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The Review Stands Alone: Australian Suicide & Speedball vs. Daga & Steve Pain (AAA 11/15/15)

I immediately drew my attention to this match as soon as I saw it was on YouTube. I have yet to catch an AAA Speedball match in its entirety. I am also drawn to the Australian Suicide/Daga feud going on. Dave Meltzer reported a few weeks back that a mask vs. hair match is planned for the two, and the angle seemingly continues to build; with my first exposure being the best spotfest this year (Suicide, Aero Star, Fireball vs. Daga, Morgan, Pain) that actually happened on a date after this match. It’ll be interesting to compare and contrast things to what I’ve seen take place post this tag, and see how it was built to from here on out. Let’s get to the match.

AAA Sin Límite

November 15, 2015

Aired: December 11, 2015 (YouTube)

Gimnasio Municipal Josué Neri Santos

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

Australian Suicide & Speedball vs. Daga & Steve Pain***1/4

Although it was not as great as its bigger multi-man counterpart, this tag took some of the elements from the trios tag and incorporated Speedball’s moveset and pace of match. Speedball is not as exciting in Mexico as he is in North America; and that’s because there are so many workers like him in Aero Star, Suicide himself, as well as other luchadores who have a better base built around them — whether it be fans, a moveset, chemistry, etc.

However, Daga & Pain are just as great as they always are; starting the match off with a brawl. This was the first thing that hooks you in. The two are brawlers by nature, and you know they especially hate someone (Daga foremost) when Daga comes at a throat to kick things off.

Suicide spent a good portion of the match tussling around with rival Daga, and vice versa, as one tried to get an upper-hand within the tag, yet a lot of the match was spent with double team encounters instead. Some ridiculous tag team maneuvers were busted out, such as stereo flips in different aspects from the technicos. Pain’s pop-up Ace Crusher made its return, and my oh my what a move that is.

I found myself not getting too invested in the match, and although I can’t fully place blame anywhere, I feel as if the technicos take time to adjust to the way the match was worked, or the match flow was simply off. I wouldn’t blame Speedball & Suicide however, as maybe that’s how they were ‘supposed’ to work the match in contrast to the rudo brawlers. A massive part in this is the fact that Speedball just isn’t a good counterpart, especially to someone like Suicide and when compared to other tag partners. He’s a much better singles competitor. It went by very quickly, and a massive hand to have to deal with is the fact that there was lots of high pace offense that didn’t mesh well with the beginning brawl. It was formulaic in some ways. The main difference in the feel between this and the 6 man, is that the 6 man established the ‘craziness/sprint’ vibe in the first 20 seconds, and stuck to it. I’m still not exactly sure what this was, but I still enjoyed some parts.

We had the wacky spots, that much like the 6 man, were incredible to see unfold. (These stood out from the rest of the match, because of the aforementioned description; besides the quick start brawling (which resulted in them getting right in the ring anyways), this isn’t memorable for any other style that was thrown in, or any other spots/happenings.) Ridiculous Speedball flips and knees were to be seen, Pain locking in a torture rack and leg-only Boston Crab at the same time, and lastly misc. dives/other things are the real only takeaways I have from the match. No theme or dynamic are to be found, as I find myself looking back on moments that never had anything to do with the grand scheme of things besides getting to the finish. That sums up this lucha.

Speedball and Pain had a solid finishing stretch that ended up seeing Speedball kick out of a powerbomb/facebuster back-to-back combo (note that this was the ‘singles match’ type of time he had with Pain, as Suicide was onlooking). Speedball moved when Pain was in mid-air. After kicking his legs up in the corner, he delivered his signature Shooting Star Knee Drop for the surprise win.

Suicide/Daga continued their beef throughout the match in mostly minor ways, Pain was inducing pain as per usual, and Speedball dropped the ball in a sidekick roll in comparison to his standout singles reputation and other units with Australian Suicide. You can’t win them all.

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