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The Review Stands Alone: Brock Lesnar vs. Sheamus (WWE 1/8/16)

Brock Lesnar vs. Sheamus***1/2

So this match not being on PPV, TV or even the Network is kind of baffling, right? I mean you are spending all this money to have Lesnar make appearances but the only way to see the match is on a fancam, seems bizarre to me! Anyway, this match is by far the best match Lesnar has had that was not on PPV. Unlike all of Lesnar’s house show matches, this one was actually decently competitive, as Sheamus didn’t come off looking like a chump and Lesnar came out looking like a god amongst men.

The match itself had everything I could want out of an eight minute Sheamus/Lesnar match, I mean it was stiff as shit for a house show. Sheamus even busted Lesnar up at one point, Brock taking one for the team! I think it is no secret at this point that I am a Sheamus mark, so when he is in there beefing it up with BROCK LESNAR you know I am going to love it.

This match being at a house show kind of created a certain kind of aura to it, as it came off like an underground exhibition sort of deal where only a certain group of people could watch it, and I just loved every single second of it. Lesnar continues to hardly be taken down by opponent’s big moves may be one of my favorite things in wrestling, because it lets you know that this guy is a legit threat and can take you down in a heartbeat. Overall, I would say take the eight minutes it takes to watch this match, because I can’t imagine someone at least not finding this very fun.


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