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The Review Stands Alone: Bull Nakano vs. Aja Kong (AJW 11/14/90)

I’m taking on a bit of a project in which I review some of the most classic joshi matches of the past, and I thought I’d start off strong with an insane match. No two names are more well-known in the world of joshi puroresu than Bull Nakano and Aja Kong. Two women with a history of intense feuds and vicious matches, and this is one of their best and most brutal. Bull vs. Kong in a steel cage deathmatch.

(Steel Cage Deathmatch) Bull Nakano vs. Aja Kong****

Right off the bat, Kong attacks Bull before they even get into the ring, stabbing at her with a pair of scissors, even cutting a chunk out of her hair. This is not a pretty match, this is no technical bout, it’s just sheer brutality. When they finally get in the ring and are locked in the cage, Bull nearly takes Kong’s head off with a forearm, but gets cut down on the top rope where she falls onto the apron, trapped between the ropes and the steel cage. Kong repeatedly drills Bull with spinning backfists with the intent to maim, and Bull is busted open not even five minutes into the match. Kong decides that the flurry of backfists she delivered is enough and starts to climb the cage, but Bull gets hold of a metal pole, cocks it back like she’s about to hit a home run and cracks Kong in the leg with it who falls down. Bull doesn’t let up and delivers a multitude of bicycle kicks and backfists that echo throughout the arena. Some kind of bin is thrown in the ring and Bull makes the catch and smashes it over Kong’s head who barely acknowledges it. Bull doesn’t let up until Kong finally falls down. Bull even calls for a pair of nunchuks and starts wailing on Kong with them. Bull’s attempts to bring down Kong are relatively futile, but Kong’s face is a crimson mask after all of that punishment. Kong gets a hold of Bull and plants her with a piledriver. Bull Nakano’s agility has always been one of her most impressive features, delivering leg drops off the middle rope and even a springboard enzuigiri to Kong.

This match is certainly not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for those who aren’t fans of deathmatchs, and the last ten minutes of this match are a good example of why. A great bit of continuity in this match though, as in a previous match, Kong had sliced open Bull’s leg pretty bad, and Kong goes after it again in this match with weapons, Bull selling it huge. Bull gains some violent retribution as she’s handed a pair of scissors and starts to stab the everloving hell out of Kong’s arm. Throughout this match, Bull and Kong’s friends respectively are trying to help them out, throwing them weapons and such, and even fighting each other at ringside. At one point, Madusa scales the cage to attempt to put a stop to Bull tearing Kong’s arm to shreds, and Bull starts going after her with the scissors! Madusa throws a rope into the ring and Bull grabs and starts to nearly hang Bull in the corner. Bull counters and gets the rope around Kong’s busted up arm and even tries to tie her to the ring rope. Bull is thrown a chain and she chains Kong up all around the ring and seems to have her subdued enough for Bull to escape the cage but Kong gets right out of it and starts attacking Bull’s leg again, and gets her down with a huge superplex off the top rope, onto the chain and metal pole. The real carnage is the finish, Bull throws Kong off the top rope, hits her with a powerbomb that drops her on her head and scales the cage, looking to escape, but she doesn’t. A blood drenched Bull Nakano looks down at Kong, prays, and jumps off the top of the cage, and nails a near perfect leg drop on Aja Kong in one of the most famous spots of joshi wrestling. Bull f’in Nakano. Bull somehow gets up from this and climbs the cage to escape and win the match.

This match was just twenty minutes of absolute carnage. As I said, not the prettiest match, not a wrestling spectacle, but still one of the most memorable matches in joshi history. A bloody war between two of wrestling’s most fearsome competitors. It made you wince, it made you feel like you had to look away, and when Bull jumps from the top of the cage, your heart just stops.


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