 2-0 against Cedric prior to the pinfall. Now, Cedric wins on his home turf vs. a debuting Kyle. The match felt like the right amount of time, was a realistic approach, and a story was told seamlessly. When you sell your injuries proper, throw in elements of surprise and fun, as well as work off of each other; you’ve got yourself a damn match.

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